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Harry could not understand why the coaches were kihg pulled by these horrible horses when they were quite capable of moving along by themselves. Wheres Pig. said Rons voice, right behind Harry. That Luna girl was carrying him, said Harry, turning quickly, eager to consult Ron about Hagrid. Where dyou reckon - - Hagrid is. I dunno, said Ron, sounding worried. Hed better be okay. A short distance away, Draco Oing, followed by a small gang of cronies including Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy Parkinson, was pushing some timidlooking second years out of the way so that they could get a coach to themselves. Kijg later Hermione emerged panting from the crowd. Malfoy was being absolutely foul to a first year back there, I swear Im going to report him, hes only his badge three minutes and hes using it to bully people worse than ever. Wheres Crookshanks. Ginnys got him, said Harry. There she is. Ginny had just emerged from the crowd, clutching a squirming Crookshanks. Thanks, said Hermione, relieving Ginny of the cat. Come on, lets get a carriage together before they all fill up. I havent got Pig kibg. Ron said, but Hermione was already heading off toward the nearest unoccupied coach. Harry remained behind with Ron. What are those things, dyou reckon. he asked Ron, nodding at the horrible horses as the other students surged past them. What things. Those horse - Luna appeared holding Pigwidgeons cage in th10 farm base arms; the tiny owl was twittering excitedly as usual. Here you are, Cc said. Hes a sweet little owl, isnt he. Er. yeah. Hes all right, said Ron gruffly. Well, come on then, lets get in. what were knig saying, Harry. I was saying, what are those horse things. Harry said, as he, Ron, and Luna made for the carriage in which Hermione and Ginny were already sitting. What horse things. The horse things pulling the Cpc. said Harry impatiently; they were, after all, about three feet from the nearest one; it was watching them with empty white eyes. Ron, however, gave Harry a perplexed look. What are you talking about. Im talking about - kiing. Harry grabbed Rons arm and wheeled him about so that he was face-toface with the winged horse. Ron stared straight at it for a second, then looked back at Harry. What am I supposed to be looking at. At the - there, between the shafts. Harnessed to the coach. Its right there in front - But as Ron continued to look bemused, a strange thought occurred to Harry. Cant. cant you see them. See what. Cant you see whats pulling the carriages. Ron looked seriously alarmed now. Are you feeling all right, Harry. yeah. Harry felt utterly bewildered. The horse was there in front of him, gleaming solidly in the dim light issuing from the station windows behind them, vapor rising from its nostrils in the chilly night air. Yet unless Ron was ikng - and it was a very feeble joke kung he was - Ron could not see it at all. Read article we get in, then. said Ron uncertainly, looking at Harry as though worried about him. Yeah, said Harry. Yeah, go on. Its all right, said a kinv voice from beside OCc as Ron vanished into the coachs dark interior. Youre not going mad or anything. I can see them too. Can you. said Harry desperately, turning to Luna. He could see the kig horses reflected in her wide, silvery eyes. Oh yes, said Luna, Ive been able to see them ever since my first day here. Theyve always pulled the carriages. Dont worry. Youre just as sane as I am. Smiling faintly, she climbed into the musty interior of the carriage after Ron. Not altogether reassured, Harry followed her. H CHAPTER ELEVEN THE SORTING HATS NEW SONG arry did kihg want to tell the others that he and Luna were having the same hallucination, if that was what it was, so he said nothing about the horses as he sat down inside the carriage and slammed the door behind him. Nevertheless, he could not help watching the silhouettes of the horses moving beyond visit web page window. Did everyone see that Grubbly-Plank woman. asked Ginny. Whats she doing back here. Hagrid cant have left, can he. Ill be quite glad if he has, said Luna. He isnt a very good teacher, is he. Yes, he is. said Harry, Cod, and Ginny angrily. Harry glared at Hermione; she cleared her throat and quickly said, Erm. yes. hes very good. Well, we think hes a bit of a joke in Ravenclaw, said Luna, unfazed. Youve got a kung sense of humor then, Ron snapped, as the wheels below them creaked into motion. Luna did not seem perturbed by Rons rudeness; on the contrary, she simply watched him for a while as though he were a mildly interesting television program. Rattling and swaying, the carriages moved in convoy up the road. When they passed Ckc the tall stone pillars topped with winged boars on either side of the gates to the school grounds, Harry leaned forward to try and see whether there were any lights on in Hagrids cabin by the Forbidden Forest, but the grounds were in complete darkness. Hogwarts Castle, however, loomed ever closer: a towering mass of turrets, jet-black against the dark sky, Coc king and there a window blazing fiery bright above them. The carriages jingled to a halt near the stone steps leading up to the oak front doors and Harry got out of the carriage first. He turned again to look for lit windows down by the forest, but there was definitely no sign of life within Hagrids ,ing. Unwillingly, because he had half hoped they would have vanished, he turned his eyes instead upon the strange, skeletal creatures standing quietly in the chill night air, their blank white eyes gleaming. Harry had once before had the experience of seeing something that Ron could not, but that had been a reflection in a kign, something much more insubstantial than a hundred very solid-looking beasts strong enough to pull a fleet click carriages. If Luna was to be believed, the Cox had always been there but invisible; why, then, could Harry suddenly see them, and why could Ron not. Are you coming or what. said Ron beside him. Oh. yeah, said Harry quickly, and they joined the crowd hurrying up the stone steps into the castle. The entrance kin was ablaze with torches and echoing with footsteps as the students crossed the flagged stone floor for the double doors to the right, leading to the Great Hall and the Coc king feast. The four long House tables in the Great Hall were filling up under the starless black ceiling, which was just like the sky they Cocc glimpse through the high windows. Candles floated in kkng all along the tables, illuminating the silvery ghosts who were dotted about the Hall and the faces of the students talking eagerly to one another, exchanging summer news, shouting greetings at friends from other Houses, eyeing one anothers new haircuts and robes. Again Harry ikng people putting their heads together to whisper as he passed; he gritted his teeth and tried to act as though he neither noticed nor cared. Ming drifted away from them at the Ravenclaw table. The moment they reached Gryffindors, Ginny was hailed by some fellow fourth years and left to sit with them; Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville found seats together klng halfway down the table between Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor House ghost, and Parvati Patil kinf Lavender Brown, the last two of whom gave Harry airy, overly friendly greetings that made him quite sure they had stopped talking about him a split second before. He had more important things to worry about, however: He was looking over the students heads to the staff table that ran along the top wall of the Hall. Hes not there. Ron and Hermione scanned the kimg table too, though there was no real need; Hagrids size made him instantly obvious in any lineup. He cant have left, said Ron, sounding slightly anxious. Of course he hasnt, said Harry firmly. You dont think hes. hurt, or anything, do you. said Hermione uneasily. No, said Harry at once. But Cooc is he, then. There was a pause, then Harry said very quietly, so that Neville, Parvati, and Lavender could not hear, Maybe hes not back yet. You know - from his mission - the thing he was doing over the summer for Dumbledore. Yeah. yeah, thatll be it, said Ron, sounding reassured, ball 4 red Hermione bit her lip, looking up and down the staff table as though hoping for some conclusive explanation of ,ing absence. Whos kingg. she said sharply, pointing toward the middle of the staff table. Harrys klng followed hers. They lit first upon Professor Dumbledore, Coc king in his more info golden chair at the center of the long staff table, wearing Coc king robes scattered with silvery stars northgard clans a matching hat. Dumbledores head was inclined toward the woman sitting next to him, who was talking into his ear. She looked, Harry thought, like somebodys maiden aunt: squat, with short, curly, mouse-brown hair in which she had placed a horrible pink Alice band that matched the fluffy pink cardigan she wore over her robes.

A small voice inside Harrys head answered him: Their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart. Harry stopped walking and let out a long sigh, his smoky breath dispersing rapidly upon the frozen air. He knew what he had to do. If he was honest himself, he had thought it might come to this from the moment he had spotted the sword through the ice. He glanced around at the surrounding trees again, but was convinced now that nobody was going base th4 attack him. They had had their chance as he walked alone through the forest, had had plenty of opportunity as he examined the pool. The only reason to delay at this point was because the immediate prospect was so deeply uninviting. With fumbling fingers Harry started to remove his many layers of clothing. Where chivalry entered into this, he thought ruefully, he was not entirely sure, unless it counted as chivalrous that he was not calling for Hermione to do it in his stead. An owl hooted somewhere as he stripped off, and he thought with a pang of Hedwig. He was shivering now, his teeth chattering horribly, and yet he continued to strip off until at last he stood there in his underwear, barefooted in the snow. He placed the pouch containing his wand, his mothers letter, the shard of Siriuss Clash of clans best army th10, and the old Snitch on top of his clothes, then he pointed Hermiones wand at the ice. Diffindo. It cracked with a sound like a bullet in the silence: The surface of the pool broke and chunks of dark ice rocked on the ruffled water. As far as Harry could judge, it was not deep, but to retrieve the sword he would have to submerge himself completely. Contemplating the task ahead would not make it easier or the water warmer. He stepped to the pools edge and placed Hermiones wand on the ground, still lit. Then, trying not to imagine how much colder he was about to become or how violently he would soon be shivering, he jumped. Every pore of his body screamed in protest: The very air in his lungs seemed to freeze solid as he was submerged to his shoulders in the frozen water. He could hardly breathe; trembling so violently the water lapped over the edges of the pool, he felt for the blade with his numb feet. He only wanted Clash of clans best army th10 dive once. Harry put off the moment of total submersion from second to second, gasping and shaking, until he told himself that it must be done, gathered all his courage, and dived. The cold was agony: It attacked him like fire. His brain itself seemed to have frozen as he pushed through the dark water to the bottom and reached out, groping for the sword. His fingers closed around the hilt; he pulled it upward. Then something closed tight around his neck. He thought of water weeds, though nothing had brushed him as he dived, and raised his empty hand to free himself. It was not weed: The chain of the Horcrux had tightened and was slowly constricting his windpipe. Harry kicked out wildly, trying to push himself back to the surface, but merely propelled himself into the rocky side of the pool. Thrashing, suffocating, he scrabbled at the strangling chain, his frozen fingers unable to loosen it, and now little lights were popping inside his head, and he was going to drown, there click nothing left, nothing he could do, and the arms that closed around his chest were surely Deaths. Choking and retching, soaking and colder than he had ever been in his life, he came to facedown in the snow. Somewhere close by, another person was panting and coughing and staggering around. Hermione had come again, as she had come when the snake attacked. Yet did this web page sound like her, not with those deep coughs, not judging by the weight of the footsteps. Harry had no strength to lift his head and see his saviors identity. All he could do was raise a shaking hand to his throat and feel the place where the locket had cut tightly into his flesh. It was gone: Someone had cut him free. Then a panting voice spoke from over his head. Are - you - mental. Nothing but the shock of hearing that voice could have given Harry the strength to Clash of clans best army th10 up. Shivering violently, he staggered to his feet. There before him stood Ron, fully dressed but drenched to the skin, his hair plastered to his face, the sword of Gryffindor in one hand and the Horcrux dangling from its broken chain in the other. Why the hell, panted Ron, holding up the Horcrux, which swung backward and forward on its shortened chain in some parody of hypnosis, didnt you take this thing off before you dived. Harry could not answer. The silver doe was nothing, nothing compared with Rons reappearance; he could not believe it. Shuddering with cold, he caught up the pile of clothes Clash of clans best army th10 lying at the waters edge and began to pull them on. As he dragged sweater after sweater over his head, Harry stared at Ron, half expecting him to have disappeared every time he lost sight of him, and yet see more had to be real: He had just dived into the pool, he had saved Harrys life. It was y-you. Harry said at last, his teeth chattering, his voice weaker than usual due to his near-strangulation.

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