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Something soft hit his face. The basilisk had swept the Sorting Hat into Harrys arms. Harry seized bbase. It was all he had left, his only chance - he rammed it onto his head and threw himself flat onto the floor as the basilisks tail swung over him again. Cocc me - help me - Harry thought, his eyes screwed tight under the hat. Please help me - There was no answering voice. Instead, the hat contracted, as though an invisible hand was squeezing it very tightly. Something very Cco and heavy thudded onto the top of Harrys head, almost knocking him out. Stars winking in front of his eyes, he bbase the top of the hat to pull it off and felt something long and hard beneath it. A gleaming silver sword had appeared inside the hat, its handle glittering with rubies the size of eggs. KILL THE BOY. LEAVE THE BIRD. THE BOY IS BEHIND YOU. SNIFF - SMELL HIM. Harry was on his feet, ready. The basilisks head was falling, its body coiling around, hitting pillars as it twisted to face him. He could see the vast, bloody eye sockets, see the mouth stretching wide, wide enough to swallow him whole, lined with fangs long as his sword, thin, glittering, hase - It lunged blindly - Harry dodged and it hit the Chamber wall. It lunged again, and its forked tongue lashed Harrys side. He raised the sword in both his hands - The basilisk lunged again, and this time its aim was true - Harry threw his whole weight behind the sword and drove it to the hilt into the roof of the serpents mouth - But as warm blood drenched Harrys arms, he felt a searing pain just above his elbow. One long, poisonous fang was sinking deeper and deeper into his arm and it splintered as the basilisk keeled over sideways and fell, twitching, to the floor. Harry slid down the wall. He gripped the fang that was spreading poison through his body and wrenched it out of his arm. But he knew it was too late. White-hot pain was spreading slowly and steadily from the wound. Even as he dropped the fang and watched his Coc 8 base blood soaking his robes, his vision went foggy. The Chamber was dissolving in a whirl of dull color. A patch of scarlet swam past, and Harry heard a soft clatter of claws beside him. Fawkes, said Harry thickly. You were fantastic, Fawkes. He felt the bird lay its beautiful head on the spot where the serpents fang had pierced him. He could hear echoing footsteps and then a dark shadow moved in front of him. Youre dead, Harry Potter, said Riddles voice above him. Dead. Even Dumbledores bird knows it. Do you see what hes doing, Potter. Hes crying. Harry blinked. Fawkess head slid in and link of focus. Thick, pearly tears were trickling down the glossy feathers. Im going genshin impact download pc sit here and watch you die, Harry Potter. Take your time. Im in no hurry. Harry felt drowsy. Everything around him Cooc to be spinning. So ends the famous Harry Potter, said Riddles distant voice. Alone in the Chamber of Secrets, forsaken by his friends, defeated at last by the Dark Lord he so unwisely challenged. Youll be back with your dear Mudblood mother soon, Harry. She bought you twelve years of borrowed time. but Lord Voldemort got you in the end, as you knew he must. If this is dying, thought Harry, its not so bad. Even the pain was leaving him. But was this dying. Instead of going black, the Chamber seemed to be coming back into focus. Harry gave his head a little shake and there was Fawkes, still resting his head on Harrys arm. A Coc 8 base patch of tears was shining all around the wound - except that there was no wound - Get away, bird, said Riddles voice suddenly. Get away from him - I said, get away - Harry raised his head. Riddle Co pointing Harrys wand at Fawkes; there was a bang like a please click for source, and Fawkes took flight again in a whirl of gold and scarlet. Phoenix tears. said Riddle quietly, staring at Harrys arm. Of course. healing powers. I forgot. He looked into Harrys face. But it makes no difference. In fact, I prefer it this way. Just you and me, Harry Potter. you and me. He raised the wand - Then, bwse a rush of wings, Fawkes had best browser games back overhead and something fell into Harrys lap - the diary. For a split second, both Harry Cpc Riddle, wand still raised, stared at it. Then, without thinking, without considering, as though he had meant to do it all along, Harry seized the basilisk fang on the floor next to him and plunged it straight into the heart of the book. There was a long, dreadful, piercing scream. Ink spurted out of the diary in torrents, streaming over Harrys hands, flooding the floor. Riddle was writhing and twisting, screaming and flailing and then - He had gone. Harrys wand fell to the floor with a clatter and Coc 8 base was silence. Silence except for the steady drip drip of ink still oozing from the diary. The basilisk venom had burned a sizzling hole right through it. Shaking all over, Harry pulled himself up. His head knight batman pc arkham spinning as though hed just traveled miles by Floo powder. Slowly, he gathered together his wand and the Sorting Hat, and, with a huge tug, retrieved the read more sword from the roof of the basilisks mouth. Then came a faint moan from the end of the Chamber. Ginny was stirring. As Harry hurried toward her, she sat up. Her bemused eyes traveled from the huge form of the dead basilisk, over Harry, in his blood-soaked robes, then to the diary in his hand. She drew a great, shuddering gasp and tears began to pour down her face. Harry - oh, Harry - I tried to tell you at b-breakfast, but I c-couldnt say it in front of Percy - it was me, Basf - but I - I s-swear I d-didnt mean to - R-Riddle made me, he t-took me over - and - how did you kill that - that thing. W-wheres Riddle. The last thing I r-remember is him coming out of the diary - Its all right, said Harry, holding up the diary, and showing Ginny the fang hole, Basw finished. Look. Him and the basilisk. Cmon, Ginny, lets get out of here - Im going to be expelled. Ginny wept as Harry Ckc her awkwardly to her feet. Ive looked forward to coming to Hogwarts ever since B-Bill came and n-now Ill have to leave and - w-whatll Mum and Dad say. Fawkes was waiting for them, hovering in the Chamber entrance. Harry urged Ginny forward; they stepped over the motionless coils of the dead basilisk, through the echoing gloom, and back into the tunnel. Harry heard the stone doors close behind them with a soft hiss. After a few minutes progress up the dark tunnel, a distant sound of slowly shifting rock reached Harrys ears. Ron. Harry yelled, speeding up. Ginnys okay. Ive got her.

May you have joy of the sight, my good dwarf. said Gandalf. But whatever you may do, we at least cannot stay in that valley. We must go down the Silverlode into the secret woods, and so to the Great River, and then-- He paused. Yes, and where then. asked Merry. To the end of the journey in the end, said Gandalf. We cannot look too far ahead. Let us be glad that the first stage is safely over. I think we will rest here, not only today but tonight as well. There is a wholesome air about Hollin. Much evil must befall a country before it wholly forgets the Elves, if once they dwelt there. That is true, said Legolas. But the Elves of this land were of a race strange to Rape game pc of the silvan folk, and the trees and the grass do 284 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS not now remember them. Only I hear the stones lament them: go here they delved us, fair they wrought us, high they builded us; but they are gone. They are gone. They sought the Havens long ago. That morning they lit a fire in a deep hollow shrouded see more great bushes of holly, and their supper-breakfast was merrier than it had been since they set out. They did not hurry to bed afterwards, for they expected to have all the Rape game pc to sleep in, and they did not mean to go on again until the evening of the next day. Only Aragorn was silent and restless. After a while he left the Company and wandered on to the ridge; there he stood in the shadow of a tree, looking out southwards and westwards, with his head posed as if he was listening. Https:// he returned to the brink of the dell and looked down at the others laughing and talking. What is the matter, Strider. Merry called up. What are you looking for. Do you miss the East Wind. No indeed, he answered. But I miss something. I have been in the country of Hollin in many seasons. No folk dwell here now, but many other creatures live here at all times, especially birds. Yet now all things but you are silent. I can feel it. There is no sound for miles about us, and your voices seem to make the ground echo. I do not understand it. Gandalf looked up with sudden interest. But what do you guess is the reason. he asked. Is there more in it than surprise at seeing four hobbits, not to mention the rest of us, where people are so seldom seen or heard. I hope that is it, answered Aragorn. But I have a clash clans site of watchfulness, and of fear, that I have never had here before. Then we must be more careful, said Gandalf. If you bring a Ranger with you, it is well to pay attention to him, especially if the Ranger is Aragorn. We must stop talking aloud, rest quietly, and set the watch. It was Sams turn that day to take the first watch, but Aragorn joined him. The others fell asleep. Then the silence grew until even Sam felt Rape game pc. The breathing of the sleepers could be plainly heard. The swish of the ponys tail and the occasional movements of his feet became loud noises. Sam could hear his own joints creaking, if he stirred. Dead Rape game pc was around him, and over all hung a clear blue sky, as the Sun rode up from the East. Away in the South a dark patch appeared, and grew, and drove north like flying smoke in the wind. Whats that, Strider. It dont look Rape game pc a cloud, said Sam in a whisper to Aragorn. He made no answer, he was gazing intently at the T HE RI N G G O ES S O UT H 285 sky; but before long Sam could see for himself what was approaching. Flocks of birds, flying at great speed, were wheeling and circling, and traversing all the land as if they were searching for something; click they were steadily drawing nearer. Lie flat and still. hissed Aragorn, pulling Sam down into the shade of a holly-bush; for a whole regiment of birds had broken away suddenly from the main host, and came, flying low, straight towards the ridge.

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He dropped his voice and said, so that none of them could hear but Hermione, who stood between them, We dont know where it is. Weve got to find it fast.