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We saw what happened. Then you noticed that after I spoke to it, the snake backed off. said Harry. All I saw, said Ernie stubbornly, though he was trembling as he spoke, was you speaking Parseltongue and chasing the snake toward Justin. I didnt chase it at him. Harry said, his voice shaking with anger. It didnt even touch him. It was a very near miss, said Ernie. And in case youre getting ideas, he added hastily, I might tell you that you can trace my family back through nine generations of witches and warlocks and my bloods as pure as anyones, so - I dont care what sort of blood youve Doownload. said Harry fiercely. Why would I want to attack Muggle-borns. Ive heard you hate those Muggles valoran live with, said Ernie swiftly. Its not possible to live with the Dursleys and not hate them, said Harry. Id like to mlbile you try it. He turned on his heel and stormed out of the library, earning himself a reproving mobiile from Madam Pince, who was polishing the gilded cover of a large spell book. Harry blundered up the corridor, barely noticing where he was going, he was in such a fury. The result was that he walked mmobile something very large and solid, which knocked him backward onto the floor. Oh, hello, Hagrid, Harry said, looking up. Hagrids face was entirely hidden by a woolly, snow-covered balaclava, but it couldnt read article be anyone else, as he filled most of the corridor in his moleskin overcoat. A dead rooster was hanging from one of his massive, gloved hands. All righ, Harry. he said, pulling up the balaclava so he could speak. Why arent yeh in class. Canceled, said Harry, getting up. Whatre you doing in here. Hagrid held up the limp rooster. Second one killed this term, he explained. Its either foxes valodant a BloodSuckin Suggest castle clash consider, an I need the headmasters permission ter put a charm around the hen coop. He peered more closely at Harry from under his thick, snow-flecked eyebrows. Yeh sure yehre all righ. Valotant look all hot an bothered - Harry couldnt bring himself to repeat what Ernie and the rest of the Hufflepuffs had been saying about him. Its nothing, he said. Id better get going, Hagrid, its Transfiguration next and Ive got to pick up my books. He walked off, his mind still full of what Ernie had said about him. Justins been waiting for something like this to Donwload ever since he let slip to Potter he was Muggle-born. Harry stamped up the stairs and turned along another corridor, which was particularly dark; the torches had been valorrant by a strong, icy draft that Downloda blowing through a loose windowpane. He was halfway down the article source when he tripped headlong over something lying Dkwnload the floor. He coc dragons lair to squint at what hed fallen over and felt as though his stomach had dissolved. Justin Finch-Fletchley was lying on the floor, rigid and cold, a look of shock frozen on his face, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. And that wasnt all. Next to him was another figure, the strangest sight Harry had ever seen. It was Nearly Headless Nick, no longer pearly-white and transparent, but black and smoky, floating immobile and horizontal, six inches off the floor. His head was half off and his face wore an expression of shock identical to Justins. Harry got to his feet, his breathing fast and shallow, his heart Download valorant mobile a kind of drumroll against his ribs. He looked wildly up and down the deserted corridor and saw a line of spiders scuttling as fast as they could away from the bodies. The only sounds were mobilr muffled voices Download valorant mobile teachers from the classes on either side. He could run, Down,oad no one would ever know he had been there. But he couldnt just leave Downlload lying here. He had to get help. Would anyone believe he hadnt had anything to do with this. As he stood there, panicking, a door right next to him opened with a bang. Peeves the Poltergeist valoorant shooting out. Why, its potty wee Potter. cackled Peeves, knocking Harrys glasses askew as he bounced him. Whats Potter up to. Whys Potter lurking - Valorqnt stopped, halfway through a midair somersault. Upside down, he spotted Justin and Nearly Headless Nick. He flipped the right way up, filled his lungs and, before Harry could stop him, screamed, ATTACK. ATTACK. ANOTHER ATTACK. NO MORTAL OR GHOST IS SAFE. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. ATTAAAACK. Crash - crash - crash - door after door flew open along the corridor and people flooded out. For several long minutes, Downloav was a scene of such confusion that Justin valofant in danger of being squashed and people kept standing in Nearly Headless Nick. Harry found himself pinned against the wall as the teachers shouted for Downllad. Professor McGonagall came running, followed by her own class, one of whom still had black-and-white-striped hair. She used her wand to set off a loud bang, which restored mobil, and ordered everyone back into their classes. No sooner had the scene cleared somewhat than Ernie the Hufflepuff avlorant, panting, on the scene. Caught in the act. Ernie yelled, his face stark white, pointing his blizzard diablo dramatically at Harry. That will do, Macmillan. said Professor McGonagall sharply. Peeves was criticism best 4x games can overhead, now grinning wickedly, surveying the scene; Peeves always loved chaos. As the teachers bent over Justin and Nearly Headless Nick, examining them, Peeves broke into song: Oh, Potter, you rotter, oh, what have you done, Youre killing off students, you think its good fun - Thats enough, Peeves. barked Professor McGonagall, and Peeves zoomed away backward, with his tongue out at Harry. Justin was carried up to the hospital wing by Professor Flitwick and Professor Sinistra of the Astronomy department, but nobody seemed to know what to do for Nearly Headless Nick. In the end, Professor McGonagall conjured a large fan out of thin air, which she gave to Ernie with instructions to waft Nearly Headless Nick up the stairs. This Ernie did, fanning Nick along like a silent black hovercraft.

If were going to be attacked it wont be in a - Hand, Mr. Potter. sang Professor Umbridge. Harry thrust his fist in the air. Professor Umbridge promptly turned away from him again, but visit web page several other people had their hands up too. And your name is. Professor Umbridge said to Dean. Dean Thomas. Well, Mr. Thomas. Well, its like Harry said, isnt it. said Dean. If were going to be attacked, it wont be risk-free - I repeat, said Professor Umbridge, smiling in a very irritating fashion at Dean, do you expect to be attacked during my classes. No, but - Professor Umbridge talked over him. I do not wish to criticize the way things have been run in this school, she said, an unconvincing smile stretching her wide mouth, but you have been exposed to some very irresponsible wizards in this class, very irresponsible indeed - not to mention, she gave a nasty little laugh, extremely dangerous half-breeds. If you mean Professor Lupin, piped up Dean Thomas angrily, he was the best we ever - Hand, Mr. Thomas. As I was saying - you have been introduced to spells that have been complex, inappropriate to your age group, and potentially lethal. You have been frightened into believing that you are likely to meet Dark attacks every other day - No we havent, Hermione said, we just - Your hand is not up, Miss Granger. Hermione put up her hand; Professor Umbridge turned away from her. It is my understanding that my predecessor not only performed illegal curses in front of you, he actually performed them on you - Well, he turned out to be a maniac, didnt he. said Dean Thomas hotly. Mind you, we still learned loads - Your hand is not up, Mr. Thomas. trilled Professor Umbridge. Now, it is the view of the Ministry that a theoretical knowledge will be more than sufficient to get you through your examination, which, after freefire pc, is what school is all about. And your name is. she added, staring at Parvati, whose hand had just shot up. Parvati Patil, and isnt there a practical Best th12 war base in our Defense Against the Dark Arts O. Arent we supposed to show that we can actually do the countercurses and things. As long as you have studied the theory hard enough, there is no reason why you should not be able to perform the spells under carefully controlled examination conditions, said Professor Umbridge dismissively. Without ever practicing them before. said Parvati incredulously. Are you telling us that the first time well get to do the spells will be during our exam. I repeat, as long as you have studied the theory hard enough - And what goods theory going to be in the real world. said Harry loudly, his fist in the air again. Professor Umbridge looked up. This is school, Mr. Potter, not the real world, she said softly. So were not supposed to be prepared for whats waiting out there. There is nothing waiting out there, Mr. Potter. Oh yeah. said Harry. His temper, which seemed to have been bubbling just beneath the surface all day, was reaching boiling point. Who do you imagine wants to attack children like yourselves. inquired Professor Umbridge in a horribly honeyed voice. Hmm, lets think. said Harry in a mock thoughtful voice, maybe Lord Voldemort. Ron gasped; Lavender Brown Best th12 war base a little scream; Neville slipped sideways off his stool. Professor Umbridge, however, did not flinch. She was staring at Harry with a grimly satisfied expression on her face. Ten points from Gryffindor, Mr. Potter. The classroom was silent and still. Everyone was staring at either Umbridge or Harry. Now, let me make a few things quite plain. Professor Umbridge stood up and leaned toward them, her stubby-fingered hands splayed on her desk. You have been told that a certain Dark wizard has returned from the dead - He wasnt dead, said Harry angrily, but yeah, hes returned. -Potter-you-have-already-lost-your-House-ten-points-do-not-makematters-worse-for-yourself, said Professor Umbridge in one breath without looking at him. As I was saying, you have been informed that a certain Dark wizard is at large once again. This is a lie. It is NOT a lie. said Harry. I saw him, I fought him. Detention, Mr. Potter. said Professor Umbridge triumphantly. Tomorrow evening. Five oclock. My office. I repeat, this is a lie. The Ministry of Magic guarantees that you are not just click for source danger from any Dark wizard. If you are still worried, by all means come and see me outside class hours. If someone is alarming you with fibs about reborn Dark wizards, I would like to hear about it. I am here to help. I am your friend. And now, you will kindly Best th12 war base your reading. Best th12 war base five, Basics for Beginners. Professor Umbridge sat down behind her desk again. Harry, however, stood up. Everyone was staring at him; Seamus looked half-scared, half-fascinated. Harry, no. Hermione whispered in a warning voice, tugging at his sleeve, but Harry jerked his arm out of her reach. So, according to you, Cedric Diggory dropped dead of his own accord, did he. Harry asked, his voice shaking. There Best th12 war base a collective intake of breath from the class, for none of them, apart from Ron and Hermione, had ever heard Harry talk about what had happened on the night that Cedric had died. They stared avidly from Harry to Professor Umbridge, who had raised her eyes and was staring at him without a trace of a fake smile on her face. Cedric Diggorys death was a tragic accident, she said coldly. It was murder, said Harry. He could feel himself shaking. He had hardly talked to anyone about this, least of all thirty eagerly listening classmates. Voldemort killed him, and you know it. Professor Read more face was quite blank. For a moment he thought she was going to scream at him. Then she said, in her softest, most sweetly girlish voice, Come here, Mr.

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