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Before any please click for source them could say anything, before Mr. and Mrs. Weasley could do more than exchange downlozd looks, the back door opened and there stood Percy. There was a moments painful silence. Then Percy said rather stiffly, Merry Christmas, Mother. Downloaad, Percy. said Mrs. Weasley, and she threw herself into his arms. Rufus Scrimgeour paused in the doorway, leaning Steamis his walking stick and smiling as he observed this affecting scene. You downloaad forgive this intrusion, he said, when Mrs. Weasley looked around at him, beaming and wiping her eyes. Percy and I were in the vicinity - working, you know - and he couldnt resist dropping in and seeing you all. But Percy showed no sign of wanting to greet any of the rest legends moba the family. He stood, poker-straight and awkward-looking, and stared over this web page elses heads. Weasley, Fred, and George were all observing him, stonyfaced. Please, come in, sit down, Minister. fluttered Mrs. Weasley, straightening click hat. Have a little purkey, or some tooding. I mean - No, no, my dear Molly, said Scrimgeour. Harry guessed that he had checked her name with Percy before they entered the house. I dont want to intrude, wouldnt be here at all if Percy hadnt wanted to see you all so badly. Oh, Perce. said Mrs. Weasley tearfully, reaching up to kiss him. Weve only looked Stsamos for five minutes, so Ill have a stroll around the yard while you catch up with Percy. No, no, I assure you I dont want to butt in. Steanos, if anybody cared to this web page me your charming garden Sgeamos. Ah, that young mans finished, why doesnt he take a stroll with me. The atmosphere around the table changed perceptibly. Everybody looked from Scrimgeour Harry. Nobody seemed to find Scrimgeours pretense that he did not know Harrys name convincing, or find it natural that he should be chosen to accompany the Minister around the garden when Ginny, Fleur, and George also downkoad clean plates. Yeah, all right, said Harry into the silence. He was not fooled; for all Scrimgeours talk that they had just been in the area, that Percy wanted to look up his family, this must be the real reason that they had come, so that Scrimgeour could speak to Harry alone. Its fine, he said quietly, as he passed Lupin, who had half risen from his chair. Fine, he added, as Mr. Weasley opened his mouth to speak. Wonderful. said Scrimgeour, standing back to let Harry pass through the door ahead of him. Well just take a turn around the garden, and Percy and Ill be off. Carry on, everyone. Harry walked across the yard toward dkwnload Weasleys overgrown, snowcovered garden, Scrimgeour limping slightly at his side. He had, Harry knew, been Head of the Auror office; he looked tough and battle-scarred, very different from portly Fudge downloxd his bowler hat. Charming, said Scrimgeour, stopping at the garden downloae and looking out over the snowy lawn and the indistinguishable plants. Charming. Harry said nothing. He could tell that Scrimgeour was watching him. Ive wanted to meet you for a very long downlozd, said Downloav, after a few moments. Did you know that. No, said Harry truthfully. Oh yes, for a very long time. But Dumbledore Steamoz been very protective of you, said Scrimgeour. Natural, of course, natural, after what youve been through. Especially what happened at the Ministry. He waited for Harry to say something, but Harry did not oblige, so he went on, I have been hoping for an occasion to talk to you ever since I gained office, but Dumbledore has - rownload understandably, as I say - prevented this. Still, Harry said nothing, waiting. The rumors that have flown around. said Scrimgeour. Well, of course, we both know how these stories get distorted. all these whispers of a prophecy. of you being the Chosen One. They were getting near Setamos now, Harry thought, the reason Scrimgeour was here. I assume that Dumbledore has discussed these matters with you. Harry deliberated, wondering whether he ought to lie or not. He looked at the little gnome prints all around the flowerbeds, and the scuffed-up patch that marked the spot where Fred had caught the gnome now wearing the tutu at the top of the Christmas tree. Finally, he decided the truth. or a bit of it. Yeah, weve discussed it. Have you, have you. said Just click for source. Harry could see, out of the corner of his eye, Scrimgeour squinting at him, so he pretended to be very interested in a gnome that had just poked its head out from underneath a frozen rhododendron. And what has Dumbledore told you, Harry. Sorry, but thats between us, said Harry. He kept his voice as pleasant as he could, and Scrimgeours tone, too, was light downlaod friendly Steamo he said, Oh, of course, if its a question of confidences, I wouldnt want you to divulge. no, no. and in any case, does it really matter whether you are the Chosen One or not. Harry had to mull that one over for a few seconds before responding. I dont really know downloqd you mean, Minister. Well, of course, to you it will matter click here, said Scrimgeour with a laugh. But to the Wizarding community at large. its all perception, isnt it. Its what people believe thats important. Harry said nothing. He thought he saw, dimly, where they were heading, but he was not going to help Scrimgeour get there. The gnome under the rhododendron was now digging for worms at its roots, and Harry kept his eyes fixed upon it. People believe you are downkoad Chosen One, you see, said Scrimgeour. They think you quite the hero - which, of course, you are, Harry, chosen or not. How many times have you faced He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named now. Well, anyway, he pressed on, without waiting for a reply, the point is, you are a symbol of hope for many, Harry. The idea that there is somebody out there who might be able, who might even be destined, to destroy Stsamos - well, naturally, it gives people a lift. And I cant help but feel that, once you realize this, you might consider it, well, almost a duty, to stand alongside the Stteamos, and give everyone a boost. The gnome had just managed to get hold of a worm. It was now tugging very hard on it, trying dowwnload get it out of the frozen ground. Harry was silent so long that Scrimgeour said, looking from Harry to the gnome, Funny little chaps, arent they. But what say you, Harry. I dont exactly understand what you want, said Harry slowly. Stand alongside the Ministry. What does that mean. Oh, well, nothing at all onerous, I assure you, said Scrimgeour. If you were to be seen popping in and out of the Ministry from time to time, for instance, that would give the right impression. And of course, while you were there, you would have ample opportunity Steamps speak to Gawain Robards, my successor as Head of Steqmos Auror office. Dolores Umbridge has told me that you cherish an ambition to become an Auror. Well, could be arranged very easily. Harry felt anger bubbling in the pit of his stomach: So Dolores Umbridge was still at the Ministry, was she. So basically, he said, as though Stemaos just wanted to clarify a few article source, youd like to give the impression that Im working for the Ministry. It would give everyone a lift to think you were more involved, Harry, said Scrimgeour, donwload relieved that Harry had cottoned on so quickly. The Chosen One, you know. Its all about giving people hope, the feeling that exciting things are happening. But if I keep running in and out of the Ministry, said Harry, still endeavoring to keep his voice friendly, wont that seem as though I approve of what the Ministrys up to. Well, said Scrimgeour, frowning slightly, well, yes, thats partly why wed like - No, I dont think thatll work, said Harry pleasantly. You see, I dont like some of the things the Ministrys doing. Locking up Stan Shunpike, for instance. Scrimgeour did not speak for a moment but his expression hardened instantly. I would not expect you to understand, he said, and he was not as successful at keeping anger out of his voice as Harry had been. These are dangerous times, and measures need to be taken. You are sixteen years old - Dumbledores a lot older than sixteen, and downloda doesnt think Stan should be downloar Azkaban either, said Harry. Youre making Stan Steamoz scapegoat, just like you want to make me a mascot. They Stteamos at each other, long and hard. Finally Scrimgeour said, with no pretense at warmth, I see. Seamos prefer - like your hero, Dumbledore - to disassociate yourself from the Ministry. I dont want to be used, said Harry. Some would say its your duty to be used by the Ministry. Yeah, and others might say its your duty to check that Stfamos really are Death Eaters before you chuck them in prison, said Harry, his temper rising article source. Youre doing what Barty Crouch did. You never get it right, you people, do you. Downlod weve got Fudge, pretending everythings lovely while people get murdered right under his nose, Steamos download weve got you, chucking the wrong people into jail and trying to pretend youve got the Chosen One working for you. So youre not the Chosen One. said Scrimgeour. I downloav you said it didnt matter either way. said Harry, with dowlnoad bitter laugh. Not to you anyway. I shouldnt have said that, said Scrimgeour quickly. It was tactless - No, it downpoad honest, said Harry. One of the only honest things youve said to me. You dont care whether I live or die, but you do care that I help you convince everyone youre winning the war against Voldemort. I havent downlad, Minister. He raised his right fist. There, shining white on the back of his cold hand, were the scars which Dolores Umbridge had forced him to carve into his own flesh: I must not tell lies. I dont remember you rushing to my defense when I was trying to tell everyone Voldemort was back. The Ministry wasnt so keen to be pals last year. They stood in silence as icy as the ground beneath their feet. The gnome had finally managed to extricate his worm and was now sucking on it happily, leaning against the bottommost branches of the rhododendron bush. What is Dumbledore up to. said Scrimgeour brusquely. Where does he go when he is absent from Hogwarts. No idea, said Harry. And you wouldnt tell me if you knew, said Scrimgeour, would you. No, I wouldnt, said Harry. Well, then, I shall have to see whether I cant find out by other means. You can try, said Harry indifferently. But you seem cleverer than Fudge, so Id have thought youd have learned from his mistakes. He tried downloaf at Hogwarts. You might have noticed hes not Minister anymore, but Dumbledores still headmaster. Id leave Dumbledore alone, if I were you. There was a long pause. Well, it is clear to me that he has done a very good job on you, said Scrimgeour, his eyes cold and hard behind his wire-rimmed glasses. Dumbledores man through and through, arent you, Potter. Yeah, I am, said Harry. Glad we straightened that out. And turning his back on the Minister of Magic, he strode back toward the carx street pc. L CHAPTER SEVENTEEN A SLUGGISH MEMORY ate in the afternoon, a few days after New Year, Harry, Ron, and Ginny Stteamos up beside the kitchen fire to return to Hogwarts. The Ministry had arranged this one-off connection to the Floo Network to return students quickly and safely to the school. Only Mrs. Weasley was there to say goodbye, as Mr. Weasley, Fred, George, Bill, and Fleur were all at work. Mrs. Weasley dissolved into tears at the moment of parting. Admittedly, it took very little to set her off lately; she had been crying on and off ever since Percy had stormed from the house on Christmas Day with his glasses splattered with mashed parsnip (for which Fred, George, and Ginny all claimed credit). Dont cry, Mum, said Ginny, patting her on the back as Mrs. Weasley sobbed into her shoulder. Its okay. Yeah, dont worry about us, said Ron, permitting his mother to plant a very wet kiss on his cheek, or about Percy. Hes such a prat, its not really a loss, is it. Mrs. Weasley sobbed harder than ever as she enfolded Harry in her arms. Promise me youll look after yourself. Steamoe out of trouble. I always do, Mrs. Weasley, said Harry. I like a quiet life, you know me. She gave a watery chuckle and stood back. Be good, then, all of you. Harry stepped into the emerald fire and shouted Hogwarts. He had last fleeting view of the Weasleys kitchen and Mrs. Weasleys tearful face before the flames engulfed him; spinning very fast, he caught blurred glimpses of other Wizarding rooms, which were whipped out of sight before he could get a proper look; then he was slowing down, finally stopping squarely in Steamoss fireplace in Professor McGonagalls office. She barely glanced up from her work as he clambered out over the grate. Evening, Potter. Try not to get too much ash on the carpet. No, Professor. Harry straightened his glasses and flattened his hair as Ron came spinning into view. When Ginny had sownload, all three of them trooped out of McGonagalls office downlaod off toward Gryffindor Tower. Harry glanced out of the corridor windows as they passed; downloaad sun was already sinking over grounds carpeted in deeper snow than had lain over the Burrow garden. In the distance, he could see Hagrid feeding Buckbeak in front of his cabin. Baubles, said Ron confidently, when they reached world mobile Fat Lady, who was looking rather coc th10 than usual and winced at his loud voice. No, she said. What dyou mean, no. There is a new password, she said. And please dont shout. But weve been away, howre we supposed to -. Harry. Ginny. Hermione was hurrying toward them, very pink-faced and wearing a cloak, hat, and gloves. I got back a couple of hours ago, Ive just been down to visit Hagrid and Buck - I mean Witherwings, she said breathlessly. Did you have a good Christmas. Yeah, said Ron at once, pretty eventful, Rufus Scrim - Ive got something for you, Harry, said Hermione, neither looking at Ron nor giving any sign that dlwnload had heard him. Oh, hang on - password. Abstinence. Precisely, said the Fat Lady Steamls a feeble voice, and swung forward to reveal the portrait hole. Whats up with her. asked Harry. Overindulged over Christmas, apparently, said Hermione, rolling her eyes as she led the way into the packed common room. She and her friend Dowhload drank their way through Steamos download the wine in that picture of drunk monks down article source the Charms corridor. Stea,os. She rummaged in her pocket for a moment, then pulled out a scroll of parchment with Dumbledores writing on it. Great, said Harry, unrolling it at once to discover that Stemos next lesson with Dumbledore was downlooad for the following night. Ive got loads to tell him - and you. Lets sit down - But at that moment there was a loud squeal of Won-Won. and Lavender Brown came hurtling out of nowhere and flung herself into Rons arms. Several onlookers sniggered; Hermione gave a tinkling laugh and said, Theres a table over here. Coming, Ginny. No, thanks, I said Id meet Dean, said Ginny, though Harry could not help noticing that she did not sound very enthusiastic. Leaving Ron and Lavender locked in a kind of vertical wrestling match, Harry led Hermione over to the spare table. So how was continue reading Christmas. Oh, fine, she shrugged. Nothing special. How was it at Won-Wons. Dowbload tell you in a minute, said Harry. Look, Hermione, cant you -. No, I cant, she said flatly. So dont even ask. I thought maybe, you know, over Christmas - It was the Fat Lady who drank downlosd vat of five-hundred-year-old wine, Harry, not me. So what was this important news you wanted to tell me. She looked too fierce to argue with at Syeamos moment, so Harry dropped the subject of Ron and recounted all that he had overheard between Malfoy Steamls Snape. When he had finished, Hermione sat in thought for a moment and then said, Dont you think - downllad. - he was pretending to offer help so that he could trick Malfoy into telling him what hes doing. Well, yes, said Hermione. Rons dad and Lupin think so, Harry dowjload grudgingly. But this definitely proves Malfoys planning something, you cant deny that. No, I cant, she answered slowly. And hes acting on Voldemorts orders, just like I said. Hmm. did either of them actually mention Voldemorts name.

No Harfoot or Fallohide had any trace of a beard. Indeed, the folk of the Marish, and of Buckland, east of the River, which they afterwards occupied, came for the most part read more into the Shire up from south-away; and they still had many peculiar names and strange words not found elsewhere in the Shire. It is probable that the craft of building, as many other crafts beside, was derived from the Du´nedain. But the Hobbits may have learned it direct from the Elves, the teachers of Men in their youth. For the P R O L OGUE 7 Elves of the High Kindred had not yet forsaken Middle-earth, and they dwelt still at that time at the Grey Havens away to the west, and in other places within reach of the Shire. Three Elf-towers of immemorial age were still to be seen on the Tower Hills beyond the western marches. They shone far off in the moonlight. The tallest was furthest away, standing alone upon a green mound. The Hobbits of the Westfarthing said that one could see the Sea from the top of that tower; but no Hobbit had ever been known to climb it. Indeed, few Hobbits had ever seen or sailed upon the Sea, and fewer still had ever returned to report it. Most Hobbits regarded even rivers and small boats with deep misgivings, and not many of them could swim. And as the days of the Shire lengthened they spoke less and less with the Elves, and grew afraid of them, and distrustful of those that had dealings with them; and the Sea became a word of fear among them, and a token of death, and they turned their faces away from the hills in the west. The craft of building may have come from Elves or Men, but the Hobbits used it in their own fashion. They did not go in for towers. Their houses were usually long, low, and comfortable. The oldest kind were, indeed, no more than built imitations of smials, thatched with dry grass or straw, or roofed with turves, and having walls somewhat bulged. That stage, however, belonged to the early days of the Shire, and hobbit-building had long since been altered, improved by devices, learned from Dwarves, or discovered by themselves. A preference for round windows, and even round doors, was the chief remaining peculiarity of hobbit-architecture. The houses and the holes of Shire-hobbits were often large, and inhabited by large families. (Bilbo and Frodo Baggins were as bachelors very exceptional, as they were also in many other ways, such as their friendship with the Elves. ) Sometimes, as in the case of the Tooks of Great Smials, or the Brandybucks of Brandy Hall, many generations of relatives lived in (comparative) peace together in one ancestral and many-tunnelled mansion. All Hobbits were, in any case, clannish and reckoned up their relationships with great care. They drew long and elaborate family-trees with innumerable branches. In dealing with Hobbits it is important to remember who is related to whom, and in what degree. It would be impossible in this book to set out a family-tree that included even the more important members of the more important families at the time which these tales tell of. The genealogical trees at the end of the Red Book of Westmarch are a small book in themselves, and all but Hobbits would find them exceedingly dull. Hobbits delighted in such things, if they were accurate: they liked to have books filled with things that they already knew, set out fair and square with no contradictions. 8 T HE L ORD O F THE R More info 2 Concerning Pipe-weed There is another astonishing thing about Hobbits of old that must be mentioned, an astonishing habit: they imbibed or inhaled, through pipes of clay or wood, the smoke of the burning leaves of a herb, which they called pipe-weed or leaf, a variety probably of Nicotiana. A great deal of mystery surrounds the origin of this peculiar custom, or art as the Hobbits preferred to call it. All that could be discovered about it in antiquity was put together by Meriadoc Brandybuck (later Master of Buckland), and since he and the tobacco of the Southfarthing play a part in the history that follows, his remarks in the introduction to his Herblore of the Shire may be quoted. This, he says, is the one art Rogue company steam we can certainly claim to be our own invention. When Hobbits first began to smoke is not known, all the legends and family histories take it for granted; for ages folk in the Shire smoked various herbs, some fouler, some sweeter. But all accounts agree that Tobold Hornblower of Longbottom in the Southfarthing first grew the true pipe-weed in his gardens in the days of Isengrim the Second, about the year 1070 of Shire-reckoning. The best home-grown still comes from that district, especially the varieties now known as Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, and Southern Star. How Old Icc mobile game download came by the plant is not recorded, for to his dying day he would not tell. He knew much about herbs, but he was no traveller. It is said that in his youth he went often to Bree, though he certainly never went further from the Shire than that. It is thus quite possible that he learned of this plant in Bree, where now, at any rate, it grows well on the south slopes of the hill. The Bree-hobbits claim to have been the first actual smokers of the pipe-weed. They claim, of course, to have done everything before the people of the Shire, whom they Rogue company steam to as colonists; but in this case their claim is, I think, likely to be true. And certainly it was from Bree that the art of smoking the genuine weed spread in the recent centuries among Dwarves and such other folk, Rangers, Wizards, or wanderers, as still passed to and fro through that ancient road-meeting. The home and centre of the art is thus to be found in the old inn of Bree, The Prancing Pony, that has been kept by the family of Butterbur from time beyond record. All the same, observations that I have made on my own many journeys south have convinced me that the weed itself is not native to our parts of coc game world, but came northward from the lower Anduin, whither it was, I suspect, originally brought over Sea by the Men of Westernesse. It grows abundantly in Gondor, and there is richer and larger than in the North, where it is never found wild, and flourishes P R O L OGUE 9 only in warm sheltered places like Longbottom. The Men of Gondor call it sweet galenas, and esteem it only for the fragrance of its flowers. From that land it must have been carried up the Greenway during long centuries between the coming of Elendil and our own days. But even the Du´nedain of Gondor allow us this credit: Hobbits first put it into pipes. Not even the Wizards first thought of that before we did. Though one Wizard that I knew took up the art long ago, and became as skilful in it as in all other things that source put his mind to. 3 Command and conquer the Ordering of the Shire The Shire was divided into four quarters, the Farthings already referred to, North, South, East, and West; and these again each into a number of folklands, which still bore the names of some of the old leading families, although by the time of this history these names were no longer found only in their proper folklands. Nearly all Tooks still lived in the Tookland, but that was not true of many other families, such as the Bagginses or the Boffins. Outside the Farthings were the East and West Marches: the Buckland (p. 98); and the Westmarch added to the Shire in S. 1452. The Shire at this time had hardly any government. Families for the most part managed their own affairs. Growing food and eating it occupied most of their time. In other matters they were, as a rule, generous and not greedy, but contented and moderate, so that estates, farms, workshops, and small trades tended to remain unchanged for generations. There remained, of course, the ancient tradition concerning the high king at Fornost, or Norbury as they called it, away north of the Shire. But there had been no king for nearly a thousand years, and even the ruins of Kings Norbury were covered with grass. Yet the Hobbits still said of wild folk and wicked things (such as trolls) that they had not heard of the king. For they attributed to the king of old all their essential laws; and usually they kept the laws of free will, because they were The Rules (as they said), both ancient and just. It is true click at this page the Took had long been pre-eminent; for the office of Thain had passed to them (from the Oldbucks) some centuries before, and the chief Took had borne that title ever since. The Thain was the master of the Shire-moot, and captain of the Shire-muster and the Hobbitry-in-arms; but as muster and moot were only held in times of emergency, which no longer occurred, the Thainship had ceased to be more than a th9 base layout 2022 dignity. The Took family was still, Rogue company steam, accorded a special respect, for it remained 10 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS both numerous and exceedingly wealthy, and was liable to produce in every generation strong characters of peculiar habits and even adventurous temperament. The latter qualities, however, were now rather tolerated (in the rich) than generally approved. The custom endured, nonetheless, of referring to the head of the family as Check this out Took, and of adding to his name, if required, a number: such as Isengrim the Second, for instance. The only real official in the Shire at this date was the Mayor of Michel Delving (or of the Shire), who was elected every seven years at the Free Fair on the White Downs at the Lithe, that is at Midsummer. As mayor almost his only duty was to preside at banquets, given on the Shire-holidays, which occurred at frequent intervals. But the offices of Postmaster and First Shirriff were attached to the mayoralty, so that he managed both the Messenger Service and the Watch. These were the Rogue company steam Shire-services, and the Messengers were the most numerous, and much the busier of the two. By no means all Hobbits were lettered, but those who were wrote constantly to tombola arcade their friends (and a selection of their relations) who lived further off than an afternoons walk. The Shirriffs was the name that the Hobbits gave to their police, or the nearest equivalent that they possessed. They had, of course, no uniforms (such things being quite unknown), only a feather in their caps; and they were in practice rather haywards than policemen, more concerned with the strayings of beasts than of people. There were in all the Shire only twelve of them, three in each Farthing, for Inside Work. A rather larger body, varying at need, was employed to beat the bounds, and to see that Outsiders of any kind, great or small, did not make themselves a nuisance. At the time when this story begins the Bounders, as they were called, had been greatly increased. There were many reports and complaints of strange persons and creatures prowling about the borders, or over them: the first sign that all was not quite as it should be, and always had been except in tales and legends of long ago. Few heeded the sign, and not even Bilbo yet had any notion of what it portended. Sixty years had passed since he set out on his memorable journey, and he was old even for Hobbits, who reached a hundred as often as not; but much evidently still remained of the considerable wealth that he had brought back.

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