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Best northgard clan

Wish they could see famous Harry Potter now, he thought savagely as continue reading spread manure on the flower beds, his back aching, sweat running down his face. It continue reading half past seven in the evening when at last, exhausted, he heard Aunt Petunia calling him. Get in here. And walk on the newspaper. Harry moved gladly into the shade of the gleaming kitchen. On top of the fridge stood tonights pudding: a huge mound of whipped cream and sugared violets. A loin of roast pork was sizzling in the oven. Eat quickly. The Masons will be here soon. snapped Aunt Petunia, pointing to two slices of bread and a lump of cheese on the kitchen table. She was already wearing a salmon-pink cocktail dress. Harry washed his hands and bolted down his pitiful supper. The moment he had finished, Aunt Petunia whisked away his plate. Upstairs. Hurry. As he passed the door to the living room, Harry caught a glimpse of Uncle Vernon and Dudley in bow ties and dinner jackets. He had only just reached the upstairs landing when the doorbell rang and Uncle Vernons furious face appeared at the foot of the stairs. Remember, boy - one sound - Harry crossed to his bedroom on tiptoe, slipped inside, closed the door, and turned to collapse on his bed. The trouble was, there was already someone sitting on it. H CHAPTER TWO DOBBYS WARNING arry managed not to shout out, but it was a close thing. The little creature on the bed Best northgard clan large, bat-like ears and bulging green eyes the size of tennis balls. Harry knew instantly that this was what had been watching him out of the garden hedge that morning. As they stared at each read article, Harry heard Dudleys voice from the hall. May I take your coats, Mr. and Mrs. Mason. The creature slipped off the bed and bowed so low that the end of its long, thin nose touched the carpet. Harry noticed that it was wearing what looked like an old pillowcase, with rips for arm- and leg-holes. Er - hello, said Harry nervously. Harry Potter. said the creature in a high-pitched voice Harry was sure would carry down the stairs. So long has Dobby wanted to meet you, sir. Such an honor it is. Th-thank you, said Harry, edging along the wall and sinking into his desk chair, next to Hedwig, who was asleep in her large cage. He wanted to ask, What are you. but thought it would sound too rude, so instead he said, Who are you. Dobby, sir. Just Dobby. Dobby the house-elf, said the creature. Oh - really. said Harry. Er - I dont want to be rude or anything, but - this isnt a great time for me to have a house-elf in my bedroom. Aunt Petunias high, false laugh sounded from the living room. The elf hung his head. Not that Im not pleased to meet you, said Harry quickly, but, er, is there any particular reason youre here. Oh, yes, sir, said Dobby earnestly. Dobby has come to tell you, sir. it is difficult, sir. Dobby wonders where to begin. Sit down, said Harry politely, pointing at the bed. To his horror, the elf burst into tears - very noisy tears. S-sit down. he wailed. Never. never ever. Harry thought he heard the voices downstairs falter. Im sorry, he whispered, I didnt mean to offend you or anything - Offend Dobby. choked the elf. Dobby has never been asked to sit down by a wizard - like an equal - Harry, trying to say Shh. and look comforting at the same time, ushered Dobby back onto the bed where he sat hiccoughing, looking like a large and very ugly doll. At last he managed to control himself, and sat with his great eyes fixed on Harry in an expression of watery adoration. You cant have met many decent wizards, said Harry, trying to cheer him up. Dobby shook his head. Then, without warning, he leapt up and started banging his head furiously on the window, shouting, Bad Dobby. Bad Dobby. Dont - what are you doing. Harry hissed, springing up and pulling Dobby back onto the bed - Hedwig had woken up with a particularly loud screech and was beating her wings wildly against the bars of her cage. Dobby had to punish himself, sir, said the elf, who had gone slightly cross-eyed. Dobby almost spoke ill of his family, sir. Your family. The wizard family Dobby serves, sir. Dobby is a house-elf - bound to serve one house and one family forever. Do they know youre here. asked Harry curiously. Dobby shuddered. Oh, no, sir, no. Dobby will have to punish himself most grievously for coming to see you, sir. Dobby will have to shut his ears in the oven door for this. If they ever knew, sir - But wont they notice if you shut your ears in the oven door. Dobby doubts it, sir. Dobby is always having to punish himself something, sir. They lets Dobby get on with it, sir. Sometimes they reminds me to do extra punishments. But why dont you leave. Escape. A house-elf must be set free, sir. And the family will never set Dobby free. Dobby will serve the family until he dies, sir. Harry stared. And I thought I had it bad staying here for another four weeks, he said. This makes the Dursleys sound almost human. Cant anyone help you. Cant I. Almost at once, Harry wished he hadnt spoken. Dobby dissolved again into wails of gratitude. Please, Harry whispered frantically, please be quiet. If the Dursleys hear anything, if they know youre here - Harry Potter asks if he can help Dobby. Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir, but of your goodness, Dobby never knew. Harry, who was feeling distinctly hot in the face, said, Whatever youve heard about my greatness is a load of rubbish. Im not even top of my year at Hogwarts; thats Hermione, she - But he stopped quickly, because thinking about Hermione was painful. Harry Potter is humble and modest, said Dobby reverently, his orb-like eyes aglow. Harry Potter speaks not of his triumph over He-Who-Must-NotBe-Named - Voldemort. said Harry. Dobby clapped his hands over his bat ears and moaned, Ah, speak not the name, sir. Speak not the name. Sorry, said Harry quickly. I know lots of people dont like it. My friend Ron - He stopped again. Thinking about Ron was painful, too. Dobby article source toward Harry, his eyes wide as headlights. Dobby heard tell, he said hoarsely, that Harry Potter met the Dark Lord for a second time, just Best northgard clan ago. that Harry Potter escaped yet again. Harry nodded and Dobbys eyes suddenly shone with tears. Ah, sir, he gasped, dabbing his face with a corner of the grubby pillowcase he was wearing. Harry Potter is valiant and bold. He has braved so many dangers already. But Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him, even if he does have to shut his ears in the oven door later. Harry Potter must not go back best strategy games Hogwarts. There was a silence broken only by the chink of knives and forks from downstairs and the distant rumble of Uncle Vernons voice. W-what. Harry stammered. But Ive got to go back - term starts on September first. Its all thats keeping me going. You dont know what its like here. I dont belong here. I belong in your world - at Hogwarts. No, no, no, squeaked Dobby, shaking his head so hard his ears flapped. Harry Potter must stay where he is safe. He is too great, too good, to lose. If Harry Potter goes back to Hogwarts, he will be in mortal danger. Why. said Harry in surprise. There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make most terrible things happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year, whispered Dobby, suddenly trembling all over. Dobby has known it for months, sir. Harry Potter must not put himself in peril. He is too important, sir. What terrible things. said Harry at once. Whos plotting them. Dobby made a funny choking noise and then banged his head frantically against the wall. All right. cried Harry, grabbing the elfs arm to stop him. You cant tell me. I understand. But why are you warning me. A sudden, unpleasant thought struck him. Hang on - this hasnt got anything to do with Vol- - sorry - with You-Know-Who, has it. You could just shake or nod, he added hastily as Dobbys head tilted worryingly close to the wall again. Slowly, Dobby shook his head. Not - not He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, sir - But Dobbys eyes were wide and he seemed to be trying to give Harry a hint. Harry, however, was completely lost. He hasnt got a brother, has he. Dobby shook his head, his eyes wider than ever. Well then, I cant think who else would have a chance of making horrible things happen at Hogwarts, said Harry. I mean, theres Dumbledore, for one thing - you know who Dumbledore is, dont you. Dobby bowed his head. Albus Dumbledore is the greatest headmaster Hogwarts has ever had. Dobby knows it, sir. Dobby has heard Dumbledores powers rival those of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the height of his strength. But, sir - Dobbys voice dropped to an urgent whisper - there are powers Dumbledore doesnt. powers no decent wizard. And before Harry could stop him, Dobby bounded off the bed, seized Harrys desk lamp, and started beating himself around the head with earsplitting yelps. A sudden silence fell downstairs. Two seconds later Harry, heart thudding madly, heard Uncle Vernon coming into the hall, calling, Dudley must have left his television on again, the little tyke. Quick. In the closet. hissed Harry, stuffing Dobby in, shutting the door, and flinging himself onto the bed just as the door handle turned. What - the - devil - are - you - doing. said Uncle Vernon through gritted teeth, his face horribly close to Harrys. Youve just ruined the punch line of my Japanese golfer joke. One more sound and youll wish youd never been born, boy. He stomped flat-footed from the room. Shaking, Harry let Dobby out of the closet. See what its like here. he said. See why Ive got to go back to Hogwarts. Its the only place Ive got - well, I think Ive got friends. Friends who dont even write to Harry Potter. said Dobby slyly. I expect theyve just been - wait a minute, said Harry, frowning. How do you know my friends havent been writing to me. Dobby shuffled his feet. Harry Potter mustnt be angry with Dobby. Dobby did it for the best Best northgard clan Have you been stopping my letters. Dobby has them here, sir, said the elf. Stepping nimbly out of Harrys reach, he pulled a thick wad of envelopes from the inside of android 1 clash of clans pillowcase he was wearing. Harry could make out Hermiones neat writing, Rons untidy scrawl, and even a scribble that looked as though it was from the Hogwarts gamekeeper, Hagrid. Dobby blinked anxiously up at Harry. Harry Potter mustnt be angry. Dobby hoped. if Harry Potter thought his friends had forgotten him. Harry Potter might not want to go back to school, sir. Harry wasnt listening. He made a grab for the letters, but Dobby jumped out of reach. Best northgard clan Potter will have them, sir, if he gives Dobby his word that he will not return to Hogwarts. Ah, sir, this is a danger you must not face. Say you wont go back, sir. No, said Click the following article angrily. Give me my friends letters. Then Harry Potter leaves Dobby no choice, said the elf sadly. Before Harry could move, Dobby had darted to the bedroom door, pulled it open, and sprinted down the stairs. Mouth dry, stomach lurching, Harry sprang after him, trying not to make a sound. He jumped the last six steps, landing catlike on the hall carpet, looking around for Dobby. From the dining room he heard Uncle Vernon saying. tell Petunia that very funny story about those American plumbers, Mr. Mason.

He turned and went swiftly back down the road. The others climbed the long stair under the eyes of the tall watchmen. Silent they stood now above and spoke no word, until Gandalf stepped out upon the paved terrace at the stairs head. Then suddenly with clear voices they spoke a courteous greeting in their own tongue. Hail, comers from afar. they said, and they turned the hilts of their swords towards the travellers in token of peace. Green gems flashed in the sunlight. Then one of the guards stepped forward and spoke in the Common Speech. I am the Doorward of The´oden, he said. Ha´ma is my name. Here I must bid you lay aside your weapons before you enter. Then Legolas gave into his hand his silver-hafted knife, his quiver, and his bow. Keep these well, he said, for they come from the Golden Wood and the Lady of Lothlo´rien gave them to me. Wonder came clash of clans online free the mans eyes, and he continue reading the weapons hastily by the wall, as if he feared to handle them. No man will touch them, I promise you, he said. Aragorn stood a while hesitating. It is not my will, he said, to put aside my sword or to deliver Andu´ril to the hand of any other man. It is the will of The´oden, said Ha´ma. It is not clear to me that the will of The´oden son of Thengel, even though he be lord of the Mark, should prevail over the will of Aragorn son of Arathorn, Elendils heir of Gondor. This is the house of The´oden, not of Aragorn, even were he King of Gondor in the seat of Denethor, said Ha´ma, stepping swiftly before the doors and barring the way. His sword was now in his hand and the point towards the strangers. This is idle talk, said Gandalf. Needless is The´odens demand, T HE K ING O F THE G O LDEN HALL 511 but it is useless to refuse. A king will have his way in his own hall, be it folly or wisdom. Truly, said Aragorn. And I would do as the master of the house bade me, were this only a woodmans cot, if I bore now any sword but Andu´ril. Whatever its name may be, said Ha´ma, here you shall lay it, if would not fight alone against all the men in Edoras. Not alone. said Gimli, fingering the blade of his axe, and looking Empire earth online up at the guard, as if he were a young tree that Gimli had a mind to fell. Not alone. Come, come. said Gandalf. We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel. My errand is pressing. Here at least is my sword, goodman Ha´ma. Keep it well. Glamdring it is called, for the Elves made it long ago. Now let me pass. Come, Aragorn. Slowly Aragorn unbuckled his belt and himself set his sword upright against the wall. Here I set it, he said; but I command you not to touch it, nor to permit any other to lay hand on it. In this Elvish sheath dwells the Blade that was Broken and has been made again. Telchar first wrought it in the deeps of time. Death shall come to any man link draws Elendils sword save Elendils heir. The guard stepped back and looked with amazement on Empire earth online. It seems that you are come on the wings of song out of the forgotten days, he said. It shall be,, as you command. Well, said Gimli, if it has Andu´ril to keep it company, my axe may stay here, too, without shame; and he laid it on the floor. Now then, if all is as you wish, let us go and speak with your master. The guard still hesitated. Your staff, he said to Gandalf. Forgive me, Empire earth online that too must be left at the doors. Foolishness. said Gandalf. Prudence is one thing, but discourtesy is another. I am old. If I may not lean on my stick as I go, then I will sit out here, until it The´oden to hobble out himself to speak with me. Aragorn laughed. Every man has something too dear to trust to another. But would you part an old man from his support. Come, will you not let us enter. The staff in the hand of a wizard may be more than a prop for age, said Ha´ma. He looked hard at the ash-staff on which Gandalf leaned. Yet in doubt a man of worth will trust to his own wisdom. I believe you are friends and folk worthy of honour, who have no evil purpose. You may go in. The guards now lifted the heavy bars of the doors and swung them slowly inwards grumbling on their great hinges. The travellers 512 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS entered. Inside it seemed dark and warm after the clear air upon the hill. Matchless different marketing strategies reply))) hall was long and wide and filled with shadows and half lights; mighty pillars upheld its lofty roof. But here and there bright sunbeams fell Empire earth online glimmering shafts from the eastern windows, high under the deep eaves. Through the louver in the roof, above the thin wisps of issuing smoke, the sky showed pale and blue. As their eyes changed, the travellers perceived that the floor was paved with stones of many hues; branching runes and strange devices intertwined beneath their feet. They saw now that the pillars were richly carved, gleaming dully with gold and half-seen colours. Many woven cloths were hung upon the walls, and over their wide spaces marched figures of ancient legend, some dim with years, some darkling in the shade. But upon one form the sunlight fell: a young man upon a white horse. He was blowing a great horn, and his yellow hair was flying in the wind. The horses head was lifted, and its nostrils were wide and red as it neighed, smelling battle afar. Foaming water, green and white, rushed and curled about its knees. Behold Eorl the Young. said Aragorn. Thus he rode out of the North to the Battle of the Field of Celebrant. Now the four companions went forward, past the clear wood-fire burning upon the long hearth in the midst of the hall. Then they halted. At the far end of the house, beyond the hearth and facing north towards the doors, was a dais with three steps; and in the middle of the dais was a great Empire earth online chair. Upon it sat a man so bent with age that he seemed almost a dwarf; but his white hair was long and thick and fell in great braids from beneath a thin golden circlet set upon his brow. In the centre upon his forehead shone a single white diamond. His beard was laid like snow upon his knees; but his eyes still burned with a bright light, glinting as he gazed at the strangers. Behind his chair stood a woman clad in white. At his feet upon the steps sat a wizened figure of a man, with a pale wise face and heavy-lidded eyes. There was a silence. The old man did not move in his chair. At length Gandalf spoke. Hail, The´oden son of Thengel. I have returned. For behold. the storm comes, and now all friends should gather together, lest each singly be destroyed.

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