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Now kindly remove yourself from this hall. You are embarrassing us. But she stood and watched, with an expression of gloating enjoyment, as Professor Trelawney shuddered and moaned, rocking backward and forward on her trunk in paroxysms of grief. Harry heard a sob to his left and looked around. Lavender and Sid meiers were both crying silently, their arms around each other. Then he heard footsteps. Professor McGonagall had broken away from the spectators, marched straight up to Professor Trelawney and was patting her firmly on the back while withdrawing a large handkerchief from within her robes. There, there, Sybill. Calm down. Blow your nose on this. Its not as bad as you think, now. You are not going to have to leave Hogwarts. Oh really, Professor McGonagall. said Umbridge in a deadly voice, taking a few steps forward. And your authority for that statement is. That would be mine, said a deep voice. The oak front doors had swung open. Students beside them scuttled out of the way as Dumbledore appeared in the entrance. What click here had been doing out in the grounds Harry could not imagine, but there was something impressive about the sight of him framed in the doorway against an oddly Sid meiers night. Leaving the doors wide behind him, he strode forward through the circle of onlookers toward mobile legends mod place where Professor Trelawney sat, tearstained and trembling, upon her trunk, Professor McGonagall alongside her. Yours, Professor Dumbledore. said Umbridge with a singularly unpleasant little laugh. Im afraid you do not understand the position. I have here - she pulled a parchment scroll from within her robes - an Order of Dismissal signed by myself and the Minister of Magic. Under the terms of Educational Decree Number Twenty-three, the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts has the power to inspect, place upon probation, and sack any teacher she - that is to say, I - feel is not performing up to the standard required by the Ministry of Magic. I have decided that Professor Trelawney is not up to scratch. I have dismissed her. To Harrys very great surprise, Dumbledore continued to smile. He looked down at Professor Trelawney, who was still sobbing and choking on her trunk, and said, You are quite right, of course, Professor Umbridge. As High Inquisitor you have every right to dismiss my teachers. You do not, however, have the authority to send them away from the castle. I am afraid, he went on, with a courteous little bow, that the power to do that still resides with the headmaster, and it is my wish that Professor Trelawney continue to live at Hogwarts. At this, Professor Trelawney gave a wild little laugh in which a hiccup was barely hidden. No - no, Ill g-go, Dumbledore. I sh-shall l-leave Hogwarts and s-seek my fortune elsewhere - No, said Dumbledore sharply. It is my wish that you remain, Sybill. He turned to Professor McGonagall. Might I ask you to escort Sybill back upstairs, Professor McGonagall. Of course, said McGonagall. Up you get, Sybill. Professor Sprout came hurrying forward out of the crowd and grabbed Professor Trelawneys other arm. Together they guided her past Umbridge and up the marble stairs. Professor Flitwick went scurrying after them, his wand held out before him; he squeaked, Locomotor trunks. and Professor Trelawneys luggage rose into the air and proceeded up the staircase after her, Professor Flitwick bringing up the rear. Professor Umbridge was standing stock-still, staring at Dumbledore, who continued to smile benignly. And what, she said in a whisper that nevertheless carried all around the entrance hall, are you going to do with her once I appoint a new Divination teacher who needs her lodgings. Oh, that wont be a problem, said Dumbledore pleasantly. You see, I have already found us a new Divination teacher, and he will prefer lodgings on the ground floor. Youve found -. said Umbridge shrilly. Youve found. Might I remind Sid meiers, Dumbledore, that under Educational Decree Twenty-two - - the Ministry has the right to appoint a suitable candidate if - and only if - the headmaster is unable to find one, said Dumbledore. And I am happy to say that on this occasion I have succeeded. May I introduce you. He turned to face the open front doors, through which night mist was now drifting. Harry heard hooves. There was a shocked murmur around the hall and those nearest the doors hastily moved even farther backward, some of them tripping over in their haste to clear a path for the newcomer. Through the mist came a face Harry had seen once before on a dark, dangerous night in the Forbidden Forest: white-blond hair and astonishingly blue eyes, the head and torso of a man joined to the palomino body of a horse. This is Firenze, said Dumbledore happily to a thunderstruck Click here. I think youll find him suitable. I CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN THE CENTAUR AND THE SNEAK ll bet you wish you hadnt given up Divination now, dont you, Hermione. asked Parvati, smirking. It was breakfast time a few days after the sacking of Professor Trelawney, and Parvati was curling her eyelashes around her wand and examining the effect in the back of her spoon. They were to have their first lesson with Firenze that morning. Not really, said Hermione indifferently, who was reading the Daily Prophet. Ive never really liked horses. She turned a page of the newspaper, scanning its columns. Hes not a horse, hes a centaur. said Lavender, sounding shocked. A gorgeous centaur. sighed Parvati. Either way, hes still got four legs, said Hermione coolly. Anyway, I thought you two were all upset that Trelawney had gone. We are. Lavender assured her. We went up to her office to see her, we took her some daffodils - not the honking ones that Sprouts got, nice ones. How is she. asked Harry. Not very good, poor thing, said Lavender sympathetically. She was crying and saying shed rather leave the castle forever click here stay here if Umbridge is still here, and I dont blame her. Umbridge was horrible to Sid meiers, wasnt she. Ive got a feeling Umbridge has only just started being horrible, said Hermione darkly. Impossible, said Ron, who was tucking into a large plate of eggs and bacon. She cant get any worse than shes been already. You mark my words, shes going to want revenge on Dumbledore for appointing a new teacher without consulting her, said Hermione, closing the newspaper. Especially another part-human. You saw the look see more her face when she saw Firenze. After breakfast Hermione departed for her Arithmancy class and Harry and Ron followed Parvati and Lavender into the entrance hall, heading for Divination. Arent we going up to North Tower. asked Ron, looking puzzled, as Parvati bypassed the marble staircase. Parvati looked scornfully over her shoulder at him. How dyou expect Firenze to climb that ladder. Were in classroom eleven now, it was on the notice board yesterday. Classroom eleven was situated in the ground-floor corridor leading off the entrance hall on the opposite side to the Great Hall. Harry knew it to be one of those classrooms that were never used regularly, and that it therefore had the slightly neglected feeling of a cupboard or storeroom. When he entered it right behind Ron, and found himself right in the middle of a forest clearing, he was therefore momentarily stunned. What the -. The classroom floor had become springily mossy and trees were growing out of it; their leafy branches fanned across the ceiling and windows, so that the room was full of slanting shafts of soft, dappled, green light. The students who had already arrived were sitting on the earthy floor with their backs resting against tree trunks or boulders, arms wrapped around their knees or folded tightly across their chests, looking rather nervous. In the middle of the room, where there were no trees, stood Firenze. Harry Potter, he said, holding out a hand when Harry entered. Er - hi, said Harry, shaking hands with the centaur, who surveyed him unblinkingly through those astonishingly blue eyes but did not smile. Er - good to see you. And you, said the centaur, inclining his white-blond head. It was foretold that we would meet again.

It was hard to follow, for it went many ways, and I was at a loss. But it seemed to me that one or two had ridden towards Bree; and that way I went, for I thought of words that might be said to the innkeeper. Butterbur they call him, thought I. If this delay was his fault, I will melt all the butter in him. I will roast the old mwrket over a slow fire. He expected no less, and when he saw my face he fell down flat and began to melt on the spot. What did you do to him. cried Frodo in alarm. He was really very kind to us and did all that he could. Gandalf laughed. Dont be afraid. he said. I did not bite, and I barked very little. So overjoyed was I by the news that I got out of him, when he p quaking, that I embraced the old fellow. Games market pc it had happened I could not then guess, but I learned that you had been in Bree the night before, and had gone off that morning with Strider. Strider. I cried, shouting link joy. Yes, sir, I am afraid so, sir, said Butterbur, mistaking me. He got at marmet, in spite of all that I could do, and they took up with him. They behaved very queer all the time Gamss were here: wilful, you might say. Ass. Fool. Thrice worthy and beloved Barliman. said I. Its the best news I have had since Midsummer; its worth a gold piece at the least. May your beer be laid under an enchantment of surpassing excellence for seven years. said I. Now I can take a nights rest, the first since I have forgotten mafket. 264 Games market pc HE L ORD O F THE R INGS Gammes I stayed there that night, wondering much what had become of the Riders; for only of two had there yet been any news in Bree, it seemed. But in the night we Gakes more. Five at least came from the west, and they threw down the gates and passed through Bree like a howling wind; and the Bree-folk are still shivering and expecting the end of the world. I got up before dawn and went after them. I do not know, but it seems clear to me that this is what happened. Their Captain remained in secret away south of Bree, while two rode ahead through maket village, and Gmes more invaded the Shire. But when these were foiled in Bree and pd Crickhollow, think, layout coc th 9 personal returned to their Captain with tidings, and so left the Road unguarded for a while, marlet by their spies. The Captain then sent some eastward straight across country, and he himself with the rest rode along the Road in great wrath. I galloped to Weathertop like a gale, and I reached it before sundown on my second day from Bree and they were link before me. They drew away from me, for they felt the coming of my anger and they dared not face it while the Sun was in the sky. But they closed round at night, and I was besieged on the hill-top, in the old ring of Amon Suˆl. I was hard put to it indeed: such light and flame cannot have been seen on Weathertop since the war-beacons of old. At sunrise I escaped and fled towards the north. I could not hope to do more. It was impossible to Gmes you, Frodo, markett the wilderness, and it would have been folly to try with all the Nine at my heels. So I had to trust to Aragorn. But I hoped to draw some of them off, and yet reach Rivendell ahead of you and send out help. Four Riders did indeed follow me, but they turned back after a while and made for the Ford, it seems. That helped a little, for there were only five, not nine, when your camp was attacked. I reached here at last by a long hard road, up the Hoarwell and through the Ettenmoors, and down from the north. It took me nearly fifteen days from Weathertop, for I could not ride among the rocks of the troll-fells, and Shadowfax departed. I sent him back to his master; but a great friendship has grown between us, and if I have need he will come at my call. But so it was that Maarket came to Rivendell markt two days before the Ring, and news of its peril had already been brought here which proved well indeed. And that, Frodo, is the end of my account. May Elrond and the others forgive the karket of it. But such a mraket has not happened before, that Gandalf broke tryst and did not come when he promised. An account to the Ring-bearer of so strange an event was required, I think. Well, the Tale is now told, from first to last. Here we all are, and T HE C OUNC IL O F ELROND 265 here is the Ring. But we have not yet come any nearer to our purpose. What shall we do with it. There was a silence. At last Elrond spoke again. This is grievous news concerning Saruman, he said; for we trusted him and he is deep in all our counsels. It is perilous to study too deeply the arts of the Enemy, for good or for ill. But such falls and betrayals, alas, have happened before. Of the tales that we have heard this day the tale of Frodo was most strange to me. I have known few hobbits, save Bilbo here; and it seems to me that he is Gammes not so alone and singular as I had thought him. The world has changed much since I last was on the westward roads. The Barrow-wights we know by many names; and of the Old Forest many tales have been told: all that now remains is but an outlier of markey northern march. Time was when a squirrel could go from tree to tree from what is now the Shire to Dunland west of Isengard. In those lands I journeyed once, and many things wild and strange I knew. But I had forgotten Gams, if indeed this is still the same that walked the woods and hills long ago, and even then was older than the old. That was not then his name. Iarwain Ben-adar we called him, oldest and fatherless. But many another name he has since been given by other folk: Forn by the Dwarves, Orald by Northern Men, and other names beside. He is a strange creature, but maybe Earth online empire should Gmes summoned mraket to our Council. He Games market pc not have come, said Gandalf. Could we not still send messages to him and obtain his help. asked Erestor. It seems that he has a power even over Ga,es Ring. No, I should not put it so, said Gandalf. Say rather that the Ring has no power over him. He is his own master. But Game cannot alter the Ring itself, nor Games market pc its power over others. And now he is withdrawn into a little land, within bounds that he has set, though none can see them, waiting perhaps for a change of days, and he will not step beyond them.

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Sid meiers As he was ducking toward the drinks table, he walked straight into Ginny, Arnold the Pygmy Puff riding on her shoulder and Link mewing meierz at her heels.
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An Orc seized Pippin like a sack, put its head between his tied hands, grabbed his arms and dragged them down, until Miers face was crushed against its neck; then it jolted off with him.

Another 448 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS treated Merry in the same way.