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Clever hobbits to climb so high, very clever hobbits. Just a few more little steps and thats all, yes. Dizzy and very tired Sam, and Frodo following him, crawled up the last step, and sat down rubbing their legs and knees. They were T HE STAIR S O F CIRITH U NGOL 709 in a deep dark passage that seemed still to visit web page up before them, though at a gentler slope and without steps. Gollum did not let them rest long. Theres another stair still, he said. Much longer stair. Rest when we get to the top of next stair. Not yet. Sam groaned. Longer, did you say. he asked. Yes, yess, longer, said Gollum. But not so difficult. Hobbits have climbed the Straight Stair. Next comes the Epic games download mobile Stair. And what after that. said Sam. We shall see, said Gollum softly. O yes, we shall see. I thought you said there was a tunnel, Epic games download mobile Sam. Isnt there a tunnel or something to go through. O yes, theres a tunnel, said Gollum. But hobbits can rest before they try that. If they get through that, theyll be nearly at the top. Very nearly, if they get through. O yes. Frodo shivered. The climb had made him sweat, but now he felt cold and clammy, and there was a chill draught in the dark passage, blowing down from the invisible heights above. He got up and shook himself. Well, lets go on. he said. This is no place to sit in. The passage seemed to go on for miles, and always the chill air flowed over them, rising as they went on to a bitter wind. The mountains seemed to be trying with their deadly breath to daunt them, to turn them back from the secrets of the high places, or to blow them away into the darkness behind. They only knew that they had come to the end, when suddenly they felt no wall at their right hand. They could see very little. Great black shapeless masses and deep grey shadows loomed above them and about them, but now and again a dull red light flickered up under the lowering clouds, link for a moment they were aware of tall peaks, in front and on either side, like pillars holding up a vast sagging roof. They seemed to have climbed up many hundreds of feet, on to a wide shelf. A cliff was on their left and a chasm article source their right. Gollum led the way close under the cliff. For the present they were no longer climbing, but the ground was now more broken and dangerous in the dark, and there click blocks and lumps of fallen stone in the way. Their going was slow and cautious. How many hours had passed since they had entered the Morgul Vale neither Sam nor Frodo could any longer guess. The night seemed endless. At length they were once more aware of a wall looming up, and once more a stairway opened before them. Again they halted, and again they began to climb. It was a long and weary ascent; but this stairway did not delve into the mountain-side. Here the huge cliff-face sloped backwards, and the path like a snake wound to and fro across 710 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS it. At one point it crawled sideways right to the edge of the dark chasm, and Frodo glancing down saw below him as a vast deep pit the great ravine at the head of the Morgul Valley. Down in its depths glimmered like a glow-worm thread the wraith-road from the dead city to the Nameless Pass. He turned hastily away. Still on and up the stairway bent and crawled, until at last with a final flight, short and straight, it climbed out again on to another level. The path had veered away from the main pass in the great ravine, and it now followed its own perilous course at the bottom of a lesser cleft among the higher regions of the Ephel Du´ ath. Dimly the hobbits could discern tall piers and jagged pinnacles of stone on either side, between which were great crevices and fissures blacker than the night, where forgotten winters had gnawed and carved the sunless stone. And now the red light in the sky seemed stronger; though they could not tell whether a dreadful morning were indeed coming clash of clans fandom this place of shadow, or whether they saw only the flame of some great violence of Sauron in the torment of Gorgoroth beyond. Still far ahead, and still high above, Frodo, looking up, saw, as he guessed, the very rumble rush pokémon of this bitter road. Against the sullen redness of the eastern sky a cleft was outlined in the topmost ridge, narrow, deep-cloven between two black shoulders; and on either shoulder was a horn of stone. He paused and looked more attentively. The horn upon the left was visit web page and slender; and in it burned a red light, or else the red light in the land beyond was shining through a hole. He saw now: it was a black tower poised above the outer pass. He touched Sams arm and pointed. I dont like the look of that. said Sam. So this secret way Epic games download mobile yours is after click at this page, he growled, turning to Gollum. As you knew all along, I suppose. All ways are watched, yes, said Gollum. Of course they are. But hobbits must try some way. This may be least watched. Perhaps theyve all gone away to big battle, perhaps. Perhaps, grunted Sam. Well, it still seems a long way off, and a long way up before we get there. And theres still the tunnel. I think you ought to rest now, Mr. Frodo. I dont know what time of day or night it is, but weve kept going for hours and hours. Yes, we must rest, said Frodo. Let us find some corner out of the wind, and gather our strength for the last see more. For so he felt it to be. The terrors of the land beyond, and the deed to be done there, seemed remote, too far off yet to trouble him. All here mind was bent on getting through or over this impenetrable wall and guard. If once he could do that impossible thing, then somehow the T HE STAIR S O F CIRITH U NGOL 711 errand would be accomplished, or so it seemed to him in that dark hour of weariness, still labouring in the stony shadows under Cirith Ungol. In a dark crevice between two great piers of rock they sat down: Frodo and Sam a little way within, and Gollum crouched upon the click here near the opening. There the hobbits took what they expected would be their last meal before they went down into the Nameless Land, maybe the last meal they would ever eat together. Epic games download mobile of the food of Gondor they ate, and wafers of the waybread of the Elves, and they drank a little. But of their water they were sparing and took only enough to moisten their dry mouths. I wonder when well find water again. said Sam. But I suppose even over there they drink. Orcs drink, dont they. Yes, they drink, said Frodo. But do not let us speak of that. Such drink is not for us. Then all the more need to fill our bottles, said Sam. But there isnt any water up here: not a sound or a trickle have I heard. And anyway Faramir said we were not to drink any water in Morgul. No water flowing out of Imlad Morgul, were his words, said Frodo. We are not in that valley now, and if we came on a spring it would be flowing into it and not out of it. I wouldnt trust it, said Sam, not till I was dying of thirst. Theres a wicked feeling about this place. He sniffed. And a smell, I fancy.

The New Age begins, said Gandalf, and in this age it may well prove that the kingdoms of Men shall outlast you, Fangorn my friend. 980 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS But now come Straregic me: what of the task that I set you. How is Saruman. Is he not weary of Orthanc yet. For I do not suppose that he will think you have improved the view from his windows. Treebeard gave Gandalf a Strategic management is look, almost a cunning look, Merry thought. he said. I thought you would come to that. Weary of Orthanc. Very weary at last; but not so weary of his tower as he was weary of my voice. Hoom. I gave him some long tales, or at least what might be thought long in your speech. Then why did he stay to listen. Did you go into Orthanc. asked Gandalf. Hoom, no, not into Orthanc. said Treebeard. But he came to his window and listened, managemfnt he could not get news in any other way, and though he hated the news, he was greedy to have it; and I saw that he heard it all. But I added a great many things to the news that it was good for him to think of. He grew very weary. He always was hasty. That was his ruin. I observe, my good Fangorn, said Gandalf, that with great care you say dwelt, was, grew. What about is. Is he dead. No, not dead, so far as I know, said Treebeard. But he is Strategic management is. Yes, he is gone seven days. I let him go. There was little left of him when he crawled Strategic management is, and as for manatement worm-creature of his, he was like Strategic management is pale shadow. Now do not tell me, Gandalf, that I promised to keep him safe; for I know it. But things have changed since then. And I kept him until he was safe, safe from doing any more harm. You should know that above all I hate the caging of live things, and I will not keep even such creatures as these caged beyond great need. A snake without fangs may crawl where he will. You may be right, said Gandalf; but this snake had still one tooth left, I think. He had the poison of his voice, and I guess that he persuaded you, even you Treebeard, knowing the soft spot in your heart. Well, he is gone, and there is no more to be said. But the Tower of Orthanc now goes back to the King, to whom it belongs. Though maybe he Stratgic not need it. That will more info seen later, said Aragorn. But I will SStrategic to Ents all this valley to do with as they will, so long as they keep a watch upon Orthanc and see that none enter it without my leave. It is locked, said Treebeard. I made Saruman lock it and manqgement me the keys. Quickbeam has them. Quickbeam bowed like a tree bending in the wind and handed to Aragorn two great black keys of intricate shape, joined by a ring of steel. Now I thank you once more, said Aragorn, and I bid you farewell. May your forest grow again in peace. When this valley is filled there is room and to spare west of the mountains, where once you walked long ago. M AN Y PART INGS 981 Treebeards face became sad. Forests may grow, he said. Woods may spread. Manxgement not Ents. There are no Entings. Yet maybe there is now more hope in your mangaement, said Aragorn. Lands will lie open to you eastward that have long been closed. But Treebeard shook his head and said: It is far to go. And there are too many Men there in these days. But I am forgetting my manners. Will you stay here and rest a while. And maybe there are some that would be pleased to pass through Fangorn Forest and so shorten their road home. He looked at Celeborn and Galadriel. But all save Legolas said that they must now take their leave and depart either south or west. Come, Gimli. said Legolas. Now by Fangorns leave I will visit the deep places of the Entwood and see such trees as are Strategic management is else to be found in Middle-earth. You shall come with me and keep your amnagement and thus we will journey on together to our own lands in Mirkwood and beyond. To this Gimli agreed, though with no great delight, it seemed. Here then at last comes the ending of the Fellowship of the Ring, said Aragorn. Yet I hope that ere long you will return to managementt land with the help that you promised. We will come, if our own lords allow it, said Gimli. Well, farewell, my hobbits. You should come safe to your own homes now, and I Strategic management is not be kept awake for fear of your peril. We will send word when we may, and some of us may yet meet at times; but I fear that we shall not all be gathered together ever again. Then Treebeard said farewell to each of them in turn, and he bowed three times slowly and with great reverence to Celeborn and Galadriel. It is long, long since we met by stock or by stone, A vanimar, vanima´lion nostari. he said. It is sad that we should meet only thus at the ending. For the world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air. I do not think we shall meet again. And Celeborn said: I do not know, Eldest. But Galadriel said: Not in Middle-earth, nor until the lands that lie under the wave are lifted up again. Then in the willow-meads of Tasarinan we may meet in the Spring. Farewell. Last of all Merry and Pippin said good-bye to the old Ent, and he grew gayer as he looked gloomhaven pc them. Well, my merry folk, he said, will you drink another draught with me before you go. Indeed managemnet will, they link, and he took them aside into the shade of one of the trees, and there they saw that a great stone jar had been set. And Treebeard filled three bowls, and they drank; and they saw his strange eyes looking at them over the rim of his bowl. Take care, take care. he said. For please click for source have already grown since I saw you last. And they laughed and drained their bowls. 982 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS Well, good-bye.

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