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Then take it, said the other, and lets hold it ourselfs. Then we shall be master, gollum. Make the other hobbit, the nasty suspicious hobbit, make him crawl, yes, gollum. But not the nice hobbit. Oh no, not if it doesnt please us. Still hes a Baggins, my precious, yes, a Baggins. A Baggins click it. He found it and he said nothing, nothing. We hates Bagginses. No, not this Baggins. Yes, every Baggins. All peoples that keep the Precious. We must have it. But Hell see, Hell know. Hell take it from us. He sees. He knows. He heard us make silly promises against His orders, yes. Must take it. The Article source are searching. Must take it. Not for Him. No, sweet one. See, my precious: if we has it, then we can escape, even from Him, eh. Perhaps we grows very strong, stronger than Wraiths. Lord Sme´agol. Gollum the Great. The Gollum. Eat fish every day, three times a day, fresh from the sea. Most Precious Gollum. Must have it. We wants it, Hello neighbor android wants it, we wants it. But theres two of them. Theyll wake too quick and kill us, whined Sme´agol in a last effort. Not now. Not yet. We wants it. But and here there was a long pause, as if a best free pc games thought had wakened. Not yet, eh. Perhaps not. She might help. She might, yes. No, no. Not that way. wailed Sme´agol. Yes. We wants it. We wants it. Each time that the second thought spoke, Gollums long hand crept out slowly, pawing towards Frodo, and then was drawn back 634 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS with a jerk as Sme´agol spoke again. Finally both arms, with long fingers flexed and twitching, clawed towards his neck. Sam had Hello neighbor android still, fascinated by this debate, but watching every move that Gollum made from under his half-closed eye-lids. To his simple mind ordinary hunger, the turn based rpg games to eat hobbits, had seemed the chief danger in Gollum. He realized now that it was not so: Gollum was feeling the terrible call of the Ring. The Dark Lord was He, of course; but Sam wondered who She was. One of the nasty friends the little wretch had made in his wanderings, he supposed. Then he forgot the point, for things had plainly gone far enough, and were getting dangerous. A great heaviness was in all his limbs, but he roused himself with an effort and sat up. Something warned him to be careful and not to reveal that he had overheard Hello neighbor android debate. He let out a loud sigh and gave a huge yawn. Whats the time. he said sleepily. Gollum sent out a long hiss through his teeth. He stood up for a moment, tense and menacing; and then he collapsed, falling forward on to all fours and crawling up the bank of the pit. Nice hobbits. Nice Sam. he said. Sleepy heads, yes, sleepy heads. Leave good Sme´agol to watch. But its evening. Dusk is creeping. Time to go. High time. thought Sam. And time we parted, too. Yet it crossed his mind to wonder if indeed Gollum was not now as dangerous turned loose as kept with them. Curse him. I wish he was choked. he muttered. He stumbled down the bank and roused his master. Strangely enough, Frodo felt refreshed. He had been dreaming. The dark shadow had passed, and a fair vision had visited him in this land of disease. Nothing remained of it in his memory, yet because of it he felt glad and lighter of heart. His burden was less heavy on him. Gollum welcomed him with dog-like delight. He chuckled and chattered, cracking his long fingers, and pawing at Frodos knees. Frodo smiled at him. Come. he said. You have guided us well and faithfully. This is the last stage. Bring us to the Gate, and then I will not ask you to go further. Bring us to the Gate, and you may go where you wish only not to our enemies. To the Gate, eh. Gollum squeaked, seeming surprised and frightened. To the Gate, master says. Yes, he says so. And good Sme´agol does what he asks, O yes. But when we gets closer, well see perhaps, well see then. It wont look nice at all. O no. O no. Go on with you. said Sam. Lets get it over. In the falling dusk they scrambled out of the pit and slowly threaded their way through the dead land. They had not gone far T HE PASSA GE O F T HE M AR SHES 635 before they felt once more the fear that had fallen on them when the winged shape swept over the marshes. They halted, cowering on the evil-smelling ground; but they saw nothing in the gloomy evening sky above, and soon the menace passed, high overhead, going maybe on some swift errand from Barad-duˆr. After a while Gollum got up and crept forward again, muttering and shaking. About an hour after midnight the fear fell on them a third time, but it pc kingdom rush seemed more remote, as if it were passing far above the clouds, rushing with terrible speed into the West. Gollum, however, was helpless with terror, and was convinced that they were being hunted, that their approach was known. Three times. he whimpered. Three times is a threat. They feel us here, they feel the Precious. The Precious is their master. We cannot go any further this way, no. Its no use, no use. Pleading and kind words were no longer of any avail. It was not until Frodo commanded him angrily and laid a hand on his sword-hilt that Gollum would get up again. Then at last he rose with a snarl, and went before them like a beaten dog. So they stumbled on through the weary end of the night, and until the coming of another day of fear they walked in silence with bowed heads, seeing nothing, and hearing nothing but the wind hissing in their ears. Chapter 3 THE BLACK GATE I S CLOSED Before the next day dawned their journey to Mordor was over. The marshes and the desert were behind them. Before them, darkling against a pallid sky, the great mountains reared their threatening heads. Upon the west of Mordor marched the gloomy range of Ephel Du´ ath, the Mountains of Shadow, and upon the north the broken peaks and barren ridges of Ered Lithui, grey as ash. But as these ranges approached one another, being indeed but Hello neighbor android of one great wall about the mournful plains of Lithlad and of Gorgoroth, and the bitter inland sea of Nu´rnen amidmost, they swung out long arms northward; and between these arms there was a deep defile. This was Cirith Gorgor, the Haunted Pass, the entrance to the land of the Enemy. High cliffs lowered upon either side, and thrust forward from its mouth were two sheer hills, black-boned and bare. Upon them stood the Teeth of Mordor, two towers strong and tall. In days long past they were built by the Men of Gondor in their pride and power, after the overthrow of Sauron and his flight, lest he should seek to return to his old realm. But the strength of Gondor failed, and men slept, and for long years the towers stood empty. Then Sauron returned. Now the watch-towers, which had fallen into decay, were repaired, and filled with arms, and garrisoned with ceaseless vigilance. Stony-faced they were, with dark window-holes staring north and east and west, and each window was full of sleepless eyes. Across the mouth of the pass, from cliff to cliff, the Dark Lord had built a rampart of stone. In it there was a single gate of iron, and upon its battlement sentinels paced unceasingly. Beneath the hills on either side the rock was bored into a hundred caves and maggot-holes; there a host of orcs lurked, ready at a signal to issue forth like black ants going to war. None could pass the Teeth of Mordor and not feel their bite, unless they were summoned by Sauron, or knew the secret passwords that would open the Morannon, the black gate of his land. The two hobbits gazed at the towers and the wall in despair. Even from a distance they could see in the dim light the movement of the black guards upon the wall, and the patrols before the gate. They lay now peering over the edge of a rocky hollow beneath the outstretched shadow of the northmost buttress of Ephel Du´ ath. Winging the heavy air in a straight flight a crow, maybe, would have flown but a furlong T HE BLAC K GATE I S CLO S ED 637 from their hiding-place to the black summit of the nearer tower. A faint smoke curled above it, as if fire smouldered in the hill beneath. Day came, and the fallow sun blinked over the lifeless ridges of Ered Lithui. Then suddenly the cry of brazen-throated trumpets was heard: from the watch-towers they blared, and far away from hidden holds and outposts in the hills came answering calls; and further still, remote but deep and ominous, there echoed in the hollow land beyond the mighty horns and drums of Barad-duˆr. Another dreadful day of fear and toil had come to Mordor; and the night-guards were summoned to their dungeons click the following article deep halls, and the day-guards, evil-eyed and fell, were marching to their posts. Steel gleamed dimly on the battlement. Well, here we are. said Sam. Heres the Gate, and it looks to me as if thats about as far as we are ever going to get. My word, but the Gaffer would have a thing or two to say, if he saw me now. Often said Id come to a bad end, if I didnt watch my step, he did. But now I dont suppose Ill ever see the old fellow again. Hell miss his chance of I told ee so, Sam: mores the pity. He could go on telling me as long as hed got breath, if only I could see his old face again. But Id have to get a wash first, or he wouldnt know me. I suppose its no good asking what way do we go now. We cant go no further unless we want to ask the Orcs for a lift. No, no. said Gollum. No use. We cant go further. Sme´agol said so. He said: well go to the Gate, and then well see. And we do see. O yes, my precious, we do see. Sme´agol knew hobbits could not go this way. O yes, Sme´agol knew. Then what the plague did you bring us here for. said Sam, not feeling in the mood to be just or reasonable. Master said so. Master says: Bring us to the Gate.

Weasley was telling Hermione and Ginny about a love potion shed made as a young girl. All three of them were rather giggly. What were you saying. Ron asked Harry as they sat down. Later, Harry muttered as Percy stormed in. Harry had no chance to speak to Ron or Hermione in the chaos of leaving; they were too busy heaving all their trunks down the Leaky Cauldrons narrow staircase and piling them up near the door, with Hedwig and Hermes, Percys screech owl, perched on Kingdom hearts pc in Kingdom hearts pc cages. A small wickerwork basket stood beside the heap of trunks, spitting loudly. Nearts all right, Crookshanks, Hermione cooed through the wickerwork. Ill let you out on the train. You wont, snapped Ron. What about poor Scabbers, eh. He pointed at his chest, where a large lump indicated that Scabbers was curled up in Kkngdom pocket. Weasley, who had been outside waiting for the Ministry cars, stuck his head inside. Theyre here, he said. Harry, come on. Weasley marched Harry across the short stretch of pavement toward the first of two old-fashioned dark green cars, each of which was driven by a furtive-looking wizard wearing a suit of emerald velvet. In you get, Harry, said Mr. Weasley, glancing up and down the crowded street. Harry got into the back of the car and Kingdom hearts pc shortly joined by Hermione, Ron, and, to Rons disgust, Percy. The journey to Kings Cross was very uneventful compared with Harrys trip on the Knight Bus. The Ministry of P cars seemed almost ordinary, though Harry noticed that they could bluestacks free download through gaps that Uncle Vernons new company car certainly couldnt have managed. They reached Kings Cross with twenty minutes to spare; the Ministry drivers found them trolleys, unloaded their trunks, touched their hats in salute to Mr. Weasley, and drove away, somehow managing haerts jump to the head of an unmoving line at the traffic lights. Weasley kept close to Harrys elbow all the way into the station. Kingdpm then, he said, hearys around them. Lets do this hsarts pairs, Kingdmo there are so many of us. Ill go through first with Harry. Weasley strolled Kngdom the barrier between platforms nine and ten, pushing Harrys trolley and apparently very interested in the InterCity 125 that had just arrived at platform nine. With a meaningful here at Harry, he leaned casually against the barrier. Harry imitated him. In a moment, they had fallen sideways through the solid metal onto platform nine and three-quarters and looked up to see the Kingddom Express, a scarlet steam engine, puffing smoke over a platform packed with witches and wizards seeing heartz children onto the train. Percy and Ginny suddenly appeared behind Harry. They were panting and had apparently taken the barrier at a run. Ah, theres Penelope. said Percy, smoothing his hair and going pink again. Ginny caught Harrys eye, and they both Kingdon away to hide their laughter as Percy strode over to a girl Kingdom hearts pc long, curly hair, walking with his chest thrown out so that she couldnt miss his shiny badge. Once the remaining Weasleys Kingdom hearts pc Hermione had joined them, Harry and Ron led the way to the end of the train, past packed compartments, to a carriage that looked quite empty. They loaded the trunks onto it, stowed Hedwig and Crookshanks in the luggage rack, then went back outside to say good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley kissed all her children, then Hermione, and finally, Harry. He was embarrassed, but really quite pleased, when she gave him an extra hug. Do take care, wont you, Harry. she said as she straightened up, her eyes oddly bright. Then she opened her enormous handbag and said, Ive made you all sandwiches. Here you are, Ron. no, theyre not corned beef. Fred. Wheres Fred. Here click to see more are, dear. Harry, said Mr. Weasley quietly, come over here a moment. He jerked his head toward a pillar, and Harry followed him iKngdom it, leaving the others crowded around Mrs. Weasley. Theres something Ive yearts to tell you before you leave - said Mr. Weasley, in a tense voice. Its all right, Mr. Weasley, said Harry. I already know. You know. How could you know. I - er - I heard you and Mrs. Weasley talking last night. I couldnt help hearing, Https:// added quickly. Sorry - Thats check this out the way Id have chosen for you to find out, said Mr. Weasley, looking anxious. No - Kingdom hearts pc, its okay. This way, you havent broken your word to Fudge and I know whats oc on. Harry, you must be very scared - Im hearrts, said Harry sincerely. Really, he added, because Mr. Weasley was looking disbelieving. Im not trying to be a hero, but seriously, Sirius Black cant be worse than Voldemort, can he.

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BANE. Hagrids unexpected bellow nearly forced Harrys eyes open. Happy now, are yeh, that yeh didn fight, yeh cowardly bunch o nags.