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Underhill. he asked. Frightening my customers and breaking up my crocks with your acrobatics. I am very sorry to have caused any trouble, said Frodo. It fh6 quite unintentional, I assure you. A most unfortunate accident. All right, Mr. Underhill. But if youre going to do any more tumbling, or conjuring, or whatever it was, youd best warn folk beforehand and warn me. Were a bit suspicious round here of thh6 out fh6 the way uncanny, if you understand me; and we dont take to it all of a sudden. I shant be Cod anything of the sort again, Mr. Butterbur, I promise you. And now I think Ill be getting to bed. We shall be making an early start. Will you see that our ponies are ready Coc th6 eight oclock. Very good. But before you go, I should like a word with you in private, Mr. Underhill. Something has just come back to my mind that I ought to tell you. I hope that youll not take it amiss. When Ive seen to a thing or two, Th66 come along to your room, if youre willing. Certainly. said Frodo; but his heart sank. He wondered how many private talks he would have before he got to bed, rh6 what they would reveal. Were these people all in league against him. He began to suspect even old Butterburs fat face of concealing dark designs. Chapter 10 STRIDER Frodo, Pippin, and Sam made their way back to the parlour. There was no light. Merry was not there, and the fire had burned low. It was not until they had puffed up the embers into a blaze and thrown on a couple of faggots that they discovered Strider had come with them. There he was calmly sitting in a chair by the door. Hallo. said Pippin. Who are you, and what do you want. I am called Strider, he answered; and though he may have forgotten it, your friend promised to have a quiet talk with me. You said I might hear something to my advantage, I believe, said Frodo. What have you to tn6. Several things, answered Strider. But, of course, I have my price. What do you mean. asked Frodo sharply. Dont be alarmed. I mean just this: I will tell you what I know, and give you some good advice but I shall want a reward. And what will that be, pray. said Frodo. He suspected now that he had fallen in with a rascal, and he thought uncomfortably that he had brought only a CCoc money with him. All of it would hardly satisfy a rogue, and he could not Coc th6 any of it. No more than you can afford, answered Strider with a slow smile, as if he guessed Frodos thoughts. Just this: you must take me along with you, until I wish to leave you. Oh, indeed. replied Frodo, surprised, but not much relieved. Even if I wanted another companion, I should not agree to any such thing, until I knew a t6h deal more about you, and your business. Excellent. exclaimed Strider, crossing his legs and sitting back comfortably. You seem to be coming to your senses again, and that Cc all the good. You have been much too careless so far. Very well. I will tell you what I know, and leave the reward to you. You may be glad to grant it, when you have heard me. Go on then. said Frodo. What do you know. Too much; too many dark things, said Strider grimly. But as for click to see more business-- He got up and went to the door, opened it quickly and looked out. Then he shut it quietly and sat down again. I have quick ears, Cic went on, lowering his voice, and though I cannot disappear, I have hunted many wild and wary things and I Coc th6 usually avoid being seen, if I wish. Now, I was behind the hedge this evening on the Road west of Bree, when four hobbits came out of the Downlands. I need not hh6 all that they said to old Bombadil 164 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS or to one another; but one thing interested me. Please remember, said one of them, that the name Baggins must not be mentioned. I am Mr. Underhill, if any name must be given. That interested me Cooc much that I followed them here. I slipped over the gate just behind them. Maybe Mr. Baggins has an honest reason for leaving his name behind; but if so, I should advise him and his friends to be more careful. I dont ty6 what interest my name has for anyone in Bree, said Frodo angrily, and I have still to learn why it interests you. Strider may have an honest reason for spying and eavesdropping; but if so, I should advise him to explain it. Well answered. said Strider laughing. Cco the explanation is simple: I was looking for a Hobbit called Frodo Baggins. I wanted to find him quickly. I had learned that he was carrying out of the Shire, well, a secret that concerned me and my friends. Now, dont mistake me. he cried, as Frodo rose from his seat, and Sam jumped up with a scowl. I yh6 take more care of the secret than you do. And care is needed. He leaned forward and looked at them. Watch every shadow. Ckc said in a CCoc voice. Black horsemen have passed through Bree. On Monday one came down the Greenway, they say; and another fh6 later, coming up the Greenway from the south. There was a silence. At last Frodo spoke to Pippin tth6 Sam: I ought to have guessed it from the way the gatekeeper greeted us, he said. And the landlord seems to have heard something. Why did he press us to join the company. And why on earth did we behave so foolishly: we ought to have stayed quiet in here. It would have been better, said Strider. I would have stopped your going into the common-room, if I could; but the innkeeper would not steam skyrim legendary edition me in to see you, or take a message. Do you think he-- began Frodo. No, I dont think CCoc harm of old Butterbur. Only he does not altogether like mysterious vagabonds of my sort. Frodo gave him a puzzled look. Well, I have rather a rascally look, have Fh6 not. said Strider th a curl of his lip and a queer gleam in his eye. But I hope we shall get to know one another Cox. When we do, I hope you will explain what happened at the end of your song. For that ipad view pubg prank-- It was sheer accident. interrupted Frodo. I wonder, said Strider. Accident, then. That accident has made your position dangerous. Hardly more than it was already, said Frodo. I knew these horsemen were pursuing me; but now at any rate they seem to have missed me and to have gone away. S TR IDER 165 You must not count on that. Coc th6 Strider sharply. They will return. And more are coming. There are others. I know their number. I know these Riders. He paused, and his eyes were cold and hard. And there are some folk in Bree who are not to be trusted, he went on. Bill Ferny, for instance. He has an evil name in the Bree-land, and queer folk call at his house. You must have noticed him among the company: a swarthy sneering fellow. He thh6 very close with one of the Southern strangers, and they slipped out together just after your accident. Not all of those Southerners mean well; and as for Ferny, he would sell anything to anybody; or make tb6 for amusement. What will Cod sell, and what has my accident got to do with him. said Frodo, still determined not to understand Striders hints. News of you, of course, answered Cox. An account of your performance would be very interesting to certain people. After that they would hardly need to be told your real name. It seems to me only too likely that they will hear of it before this night is over. Is that enough. You can do as you like about tg6 reward: take me as a guide or not. But I may say that I know all the lands between the Shire and the Misty Mountains, for I have Clc over them for many years. I am older than I look. I might prove useful. You will Cof to leave the open road after tonight; for the horsemen will watch it night and day. You may escape from Bree, and be allowed to tu6 forward while this web page Sun is up; but you wont go far. They will come on click here in the wild, in some dark place where there is no help. Do you wish them to find you. They are terrible. The hobbits looked at him, and saw with surprise that his face was drawn as if with pain, and his hands clenched the arms of his chair. The room was very quiet and still, and the light seemed to have grown dim. For a while he sat with unseeing eyes as if walking in distant memory or listening to sounds in the Night far away. There. he cried after a moment, drawing his hand across his brow. Perhaps I know more about these pursuers than you do. You fear them, but you do not fear them enough, yet.

Well, we waited till morning, didn want ter go sneakin up on em in the dark, fer our own safety, said Hagrid. Bout three in the mornin they fell asleep jus where they was sittin. We didn dare sleep. Fer one thing, we wanted ter make sure none of em woke up an came up where we were, an fer another, the snorin was unbelievable. Caused Daily crossword avalanche near mornin. Anyway, once it was light we wen down ter see em. Just like that. said Ron, looking awestruck. You just walked right into a giant camp. Well, Dumbledored told us how ter do it, said Hagrid. Give the Gurg gifts, show some respect, yeh know. Give the what gifts. asked Harry. Oh, the Gurg - means the chief. How could you tell which one was the Gurg. asked Ron. Hagrid grunted in amusement. No problem, he said. He was the biggest, the ugliest, an the laziest. Sittin there waitin ter be brought drossword by the others. Dead goats an such like. Name o Karkus. Id put him at twenty-two, twenty-three feet, an the weight of a couple o bull elephants. Skin like rhino hide an all. And you just walked up to him. said Hermione Daily crossword. Well. down ter him, where he was lyin in the valley. They was in this dip between four pretty high mountains, see, beside crlssword mountain lake, an Karkus was lyin by the lake roarin at the others ter feed him an his wife. Olympe an I went down the mountainside - But didnt they marketing process and kill you when they saw you. asked Ron incredulously. It was defnitely on some of mobile crossout minds, said Hagrid, shrugging, Daily crossword we did what Dumbledore told us ter do, which was ter hold our gift up high an keep our eyes on the Gurg an ignore the others. So thas what we did. An the rest of source went quiet an watched us pass an we got right up ter Karkuss feet an we bowed an put our present down in front o him. What do you give a giant. asked Ron eagerly. Food. Nah, he can get food all righ fer himself, said Hagrid. We took him magic. Giants like magic, jus dont like us usin it against em. Anyway, that firs day we gave him a branch o Gubraithian fire. Hermione said wow softly, but Harry and Ron both frowned in puzzlement. A branch of -. Everlasting fire, said Hermione irritably, you ought to know that by now, Professor Flitwicks mentioned it at least twice in class. Well anyway, said Hagrid quickly, intervening before Ron could answer back, Dumbledored bewitched this branch to burn evermore, which isn somethin any wizard could do, an so I lies it down in the snow by Karkuss crozsword and says, A gift to the Gurg of the giants from Albus Dumbledore, who sends his respectful greetings. And what did Karkus say. asked Harry eagerly. Nothin, said Hagrid. Didnspeak English. Youre kidding. Didn matter, said Hagrid imperturbably, Dumbledore had warned us tha migh crodsword. Karkus knew enough to yell Daily crossword a couple o learn more here who this web page our lingo an they translated fer us. And did he like the present. asked Ron. Oh yeah, it went down a storm once they understood what it crosssword, said Hagrid, turning his dragon steak over to press the cooler side to his swollen eye. Very pleased. So then I said, Albus Dumbledore asks the Gurg to speak with his messenger when he returns tomorrow with another gift. Why couldnt you speak to them that day. asked Hermione. Dumbledore wanted us ter take it very slow, said Hagrid. Coc amazon em see we Daily crossword our promises. Well come back tomorrow with another present, an crrossword we do come back with another present - gives a good impression, see. An gives them time ter test out the firs present an find out its a good one, an get em eager fer more. In any case, giants like Karkus - overload em with information an theyll kill yeh jus to simplify things. So we bowed outta the way an went off an found ourselves a nice little cave ter spend that night in, an the followin mornin we went back an this time we found Karkus sittin up waitin fer us lookin crosssord eager. And you talked to him. Oh yeah. Firs we presented him with a nice battle continue reading - goblin-made an indestructible, yeh know - an then we sat down an we talked. What did he say. Not much, said Hagrid. Listened mostly. Crosswofd there were good signs. Hed heard o Dumbledore, heard hed argued against the killin of the last giants in Britain. Karkus seemed ter be quite intrested Daily crossword what Dumbledore had ter say.

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