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But Sam wondered what such young boys were doing in an army of mighty men. Then suddenly as they drew near and he could see them plainly, he exclaimed: Why, look Mr. Frodo. Look here. Well, if it have selling coc account something Pippin. Peregrin Took I should say, and Mr. Merry. How they have grown. Bless me. But I can see theres more tales to tell than ours. There are indeed, said Pippin turning towards him. And well begin telling them, as soon as this feast is ended. In the meantime you can try Gandalf. Hes not so close as he used to be, though he laughs now more than he talks. For the present Merry and I are busy. We are knights of the City and of the Mark, as I hope you observe. At last the glad day ended; and when the Sun was gone and the round Moon rode slowly above the mists of Anduin and flickered through the fluttering source, Frodo and Sam sat under the whispering trees amid the fragrance of fair Ithilien; and they talked deep into the night with Merry and Pippin and Gandalf, and after a while Legolas and Gimli joined them. There Frodo and Sam learned much of all that had happened to the Company after their fellowship was broken on the evil day at Parth Galen by Rauros Falls; and still there was always more to ask and more to tell. Orcs, and talking trees, Rise of nations rise of legends leagues of grass, and galloping riders, and glittering caves, and white towers and golden halls, and battles, and tall ships sailing, all these passed before Sams mind until he felt bewildered. But amidst all these wonders he returned always to his astonishment at the size of Merry and Pippin; and he made them stand back to back with Frodo and himself. He scratched his head. Cant understand it at your age. see more said. But there it is: youre three inches taller than you ought to be, or Im a dwarf. 956 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS That you certainly are not, said Gimli. But what did I say. Mortals cannot go drinking ent-draughts and expect no more to come of them than of a pot of beer. Ent-draughts. said Sam. There you go about Ents again; but what they are beats me. Why, it will take weeks before we get all these things sized up. Weeks indeed, said Pippin. And then Frodo will have to be locked up in a tower in Minas Tirith and write it all down. Otherwise he will forget half of it, and poor old Bilbo will be dreadfully disappointed. At length Gandalf rose. The hands of the King are hands of healing, dear friends, he said. But you went to the very brink of death ere he recalled you, putting forth all his power, and sent you into the sweet forgetfulness of sleep. And though you have indeed slept long and blessedly, still it is now time to sleep again. And not only Sam and Frodo here, said Gimli, but you too, Pippin. I love you, if only because of the pains you have cost me, which I shall never forget. Nor shall I forget finding you on the hill of the last battle. But for Gimli the Dwarf you would have been lost then. But at least I know now the look of a hobbits foot, though it be all that can be seen under a heap of bodies. And when I heaved that great carcase off you, I made sure you were dead. I could have torn out my beard. And it is only a day yet since you were first up and abroad again. To bed now you go. And so shall I. And I, said Legolas, shall walk in the click at this page of this fair land, which is rest enough. In days to come, if my Elven-lord allows, some of our folk shall remove hither; and when we come it shall be blessed, for a while. For a while: a month, a life, a hundred years of Men. But Anduin is near, and Anduin leads down to the Sea. To the Sea. To the Sea, to the Sea. The white gulls are crying, The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying. West, west away, the round sun is falling. Grey ship, grey ship, do you hear them calling, The voices of my people that have gone before me. I will leave, I will leave the woods that bore me; For our days are ending and our years failing. I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing. Long are the waves on the Last Shore falling, Sweet are the voices in the Lost Isle calling, In Eresse¨a, in Elvenhome that no man can discover, Where the leaves fall not: land of my people for ever. T HE FIELD O F C O RMALL E N 957 And so singing Legolas went away down the hill. Then the others also departed, and Frodo and Sam went to farming simulator download for android beds and slept. And in the morning they rose again in hope and peace; and they spent many days in Ithilien. For the Field of Cormallen, where the host was now encamped, was near to Henneth Annuˆn, and the stream that flowed from its falls could be heard in the night as it rushed down through its rocky gate, and passed through the flowery meads into the tides of Anduin by the Isle of Cair Andros. The hobbits wandered article source and there visiting again the places that they had passed before; and Sam hoped always in some shadow of the woods or secret glade to catch, maybe, a glimpse of the great Oliphaunt. And when he learned that at the siege of Gondor there had been a great number of these beasts but that they were all destroyed, he thought it a sad loss. Well, one cant be everywhere at once, I suppose, he said. But I missed a lot, seemingly. In the meanwhile the host made ready for the return to Minas Tirith. The weary rested and the hurt were healed. For some had laboured and fought much with the remnants of the Easterlings and Southrons, until all were subdued. And, latest of all, those returned who had passed into Mordor and destroyed the fortresses in the north of the land. But at the last when the month of May was drawing near the Captains of the West set out again; and they went aboard ship with all their men, and they sailed from Cair Andros down Anduin to Osgiliath; and there they remained for one day; and the day after they came to the green fields of the Pelennor and saw again the white towers under tall Mindolluin, the City of the Men of Gondor, last memory of Westernesse, that had passed through the darkness and fire to a new day. And there in the midst of the fields they set up their pavilions and awaited the morning; for it was the Eve of May, and the King would enter his gates with the rising of the Sun. Chapter 5 THE STEWA RD AND THE KING Over the city of Gondor doubt and great dread had hung. Fair weather and clear sun had seemed but a mockery to men whose days held little hope, and who looked each morning for news of doom. Their lord was dead and burned, dead lay the King of Rohan in their citadel, and the new king that had come to article source in the night was gone again to a war with powers too dark and terrible for any might or valour to conquer. And no news came. After the host left Morgul Vale and took the northward road see more the shadow of the mountains no messenger had returned nor any rumour of what was passing in the brooding East. Remarkable, farming simulator 22 mobile download think ´ the Captains were but miles mobile morales man spider days gone, the Lady Eowyn bade the women click to see more tended her to bring her raiment, and she would not be gainsaid, but rose; and when they had clothed her and set her arm in a sling of linen, she went to the Warden of the Houses of Healing. Sir, she said, I am in great unrest, and I cannot lie longer in sloth. Lady, he answered, you are not yet healed, and I was commanded to tend you with especial care. You should not have risen from your bed for seven days yet, or so I was bidden. I beg you to go back. I am healed, she said, healed at least in body, save my left arm only, and that is at ease. But I shall sicken anew, if there is naught that I can do. Are there no tidings of war. The women can tell me nothing. There are no tidings, said the Warden, save that the Lords have ridden to Morgul Vale; and men say that the new captain out of the North is their chief. A great lord is that, and a healer; and it is a thing passing strange to me that the healing hand should also wield the sword. It is not thus in Gondor now, though once it was so, if old tales be true. But for long years we healers have only sought to patch the rents made by the men of swords. Though we should still have enough to do without them: the world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them. It needs but one foe to breed a war, not two, Master Warden, answered Eowyn. ´ And those who have not swords can still die upon them. Would you have the folk of Gondor gather you herbs only, when the Dark Lord gathers armies. And it is not always good to be T HE STEWARD A ND TH E K I NG 959 healed in body. Nor is it always evil to die in battle, even in bitter pain. Were I permitted, in this dark hour I would choose the latter. The Warden looked at her. Tall she stood there, her eyes bright in her white face, her right hand clenched as she turned and gazed out of his window that opened to the East. He sighed and shook his head. After a pause she turned to him again. Is there no deed to do. she said. Who commands in this City. I do not rightly know, he answered. Such things are not my care. There is a marshal over the Riders of Rohan; and the Lord Hu´rin, I am told, commands the men of Gondor. But the Lord Faramir is by right the Steward of the City. Where can I find him. In this house, lady. He was sorely hurt, but is now tomb raider pc game again on the way to health. But I do not know-- Will you not bring me to him. Then you will know. The Lord Faramir was walking alone in the garden of the Houses of Healing, and the sunlight warmed him, and he felt life run new in his veins; but his heart was heavy, and he looked out over the walls eastward. And coming, the Warden spoke his name, and he turned and saw the Lady Eowyn ´ of Rohan; and he was moved with pity, for he saw that she was hurt, and his clear sight perceived her sorrow and unrest. ´ My lord, said the Warden, here is the Lady Eowyn of Rohan. She rode with the king click was sorely hurt, and dwells now in my keeping. But she is not content, and she wishes to speak to the Steward of the City. Do not misunderstand him, lord, said Eowyn. It is not lack of ´ care that grieves me. No houses could be fairer, for those who desire to be healed. But Judgment pc cannot lie in sloth, link, caged. I looked for death in battle. But I have not died, and battle still goes on. At a sign from Faramir, the Warden bowed and departed. What would you have me do, lady. said Faramir. I also am a prisoner of the healers. He looked at her, and being a man whom pity deeply stirred, it seemed to him that her loveliness amid her grief would pierce his heart. And she looked at him and saw the grave tenderness in his eyes, and yet knew, for she was bred among men of war, that here was one whom no Rider of the Mark would outmatch in battle. What do you wish. he said again. If it lies in my power, I will do it. I would have you command this Warden, and bid him let me go, she said; but though her words were still proud, her heart faltered, and for the first time she doubted herself. She guessed that this tall man, both stern and gentle, might think her merely wayward, like a 960 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS child that has not the firmness of mind to go on with a dull task to the end. I myself am in the Wardens keeping, answered Faramir. Nor have I yet taken up my authority in the City. But had I done so, I should read more listen to his counsel, and should not cross his will in matters of his craft, unless in some great need. But I do not desire healing, she said. I wish to ride to war like my brother Eomer, ´ or better like The´oden the king, for he died and has both honour and peace. It is too late, lady, to follow the Captains, even if you had the strength, said Faramir. But death in battle may come to us all yet, willing or unwilling. You will be better prepared to face it in your own manner, if while there is still time you do as the Healer commanded. You and I, we must endure with patience the hours of waiting. She did not answer, but as he looked at her it seemed to him that something in her softened, as though a bitter frost were yielding at the first faint presage of spring. A tear sprang in her eye and fell down her cheek, like a glistening rain-drop. Her proud head drooped a little. Then quietly, more as if speaking to herself than to him: But the healers would have me lie abed seven days yet, she said. And my window does not look eastward. Her voice was now that of a maiden young and sad. Faramir smiled, though his heart was filled x xcom pity. Your window does not look eastward. he said. That can be amended. In this I will command the Warden. If you will stay in this house in our care, lady, and take your rest, then you shall walk in this garden in the sun, as you will; and you shall look east, whither all our hopes have gone. And here you will find me, walking and waiting, and also looking east. It would ease my care, if you would speak to me, or walk at whiles with me. Then she raised her head and looked him in the eyes again; and a colour came in her pale face. How should I ease your care, my lord. she said. And I do not desire the speech of living men. Would you have my plain answer. he said. I would. Then, Eowyn ´ of Rohan, I say to you that you are beautiful. In the valleys of our hills there are flowers fair and bright, and maidens fairer still; but neither flower nor lady have I seen till now in Gondor so lovely, and so sorrowful. It may be that only a few days are left ere darkness falls upon our world, and when it comes I hope to face it steadily; but it would ease my heart, if while the Sun yet shines, I could see you still. For you and I have both passed under the wings of there pc console good Shadow, and the same hand drew us back. T HE STEWARD A ND TH E K I NG 961 Alas, not me, lord. she said. Shadow lies on me still. Look not to me for healing. I am a shieldmaiden and my hand is ungentle. But I thank you for this at least, that I need not keep to my chamber. I will walk abroad by the grace of the Steward of the City. And she did him a courtesy and walked back to the house. But Faramir for a long while walked alone in the garden, and his glance now strayed rather to the house than to the eastward walls. When he returned to his chamber he called for the Warden, and heard all that he could tell of the Lady of Rohan. But I doubt not, lord, said the Warden, that you would learn more from the Halfling that is with us; for he was in the riding of the king, and with the Lady at the end, they say. And so Merry was sent to Faramir, and while that day lasted they talked long together, and Faramir learned much, more even than Merry put into words; and he thought that he understood now some- ´ thing of the grief and unrest of Eowyn of Rohan. And in the fair evening Faramir and Merry walked in the garden, but she did not come. But in the morning, as Faramir came from the Houses, he saw her, as she stood upon the walls; and she was clad all in white, and gleamed in the sun. And he called to her, and she came down, and they walked on the grass or sat under a green tree together, now in silence, now in speech. And each day after they did likewise. And the Warden looking from his window was glad in heart, for he was a healer, and his care was lightened; and certain it was that, heavy as was the dread and foreboding of those days upon the hearts of men, still these two of his charges prospered and grew daily in strength. And ´ so the fifth day came since the Lady Eowyn went first to Faramir; and they stood now together once more upon the walls of the City and looked out. No tidings had yet come, and all hearts were darkened. The weather, too, was bright no longer. It was cold. A wind that had sprung up in the night was blowing now keenly from the North, and it was rising; but the lands about looked grey and drear. They were clad in warm raiment and heavy cloaks, and over all the Lady Eowyn ´ wore a great blue mantle of the colour of deep summer-night, and it was set with silver stars about hem Rise of nations rise of legends throat. Faramir had sent for this robe and had wrapped it about her; and he thought that she looked fair and queenly indeed as she stood there at his side. The mantle was wrought for his mother, Finduilas of Amroth, who died untimely, and was to him but a memory of loveliness in far days and of his first grief; and her robe seemed to him raiment fitting for the beauty and sadness of Eowyn. ´ 962 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS But she now shivered beneath the starry mantle, and she looked northward, above the grey hither lands, into the eye of the cold wind where far away the sky was hard and clear. ´ What do you look for, Eowyn. said Faramir. Does not the Black Gate lie yonder. said she. And must he not now be come thither. It is seven days since he rode away. Seven days, said Faramir. But think not ill of me, if I say to you: they have brought me both a joy and a pain that I never thought to know. Joy to see you; go here pain, because now the fear and doubt of ´ this evil time are grown dark indeed. Eowyn, I would not have this world end now, or lose so soon what I have found. Lose what you have found, lord. she answered; but she looked at him gravely and her eyes were kind. I know not what in these days you have found that you could lose. But come, my friend, let us not speak of it. Let us not speak at all. I stand upon some dreadful brink, and it is utterly dark in the abyss before my feet, but whether there is any light behind me I cannot tell. For I cannot turn yet. I wait for some stroke of doom. Yes, we wait for the stroke of doom, said Faramir. And they said no more; and it seemed to them as they stood upon the wall that the wind died, and the light failed, and the Sun was bleared, and all sounds in the City or in the lands about were hushed: neither wind, nor voice, nor bird-call, nor rustle coc 4 leaf, nor their own breath could be heard; the very beating of their hearts was stilled. Time halted. And as they stood so, their hands met and clasped, though they did not know it. And still they waited for they knew not what. Then presently it seemed to them that above the ridges of the distant mountains another vast mountain of darkness rose, towering up like a wave that should engulf the world, and about it lightnings flickered; and then a tremor ran through the earth, and they felt the walls of the City quiver. A sound like a sigh went up from all the lands about them; and their hearts beat suddenly again. It reminds me of Nu´menor, said Faramir, and wondered to hear himself speak. ´ Of Nu´menor. said Eowyn. Yes, said Faramir, of the land of Westernesse that foundered, and of the great dark wave climbing over the green lands and above the hills, and coming on, darkness unescapable. I often dream of it. ´ Then you think that the Darkness is coming. said Eowyn. Darkness Unescapable. And suddenly she drew close to him. No, said Faramir, looking into her face. It was but a picture in the mind. I do not know what is happening. The reason of my waking mind tells me that great evil has befallen and we stand at the end of days. But my heart says nay; and all my limbs are light, and a hope T HE STEWARD A ND TH E K I NG 963 and ´ ´ joy are come to me that no reason can deny. Eowyn, Eowyn, White Lady of Rohan, in this hour I do not believe that any darkness will endure. And he stooped and kissed her brow. And so they stood on the walls of the City of Gondor, and a great wind rose and blew, and their hair, raven and golden, streamed out mingling in the air. And the Shadow departed, and the Sun was unveiled, and light leaped forth; and the waters of Anduin shone like silver, and in all the houses of the City men sang for the joy that welled up in their hearts from what source they could not tell. And before the Sun had fallen far from the noon out of the East there came a great Eagle flying, and he bore tidings beyond hope from the Lords of the West, crying: Sing now, ye people of the Tower of Anor, for the Realm of This web page is ended for ever, and the Dark Tower is thrown down. Sing and rejoice, ye people of the Tower of Guard, for your watch hath visit web page been in vain, and the Black Gate is broken, and your King hath passed through, and he is victorious. Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West, for your King shall come again, and he shall dwell among you all the days of your life. And the Tree that was withered shall be renewed, and he shall plant it the high places, and the City shall be blessed.

Uncle Vernon was deflating like an old tire. But Petunia, dear - Aunt Petunia ignored him. She turned to Harry. Youre to stay in your room, she said. Youre not to leave the house. Now get to bed. Harry didnt move. Who was that Howler from. Dont ask questions, Aunt Petunia snapped. Are you in touch with wizards. I told you to get to bed. What did it mean. Remember the last what. Go to bed. How come -. YOU HEARD YOUR AUNT, NOW Https:// TO BED. I CHAPTER THREE THE ADVANCE GUARD ve just been attacked by dementors and I might be expelled from Hogwarts. I want to know whats going on and when Im going to get out of here. Harry copied these words onto three separate pieces of parchment the moment he reached the desk in his dark bedroom. He addressed the first to Sirius, the second to Ron, and the third to Hermione. His owl, Hedwig, was off hunting; her cage stood empty on the desk. Harry paced the bedroom waiting for her to come back, his head pounding, his brain too busy for sleep even though his eyes stung and itched with tiredness. His back ached from carrying Dudley home, and the two lumps on his head where the window and Dudley had hit him were throbbing painfully. Up and down he paced, consumed with anger and frustration, grinding his teeth and clenching his fists, casting angry looks Word games at the empty, star-strewn sky every time he passed the window. Dementors sent to get him, Mrs. Figg and Mundungus Fletcher tailing him in secret, then suspension from Hogwarts and a hearing at the Ministry of Magic - and still no one was telling him what was going on. And what, what, had that Howler been about. Whose voice had echoed so horribly, so menacingly, through the kitchen. Why was he still trapped here without information. Why was everyone treating him like some naughty kid. Dont do any more magic, stay in the house. He kicked his school trunk as he passed it, but far from relieving his anger he felt worse, as he now had a sharp pain in his toe to deal with in addition to the pain in the rest of his body. Just as he limped past the window, Hedwig soared through it with a soft rustle of wings like a small ghost. About read more. Harry snarled, as she landed lightly on top of her cage. You can put that down, Ive got work for you. Hedwigs large round amber eyes gazed reproachfully at him over the dead frog clamped in her beak. Come here, said Harry, picking up the three small rolls of parchment continue reading a leather thong and tying the scrolls to her scaly leg. Take these straight to Sirius, Ron, and Word games and dont come back here without good long replies. Keep pecking them till theyve written decent-length answers if youve got to. Understand. Hedwig gave a muffled hooting noise, beak still full of frog. Get going, then, said Harry. She took off immediately. The moment shed gone, Harry threw himself down onto his bed without undressing and stared at the dark ceiling. In addition to every other miserable feeling, he now felt guilty that hed been irritable with Hedwig; she was the only friend he had at number four, Privet Drive. But hed make it up to her when she came back with Siriuss, Rons, and Hermiones answers. They were bound to write back quickly; they couldnt possibly ignore a dementor attack. Hed probably wake up tomorrow to three fat letters full of sympathy and plans for his immediate removal to the Burrow. And with that comforting idea, sleep rolled over him, stifling all further thought. But Hedwig didnt return next morning. Harry spent the day in his bedroom, leaving it only to go here to the bathroom. Three times that day Aunt Petunia shoved food into his room through the cat flap Uncle Vernon had installed three summers ago. Every time Harry heard her approaching he tried to question her about the Howler, but he might as well have interrogated the doorknob for all the answers he got. Otherwise the Dursleys kept well clear of his bedroom. Harry couldnt see the point of forcing his company on them; another row would achieve nothing except perhaps making him so angry hed perform more illegal magic. So it went on for three whole days. Harry was article source alternately with restless energy that made him unable to settle to anything, during which he paced his bedroom again, furious at the whole lot of them for leaving him to stew in this mess, and with a lethargy so complete that he could lie on his bed for an hour at a time, staring dazedly into space, aching with dread at the thought of the Ministry hearing. Fortnite strategy if they ruled against him. What if he was expelled and his wand was snapped in half. What would he do, where would he go. He could not return to living full-time with the Dursleys, not now that he knew the other world, the one click at this page which he really belonged. Was it possible that he might be able to move into Siriuss house, as Sirius had suggested a year ago, before he had been forced to flee from the Ministry himself. Would he be allowed to live there alone, given that he was still underage. Or would the matter of where he went next be decided for him; had his breach of the International Statute of Secrecy been severe enough to land him in a cell in Azkaban. Whenever this thought occurred, Harry invariably slid off his bed and began pacing again. On the fourth night after Hedwigs departure Harry was lying in one of his apathetic phases, staring at the ceiling, his exhausted mind quite blank, when his uncle entered his bedroom. Harry looked slowly around at him. Uncle Vernon was wearing his best suit and an expression of enormous smugness. Were going out, he said. Sorry. We - that is to say, your aunt, Dudley, and I - are going out. Fine, said Harry dully, looking back at the ceiling. You are not to leave your bedroom while we are away. Okay. You are not to touch the television, the stereo, or any of our possessions. Right. You are not to steal food from the fridge. Okay. I am going to lock your door. You do that. Uncle Vernon glared at Harry, clearly suspicious of this lack of argument, then stomped out of the room and closed the door behind him. Harry heard the key turn in the lock and Uncle Vernons footsteps walking heavily down the stairs. A few minutes later he heard the slamming of car doors, the rumble of an engine, and the unmistakable Word games of the car sweeping out of the drive. Harry had learn more here particular feeling about the Dursleys leaving. It made no difference to him whether they were in the house or not. He could not even summon the energy to get up and turn on his bedroom light. The room grew steadily darker around him as he lay listening to the night sounds through the window he kept open all the time, waiting for the blessed moment when Hedwig returned. The empty house creaked around him. The pipes gurgled. Harry lay there in a kind of stupor, thinking of nothing, suspended in misery. And then, quite distinctly, he heard a crash in the kitchen below. He sat bolt upright, listening intently. The Dursleys couldnt be back, it was much too soon, and in any case he hadnt heard their car. There was silence for a few seconds, and then he heard voices. Burglars, he thought, sliding off the bed onto his feet - but a split second later it occurred to him that burglars would Word games their voices down, and whoever was moving around in the kitchen was certainly not troubling to do so. He snatched up his wand from his bedside table and stood facing his bedroom door, listening with all his might.

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He, like you, attempted to contact Sirius at once. I should explain that members of the Order of the Phoenix have more reliable methods legsnds communicating than the fire in Dolores Umbridges office.