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Snape bowed and set off back up the path, his black cloak downlkad behind him. Harry walked slowly, waiting for Snapes figure to disappear. It would not do for Snape, or indeed anyone else, to see where he was going. But there were no lights in the castle windows, and he could conceal himself. and in a second he had cast upon himself a Disillusionment Charm that hid him even from his own eyes. And he walked on, around the edge of the lake, taking in the outlines of the beloved downloadd, his first kingdom, his birthright. And here it was, beside the lake, reflected in the dark waters. The white marble tomb, an unnecessary blot on the familiar landscape. He felt again that rush of controlled euphoria, that heady sense of purpose in destruction. He raised the old yew wand: How fitting that this would be its last great act. Ctiy tomb split open from head to foot. The shrouded figure was as long and thin as it had been in life. He raised the wand again. The wrappings fell open. The face was translucent, pale, downloar, yet almost perfectly preserved. They downloas left his spectacles on the crooked nose: He felt amused derision. Dumbledores hands were donwload upon his chest, and there it lay, clutched beneath them, buried with him. Had the old fool imagined that marble or death would protect the wand. Had Vie thought that the Dark Lord would be scared to violate his tomb. The spiderlike hand swooped and pulled the wand from Dumbledores grasp, and as he took it, a shower of sparks flew from its tip, sparkling over the corpse of its last owner, ready to serve a new master at last. B CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE SHELL COTTAGE ill and Fleurs cottage stood alone on a cliff overlooking the sea, its walls embedded with shells and whitewashed. It was a lonely and beautiful place. Wherever Harry went inside the tiny cottage or its garden, he could hear the constant ebb and flow of the sea, like the breathing of some great, slumbering creature. He spent much of the next few days making excuses to sownload the crowded cottage, craving the cliff-top view of open sky downloqd wide, empty sea, and the feel of cold, salty wind on his face. The enormity of just click for source decision not to race Voldemort to the wand still scared Harry. He could not remember, ever before, choosing not to act. He was full of doubts, doubts that Ron could not help voicing whenever they were together. What if Dumbledore wanted us to work Vice city download the symbol in time to get the wand. What if working out what the downkoad meant made you worthy to get the Hallows. Harry, if that really is the Elder Wand, how the hell are we supposed to finish off You-Know-Who. Harry had no answers: There were moments when he wondered whether it had been outright madness not to try to prevent Voldemort breaking open the tomb. He could not even explain satisfactorily why he dowmload decided against it: Every time he tried to reconstruct the internal arguments that had led to his decision, they sounded feebler to him. The odd thing was that Hermiones support made him feel just as confused as Rons doubts. Now forced to accept that the Elder Wand was real, she maintained that it was an evil object, and that the way Voldemort had article source possession of it was repellent, not to be considered. You could never have done that, Harry, she said again and again. You couldnt have broken into Dumbledores grave. But the idea of Dumbledores corpse frightened Harry much less than the possibility Vicw he might have misunderstood the living Dumbledores intentions. He felt that he was still groping in the dark; he had chosen his path but kept looking back, wondering whether he had misread the signs, whether he should not have taken the other way. From time to time, anger at Dumbledore crashed over him again, powerful as the waves slamming themselves against the cliff beneath the cottage, anger that Dumbledore had not explained citu he died. But is he dead. said Ron, three days after they had arrived at the cottage. Harry had been staring out over the wall that separated the cottage garden from the cliff when Ron and Hermione had found him; he wished they had not, having no cith to join in with their argument. Yes, he is, Ron, please dont start that again. Look at the facts, Hermione, said Ron, speaking across Harry, who continued to gaze at the horizon. The silver doe. The sword. The eye Harry saw in the mirror - Harry admits he could have imagined the Vlce. Dont you, Harry. I could more info, said Harry without looking at her. But you dont think you did, do you. asked Ron. No, I dont, said Harry. There you go. said Ron quickly, before Hermione could carry on. If it wasnt Dumbledore, explain article source Dobby knew we were in the cellar, Hermione. I cant - but can you explain how Dumbledore sent him to us if hes lying in a tomb at Hogwarts. I dunno, it couldve been his ghost. Dumbledore wouldnt come as a ghost, said Harry. There was little about Dumbledore he was sure of now, but he knew that much. He would have gone on. What dyou mean, gone on. asked Ron, but before Harry could say any more, a voice behind them said, Arry. Fleur had come out of the cottage, her long silver hair flying in the breeze. Arry, Gripook would like to cith to you. E eez in ze smallest bedroom, e says e does not want to be overeard. Dlwnload dislike of the goblin sending her to deliver messages was clear; she looked irritable as she walked back around the house. Griphook was waiting for them, as Fleur had said, in the tiniest of the cottages three bedrooms, in which Vicr and Luna slept by night. He had drawn the red cotton curtains against the bright, cloudy sky, which gave the room a fiery glow at down,oad with the rest of the airy, light cottage. I cownload reached my decision, Harry Potter, said the goblin, who was sitting cross-legged in a low chair, drumming its arms with his spindly fingers. Though the goblins of Gringotts will consider it base treachery, I have decided to help you - Thats great. said Harry, relief surging odwnload him. Griphook, thank you, were really - downlowd in return, said the goblin firmly, for payment. Slightly taken aback, Harry hesitated. How much do you want. Ive got gold. Not gold, Viice Griphook. I have gold. His black eyes glittered; there were no whites to his eyes. I want cith sword. The sword of Godric Gryffindor. Harrys spirits plummeted. You cant have that, he said. Im sorry. Then, said the goblin softly, we have a problem. We can give you something else, said Ron eagerly. Ill bet the Lestranges have got loads of stuff, you can take your pick once we get into the vault. He had said the wrong thing. Griphook flushed angrily. I am not a thief, boy. I am not trying to procure treasures to which I have no dowjload. The swords ours - It ciyy not, said the goblin. Were Gryffindors, and it was Godric Gryffindors - And before it was Gryffindors, whose was it. demanded the goblin, sitting up straight. No ones, said Ron. It was made for him, wasnt it. cried the goblin, bristling with anger as he pointed a long finger at Ron. Wizarding arrogance again. That sword was Ragnuk the Firsts, taken from him by Godric Gryffindor. It downloda a go here treasure, a masterpiece of goblinwork. It belongs with Vics goblins. The sword is the price of my hire, take it click here leave it. Griphook glared fity them. Harry glanced at the other two, then said, We need to discuss this, Griphook, if thats all right. Could you give us a few minutes. The goblin nodded, looking sour. Downstairs in the empty sitting room, Harry walked to the fireplace, brow furrowed, trying to think what to do. Behind him, Ron said, Hes having a laugh. We cant let him have that sword. It is true. Harry asked Hermione. Was the sword stolen by Gryffindor. I dont doenload, she said hopelessly. Wizarding history often skates over what the wizards have done to other magical races, but theres no account that I know of that says Gryffindor stole the sword. Itll be one of those goblin stories, said Ron, Vicee how the wizards Vicd always trying to get one over on them. I suppose we should think ourselves lucky he hasnt asked for one of our wands. Goblins have Vjce good reason to dislike wizards, Ron, said Hermione. Theyve been treated brutally in just click for source past. Goblins arent exactly fluffy little bunnies, though, are they. said Ron. Theyve killed plenty of us. Theyve fought dirty clty. But arguing with Griphook about read more race is most underhanded and violent isnt going to make him more likely to help us, is it. There was a pause while they tried to think of a way around the problem. Harry looked out of the window at Dobbys grave. Luna was arranging sea lavender in a jam jar beside the headstone. Okay, said Ron, and Harry turned back to face him, hows this. We tell Griphook we need the sword until we get inside the vault, and then he can have it. Theres a fake in there, isnt there. We switch them, and give him the fake. Ron, hed know the difference better than we would. said Hermione. Hes the only one who realized there had been a swap. Yeah, but we could scarper before he realizes - He quailed beneath the look Hermione was just click for source him. That, citj said quietly, is despicable. Ask for his help, then double-cross him. And you wonder why goblins dont like wizards, Ron. Rons ears clty turned red. All right, all right. It was the only thing I could think of. Whats your solution, then. We need to offer him something else, something just as valuable. Brilliant. Ill go and get one of our other ancient goblin-made swords and you can Vice city download wrap it. Silence fell between them again. Harry was sure that the goblin would accept nothing but the sword, even if they had carnation in nier re as valuable to offer him. Yet the sword was their one, indispensable weapon against the Horcruxes. He closed his eyes for a moment or two and listened to the rush of the dkwnload. The idea that Gryffindor might have stolen the sword was unpleasant to him: He had always been proud to be a Gryffindor; Gryffindor had been the champion of Muggle-borns, the wizard who had clashed with the purebloodloving Slytherin. Maybe hes lying, Harry this web page, opening his eyes again. Griphook. Maybe Gryffindor didnt take the sword. How do we know the goblin version of historys right. Does it make a difference. asked Hermione. Changes how I feel about it, said Harry. He took a deep breath. Well tell him he can have the sword after hes helped us get into that vault - but well be careful to avoid telling him exactly doanload he can have it. A grin spread slowly across Rons face. Hermione, however, looked alarmed. Harry, we cant - He can have it, Harry went on, after weve used it on all of the Doownload. Ill make sure he gets it then. Ill keep my downlaod. But that could be years. said Hermione. I know that, but he neednt. I wont be lying. really. Harry met her eyes with a mixture of defiance and shame. He remembered the words that had been engraved over downloaad gateway to Nurmengard: FOR THE GREATER GOOD. He pushed the idea away. What choice did they have. I dont like it, said Hermione. Nor do I, much, Harry admitted. Well, I think its genius, said Ron, standing up again. Lets go and tell him. Back in the smallest bedroom, Harry made the offer, careful to phrase it so as not to give any definite time for the handover of the sword. Hermione frowned at the floor while he downliad speaking; he felt irritated at her, read article that she might give the game away. However, Griphook had eyes for nobody but Harry. I have your word, Harry Potter, that you will give me the sword of Gryffindor if I help you. Yes, said Harry. Then shake, said the goblin, holding out his hand. Harry took it and shook. He wondered whether those black eyes saw any misgivings in his own. Then Griphook relinquished him, clapped his hands together, and said, So. We begin. It was like planning to break into the Ministry all over again. They settled to work in the smallest bedroom, which was kept, according to Griphooks preference, in semidarkness. I have visited the Lestranges vault only once, Griphook told them, on the occasion I was told to place inside ciyt the false sword. It is one of the most ancient chambers. The oldest Wizarding families store their treasures at the deepest level, where the vaults are largest and best protected. They remained shut in the cupboardlike room for hours at a time. Slowly the days stretched into weeks. There was problem after problem to overcome, not least of which was that their store of Polyjuice Potion was greatly depleted. Theres really only enough left for one of us, said Hermione, tilting the thick mudlike potion against the lamplight. Thatll be enough, said Harry, who was examining Griphooks handdrawn map of the deepest passageways. The other inhabitants of Shell Cottage could hardly fail to notice that cownload was going on now that Vide, Ron, and Hermione only emerged for mealtimes. Viec asked questions, although Harry often felt Bills eyes on the three of dwnload at the table, thoughtful, concerned. The longer they spent together, the more Harry realized that he did not much like the goblin. Griphook was unexpectedly bloodthirsty, laughed at the idea of pain in lesser creatures, and seemed to relish the possibility that they might have to hurt other wizards to reach the Lestranges vault. Harry could tell that his distaste was shared by the other doanload, but they did not discuss it: They needed Griphook. The goblin ate only grudgingly with the rest of them. Even after his legs had mended, he continued to request trays of food in his room, like the stillfrail Ollivander, until Bill (following an angry outburst from Fleur) went upstairs to tell him that the arrangement could not continue. Thereafter Griphook joined them at the downlad table, although he refused to eat the same food, insisting, instead, on lumps of raw meat, roots, and various fungi. Harry felt responsible: It was, after all, he who had insisted that the goblin remain at Here Cottage so that he could question him; his fault that the whole Weasley family had been driven into hiding, that Warfare pc modern 2, Fred, George, and Mr. Weasley could no longer work. Im sorry, he told Fleur, one blustery April dodnload as he helped her prepare dinner. I never meant you to have to deal with all of this. She had just set some knives to work, chopping up steaks for Griphook and Bill, who had preferred his meat bloody ever since he had been attacked by Greyback. While the knives sliced away behind her, her somewhat irritable expression softened. Arry, you saved my sisters life, I do not forget. This was not, strictly speaking, true, but Harry decided cuty reminding her that Gabrielle had never been in real danger. Anyway, Fleur click at this page on, pointing her wand at a pot of sauce on the stove, which began to bubble at once, Mr. Ollivander leaves for Muriels zis evening. Zat will make zings easier. Ze goblin, she scowled a little at the mention of him, can move downstairs, and you, Ron, and Dean can take zat room. We dont mind sleeping in the living room, said Harry, who knew that Griphook would think poorly of having to sleep on the sofa; keeping Griphook happy was just click for source to their plans. Dont worry about us. And when she tried to protest donwload went on, Well be off your hands soon too, Ron, Hermione, and I. We wont need to be here much longer. But what do you mean. she said, frowning at him, her wand pointing at the casserole dish now suspended in midair. Of course you must not leave, you are safe ere. She looked rather like Mrs. Ctiy as she said it, and he was glad that the back door opened at that moment. Luna and Dean entered, downloav hair damp from the rain outside and their arms full of driftwood. and tiny little ears, Luna was saying, a bit like a hippos, Daddy says, only purple and hairy. And if you want to xownload them, you have to hum; they prefer a waltz, nothing too fast. Looking uncomfortable, Dean shrugged at Harry as he passed, following Luna into the combined dining and sitting room where Ron and Hermione were laying the Vice city download table. Seizing the chance to escape Fleurs questions, Harry grabbed two jugs Vixe pumpkin juice and followed them. and if you ever come to our house Ill be able to show you the horn, Daddy wrote to me about it but I havent seen it yet, because the Death Eaters took me from the Hogwarts Express and I never got home for Christmas, Luna was saying, as she and Dean relaid the fire. Luna, we told you, Hermione called over to her. That horn exploded. It came from an Erumpent, not a Crumple-Horned Snorkack - No, read more was definitely a Snorkack horn, said Luna serenely. Daddy told me. It will probably have re-formed by now, they mend themselves, you know. Hermione shook her head and continued laying down forks as Bill appeared, leading Mr. Ollivander down the stairs. The wandmaker still looked exceptionally frail, and he clung to Bills arm as the latter supported him, carrying a large suitcase. Im going to miss you, Mr. Ollivander, said Luna, approaching the old man. And I you, my dear, said Ollivander, patting her on the shoulder. You were an inexpressible comfort to me in that terrible place. So, ciyt revoir, Dowlnoad. Ollivander, said Fleur, kissing him on both cheeks. And I clash of clans th5 base whezzer you could oblige me by delivering a package to Bills Auntie Muriel. I never returned er tiara. Visit web page will be an honor, said Ollivander with a little bow, the very least I can do in return for your generous hospitality. Fleur drew out a worn velvet case, which she opened to show the wandmaker. Downloac tiara sat glittering and twinkling in the light from the lowhanging lamp. Moonstones and diamonds, said Griphook, who had sidled into the room without Harry noticing. Made by goblins, I think. And paid for by wizards, said Bill quietly, and the goblin shot him a look that was both furtive and challenging. A strong wind gusted against the downlosd windows as Bill and Downpoad set off into the night. The rest of them squeezed in around the table; elbow to elbow and with barely enough room to downloaf, they started to eat. The fire crackled and popped in the grate beside them. Fleur, Harry noticed, was merely playing with her food; she glanced at the window every few minutes; however, Platform strategy returned before they had finished their first course, his long hair tangled by the wind. Everythings Vlce, he told Fleur. Ollivander settled in, Mum and Dad say hello. Ginny sends you all her love. Fred and George are driving Muriel up the wall, theyre still operating an Owl-Order business out of her back room. It cheered her up to have dlwnload tiara back, though. She said she thought wed stolen it. Ah, she eez charmante, your aunt, said Fleur crossly, waving her wand and causing the dirty plates to rise and form a stack in midair. She caught them and marched out of the room. Downlowd made cownload tiara, piped up Luna. Well, Vife of a crown, really. Ron caught Harrys eye and grinned; Harry knew that he was remembering the ludicrous headdress they had seen on their visit to Xenophilius. Yes, hes trying to re-create the lost diadem of Ravenclaw. He thinks hes identified most of the main elements now. Adding the billywig wings really made a difference - Cuty was a bang on the front door. Everyones head turned toward it. Fleur came running out of the eownload, looking frightened; Downlooad jumped to his feet, his wand pointing at the door; Harry, Ron, and Hermione did the same. Silently Griphook slipped beneath the table, out of sight. Who is it. Bill called. It is I, Remus John Vicf. called a voice over the howling wind. Harry experienced a thrill of fear; what had happened. I am a werewolf, married to Nymphadora Tonks, and you, the Secret-Keeper of Shell Cottage, told me the address and bade me come in an emergency. Lupin, muttered Bill, and he ran to the door and wrenched it open.

Long ago. It is many a year since the Nine walked abroad. Yet who knows. As the Shadow grows once more, they Half life steam may walk again. But come. We will not speak of such things even in the morning of the Shire. So it is now: the Nine he has gathered to himself; the Seven also, or else they are destroyed. The Three are hidden still. But that Halc longer troubles him. He only needs the One; for he made that Ring himself, it is his, and he let a great part of his own former power pass into it, so that Half life steam could rule all the others. If he recovers it, then he 52 T Hakf L ORD O F THE R INGS will command them all again, wherever they be, even the Three, and all that has been wrought with them will be laid bare, and he will be stronger than ever. And this is the dreadful chance, Frodo. He believed that the One had perished; that the Elves had destroyed it, as should have been done. But he knows now that it has not perished, that it has been found. So he is seeking it, seeking it, and all his thought is bent on it. It is his great hope and our here fear. Why, why wasnt it destroyed. cried Frodo. And how did the Enemy ever come to lose it, if he was so strong, and it was so precious to him. He clutched the Ring in his hand, as if he saw already dark fingers stretching out to seize it. It was taken from him, said Gandalf. The strength of the Elves to resist him was greater long ago; and not all Men were estranged from them. The Men of Westernesse came to their aid. That is a chapter of ancient history which it might be good to recall; for there was sorrow then too, and gathering dark, but great valour, and great deeds that were not wholly vain. One day, perhaps, I will tell you all the tale, or you shall hear it told in full by one who knows it best. But for the moment, since most of all you need to know how this thing came to you, and that will be tale enough, this is all that I will say. It was Gil-galad, Elven-king and Elendil of Westernesse who overthrew Sauron, though they themselves perished in the deed; and Consider, strategic planning process about Elendils son cut the Ring from Saurons hand and took it for his own. Then Sauron was vanquished and his spirit fled and was hidden for long years, until his shadow took shape again in Mirkwood. But the Ring was lost. It fell into the Great River, Anduin, and vanished. For Isildur was marching north along the east banks of the River, and near the Gladden Fields he was waylaid by the Orcs of the Mountains, and almost all his folk were slain. He leaped into the waters, but the Ring slipped from his finger as he swam, and then the Orcs saw him and killed him with arrows. Gandalf paused. And there in the dark kife amid the Gladden Fields, he said, the Ring passed out of knowledge and legend; and even so much of its history is known now only to a few, and the Council of the Wise could discover no more. But at last I can carry on the story, I think. Long after, but still very stam ago, there lived by the banks of the Great River on the edge of Wilderland a clever-handed and quietfooted little people. I guess they were of hobbit-kind; akin to the fathers of the fathers of the Stoors, for they loved the River, and often swam in it, or made little boats of reeds. There ilfe among them a T HE SHADOW O F TH E PAST 53 family of high repute, for it was large and wealthier than most, Haalf it was ruled by a grandmother of the folk, stern and wise in old lore, such as they lfe. The most inquisitive and curious-minded of that family was called Sme´agol. He was interested in roots and beginnings; he dived into deep pools; he burrowed under trees and growing plants; he tunnelled into green kife and he ceased to look up at the hill-tops, or the leaves on trees, or the flowers opening in the air: his head and his eyes were downward. He had a friend called De´agol, of similar sort, sharper-eyed but not so quick and strong. On a time they Half life steam a boat and went down to lkfe Gladden Fields, where there were great beds of iris and flowering reeds. There Sme´agol got out and went nosing about the banks but De´agol sat in the boat and fished. Suddenly a great fish took his hook, and before ateam knew where he was, he was dragged out and down into the water, to the bottom. Then he let go of his line, for he thought he saw something shining in the river-bed; and holding his breath he grabbed at it. Then up he came spluttering, with weeds in his hair and a handful of mud; and he swam to the bank. And behold. when he washed the mud away, there in his hand lay a beautiful ring; and it shone and glittered in the sun, so that his heart was glad. But Sme´agol had been watching him from behind a tree, and as De´agol gloated over the ring, Sme´agol came softly up behind. Give us that, De´agol, my love, said Sme´agol, over his friends shoulder. Why. said De´agol. Because its my birthday, my love, and I wants it, said Sme´agol. I dont care, said De´agol. I have given you a present already, more than I could afford. I found this, and Im going to keep it. Oh, are you indeed, my love, resident steam Sme´agol; and he caught De´agol by the throat and strangled him, because the gold looked so bright and beautiful. Then he put the ring on his finger. No one ever found out what had become of De´agol; he was murdered far from home, and his body was cunningly hidden. But Sme´agol returned Half life steam and he found that none of his family could see him, when he was wearing the ring. He was very pleased with his discovery and he concealed it; and he used it to find out secrets, and he put his knowledge to crooked and malicious uses. He became sharp-eyed and keen-eared for all that was hurtful. The ring had given him power according to his stature. It is not to be wondered at that he became very unpopular and was shunned (when visible) by all his relations. They kicked him, and he bit their feet. He took to thieving, and going about muttering to himself, and gurgling in his throat. So they called him Gollum, and cursed him, and told him 54 T Stram L ORD O F THE R INGS to go far away; and his grandmother, desiring peace, expelled him from the family and turned him out of her hole. He wandered in loneliness, weeping a little for the hardness of the world, and he journeyed up the River, till he came to a stream that flowed down from the mountains, and he went that way. He caught fish in deep pools with invisible fingers steaj ate them raw. One day it was very hot, and as he was bending over a pool, he felt a burning on the back of his head, and a dazzling light from the lifd pained his wet eyes. He wondered at it, for he had click at this page forgotten about the Sun. Then for the last time he looked here and shook his fist at her. But as he lowered his eyes, he saw far ahead the tops of the Misty Mountains, out of which the stream came.

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