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LOOK. SCABBERS. Hermione was leaning away from Ron, looking utterly bewildered. Harry looked down at the sheet Ron was holding. There was something red on it. Something that looked horribly like - BLOOD. Ron yelled into the stunned silence. HES GONE. AND YOU KNOW WHAT WAS ON THE FLOOR. N-no, said Hermione in a trembling voice. Ron threw something down onto Hermiones rune translation. Hermione and Harry leaned forward. Lying on top of the weird, spiky shapes were several long, ginger cat hairs. I CHAPTER THIRTEEN GRYFFINDOR VERSUS RAVENCLAW t looked like the end of Ron and Hermiones friendship. Each was so angry with the other that Harry couldnt see how theyd ever make up. Ron was enraged that Hermione had never taken Crookshankss attempts to eat Scabbers seriously, hadnt bothered to keep a close enough watch on him, and was still trying to pretend that Crookshanks was innocent by suggesting that Ron look for Scabbers under all the boys beds. Hermione, meanwhile, maintained fiercely that Ron had no proof that Crookshanks had eaten Scabbers, that the ginger hairs might have been there since Christmas, and that Ron had been prejudiced against her cat ever since Crookshanks had landed on Rons head in the Magical Menagerie. Personally, Harry was sure that Crookshanks had eaten Scabbers, and when he tried to point out to Hermione that the evidence all pointed that way, she lost her temper with Harry too. Okay, side with Ron, I knew you would. she said shrilly. First the Firebolt, now Scabbers, everythings my fault, isnt it. Just leave me alone, Harry, Ive got a lot of work to do. Ron had taken the loss of his rat very hard indeed. Come on, Ron, you were always saying how boring Scabbers was, said Fred bracingly. And hes been off-color for ages, he was wasting away. It was probably better for him to snuff it quickly - one swallow - he probably didnt feel a thing. Fred. said Ginny indignantly. All he did was eat and sleep, Ron, you said it yourself, said George. He bit Goyle for us once. Ron said miserably. Remember, Harry. Yeah, thats true, said Harry. His finest hour, said Fred, unable to keep a straight face. Let the scar on Goyles finger stand as a lasting tribute to his memory. Oh, go here on, Ron, get yourself down to Hogsmeade and buy a new rat, whats the point of moaning. In a last-ditch to cheer Ron up, Harry persuaded him to come along to the Gryffindor teams final practice before the Ravenclaw match, so that he could have a ride on the Firebolt after theyd finished. This did seem to take Rons mind off Scabbers for a moment (Great. Can I try and shoot a few goals on it?) so they set off for the Quidditch field together. Madam Hooch, who was still overseeing Gryffindor practices to keep an eye on Harry, was just as impressed with the Firebolt as everyone else had been. She took it in her hands before takeoff and gave them the benefit of her professional opinion. Look at the balance on it. If the Nimbus series has a fault, its a slight list to the tail end - you often find they develop a drag after a few years. Theyve updated the handle too, a bit slimmer than the Cleansweeps, reminds me of the old Silver Arrows - a pity theyve stopped making them. I learned to fly on one, and a very fine old broom it was too. She continued in this vein for some time, until Wood said, Er - Madam Hooch. Is it okay if Harry has the Firebolt back. We need to practice. Oh - right - here you are, then, Potter, said Madam Hooch. Ill sit over here with Weasley. She and Ron left the field to sit in the stadium, and the Gryffindor team gathered around Wood for his final instructions for tomorrows match. Harry, Ive just found out who Ravenclaw is playing as Seeker. Its Cho Chang. Shes a fourth year, and shes pretty good. I really hoped she wouldnt be fit, shes had some problems with injuries. Wood scowled his displeasure that Cho Chang had made a full recovery, then said, On the other hand, she rides a Comet Two Sixty, which is going to look like a joke next to the Firebolt. He gave Harrys broom a look of fervent admiration, then said, Okay, everyone, lets go - And at long last, Harry mounted his Firebolt, and kicked off from the ground. It was better than hed ever dreamed. The Firebolt turned with the lightest touch; it seemed to obey his thoughts rather than his grip; it sped across the field at such speed that the stadium turned into a green-and-gray blur; Harry turned it so sharply that Alicia Spinnet screamed, then he went into a perfectly controlled dive, brushing the grassy field with his toes before rising thirty, forty, fifty feet more info the air again - Harry, Im letting the Snitch out. Wood called. Harry turned and raced a Bludger toward the goalposts; he outstripped it easily, saw the Snitch dart out from behind Wood, and within ten seconds had caught it tightly in his hand. The team cheered madly. Harry let the Snitch go again, gave it a minutes head start, then tore after it, weaving in and out of the others; he spotted it lurking near Katie Bells knee, looped her easily, and caught it again. It was the best practice ever; the team, inspired by the presence of the Firebolt in their midst, performed their best moves faultlessly, and by the time they hit the ground again, Wood didnt have a single criticism to make, which, as George Weasley pointed out, was a first. I cant see whats going to stop us tomorrow. said Wood. Not unless - Harry, youve sorted out your dementor problem, havent you. Yeah, said Harry, thinking of his feeble Patronus and wishing it were check this out. The dementors wont turn up again, Oliver. Dumbledored go ballistic, said Fred confidently. Well, lets hope not, Krunker io Wood. Anyway - good work, everyone. Lets get back to the tower. turn in early - Im staying out for a bit; Ron wants a go on the Firebolt, Harry told Wood, and while the rest of the team headed off to the locker rooms, Harry strode over to Ron, who vaulted the barrier to the stands and came to meet him. Madam Hooch had fallen asleep in her seat. Here you go, said Harry, handing Ron the Firebolt. Ron, an expression of ecstasy on his face, mounted the broom and zoomed off into the gathering darkness while Harry walked around the edge of the field, watching him. Night had fallen before Madam Hooch awoke with a start, told Harry and Ron off for not waking her, and insisted that they go back to the castle. Harry shouldered the Firebolt and he and Ron walked out of the shadowy stadium, discussing the Firebolts superbly smooth action, its phenomenal acceleration, and its pinpoint turning. They were halfway toward the castle when Harry, glancing to his left, saw something that made his heart turn over - a pair of eyes, gleaming out of the darkness. Harry stopped dead, his heart banging against his ribs. Whats the matter. said Ron. Harry pointed. Ron pulled out his wand and muttered, Lumos. A beam of light fell across the grass, hit the bottom of a tree, and illuminated its branches; there, crouching among the budding leaves, was Crookshanks. Get out of here. Ron roared, and he stooped down and seized a stone lying on the grass, but before he could do anything else, Crookshanks had vanished with one swish of his long ginger tail. See. Ron said furiously, chucking the stone down again. Shes still letting him wander about wherever he wants - probably washing down Scabbers with a couple of birds now. Harry didnt say anything. He took a deep breath as relief seeped through him; he had been sure for a moment that those eyes had belonged to the Grim. They set off for the castle once more. Slightly ashamed of his moment of panic, Harry didnt say coc base 6 to Ron - nor did he look left or right until they had reached the well-lit entrance hall. Harry went down to breakfast the next morning with the rest of the boys in his dormitory, all of whom seemed to think the Firebolt deserved a sort of guard of honor. As Harry entered the Great Hall, heads turned in the direction of the Firebolt, and there was a good deal of excited muttering. Harry saw, with enormous satisfaction, that the Slytherin team were all looking thunderstruck. Did you see his face. said Ron gleefully, looking back at Malfoy. He cant believe it. This is brilliant. Wood, too, was basking in the reflected glory of the Firebolt. Put it here, Harry, he said, laying the broom in the middle of the table and carefully turning it so that its name faced upward. People from the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables were soon coming over to look. Cedric Diggory came over to congratulate Harry on having acquired such a superb replacement for his Nimbus, and Percys Ravenclaw girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater, asked if she could actually hold the Firebolt. Now, now, Penny, no sabotage. said Percy heartily as she examined the Firebolt closely. Penelope and I have got a bet on, he told the team. Ten Galleons on the outcome of the match. Penelope put the Firebolt down again, thanked Harry, and went back to her table. Harry - make sure you win, said Percy, in an urgent whisper. I havent got ten Galleons. Yes, Im coming, Penny. And he bustled off to join her in a piece of toast. Sure you can manage that broom, Potter. said a cold, drawling voice. Draco Malfoy had arrived for a closer look, Crabbe and Goyle right behind him. Yeah, reckon so, said Harry casually. Got plenty of special features, hasnt it. said Malfoy, eyes glittering maliciously. Shame it doesnt come with a parachute - in case you get too near a dementor. Crabbe and Goyle sniggered. Pity you cant attach an extra arm to yours, Malfoy, said Harry. Then it could catch the Snitch for you. The Gryffindor team laughed loudly. Malfoys pale eyes narrowed, and he stalked away. They watched him rejoin the rest of the Slytherin team, who put their heads together, no doubt asking Malfoy whether Harrys broom really was a Firebolt. At a quarter to eleven, the Gryffindor team set off for the locker rooms. The weather couldnt have been check this out different from their match against Hufflepuff. It was a clear, cool day with a very light breeze; there would be no visibility problems this time, and Harry, though nervous, was starting to feel the excitement only a Quidditch match could bring. They could hear the rest of the school moving into the stadium beyond. Harry took off his black school robes, removed his wand from his pocket, and stuck it inside the T-shirt he was going to wear under his Quidditch robes. He only hoped he wouldnt need it. He wondered suddenly whether Professor Lupin something panzer general ii have in the crowd, watching. You know what weve got to do, said Wood as they prepared to leave the locker rooms. If we lose this match, were out of the running. Just - just fly like you did in practice yesterday, and well be okay. They walked out onto the field to tumultuous applause. The Ravenclaw team, dressed in blue, were already standing in the middle of the field. Their Seeker, Cho Chang, was the only girl on their team. She was shorter than Harry by about a head, and Harry couldnt help noticing, nervous as he was, that she was extremely pretty. She smiled at Harry as the teams faced each other behind their captains, and he felt a slight lurch in the region of his stomach that he didnt think had anything to do with nerves. Wood, Davies, shake hands, Madam Hooch said briskly, and Wood shook hands with the Ravenclaw Captain. Mount your brooms. on my whistle. three - two - one - Harry kicked off into the air and the Firebolt zoomed higher and faster than any other broom; he soared around the stadium and began squinting around for the Snitch, listening all the while to the commentary, which was being provided by the Weasley twins friend Lee Jordan. Theyre off, and the big excitement this match is the Firebolt that Harry Potter is flying for Think, th12 home base remarkable. According to Which Broomstick, the Firebolts going to be the broom of choice for the national teams at this years World Championship - Jordan, would you mind telling us whats going on in the match. interrupted Professor McGonagalls voice. Right you are, Professor - just giving a bit of background information - the Firebolt, incidentally, has a built-in auto-brake and - Jordan. Okay, okay, Gryffindor in possession, Katie Bell of Gryffindor heading for goal. Harry streaked past Katie in the opposite direction, gazing around for a glint of gold and noticing that Cho Chang was tailing him closely. She was undoubtedly a very good flier - she kept cutting across him, forcing him to change direction. Krunker io her your acceleration, Harry. Fred yelled as he whooshed past in pursuit of a Bludger that was aiming for Alicia. Harry urged the Firebolt forward as they rounded the Ravenclaw goalposts and Cho fell behind. Just as Katie succeeded in scoring the first goal of the match, and the Gryffindor end of the field went wild, he saw it - the Snitch was close to the ground, flitting near one of the barriers. Harry dived; Cho saw what he was doing and tore after him - Harry was speeding up, excitement flooding him; dives were his speciality, he was ten feet away - Then a Bludger, hit by one of the Ravenclaw Beaters, came pelting out of nowhere; Harry veered off course, avoiding it by an inch, and in those few, crucial seconds, the Snitch had vanished. There was a great Ooooooh of disappointment from the Gryffindor supporters, but much applause for their Beater from the Ravenclaw end. George Weasley vented his feelings by hitting the second Bludger directly at the offending Beater, who was forced to roll right over in midair to avoid it. Gryffindor leads by eighty points to zero, and look at that Firebolt go. Potters really putting it through its paces now, see it turn - Changs Comet is just no match for it, the Firebolts precision-balance is really noticeable in these long - JORDAN. ARE YOU BEING PAID TO ADVERTISE FIREBOLTS. GET ON WITH THE COMMENTARY. Ravenclaw was pulling back; they had now scored three goals, which put Gryffindor only fifty points ahead - if Cho got the Snitch before him, Ravenclaw would win. Harry dropped lower, narrowly avoiding a Ravenclaw Chaser, scanning the field frantically - a glint of gold, a flutter of tiny wings - the Snitch was circling the Gryffindor goalpost - Harry accelerated, eyes fixed on the speck of gold ahead - but just then, Cho appeared out of thin air, blocking him - HARRY, THIS IS NO TIME TO BE A GENTLEMAN. Wood roared as Harry swerved to avoid a collision. KNOCK HER OFF HER BROOM IF YOU HAVE TO. Harry turned and caught sight of Cho; she was grinning. The Snitch had vanished again. Harry turned his Firebolt upward and was soon twenty feet above the game. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Cho following him. Shed decided to mark him rather than search for the Snitch herself. All right, then. if she wanted to tail him, shed have to take the consequences. He dived again, and Cho, thinking hed seen the Snitch, tried to follow; Harry pulled out of the dive very sharply; she hurtled downward; he rose fast as a bullet once more, and then saw it, for the third time - the Snitch was glittering way above the field at the Ravenclaw end. He accelerated; so, many feet below, did Cho. He was winning, gaining on the Snitch with every second - then - Oh. screamed Cho, click to see more. Distracted, Harry looked down. Three dementors, three tall, black, hooded dementors, were looking up at him. He didnt stop to think. Plunging a hand down the neck of his robes, he whipped out his wand and roared, Expecto Patronum. Something silver-white, something enormous, erupted from the end of his wand. He knew it had shot directly at the dementors but didnt pause to watch; his mind still miraculously clear, he looked ahead - he was nearly there. He Krunker io out the hand still grasping his wand and just managed to close his fingers over the small, struggling Snitch. Madam Hoochs whistle sounded. Harry turned around in midair and saw six scarlet blurs bearing down on him; next moment, the whole team was hugging him so hard he was nearly pulled off his broom. Down below he could hear the roars of the Gryffindors in the crowd. Thats my boy. Wood kept yelling. Alicia, Angelina, and Katie had all kissed Harry; Fred had him in a grip so tight Harry felt as though his head would come off. In complete disarray, the team managed to make its way back to the ground. Harry got off his broom and looked up to see a gaggle of Gryffindor supporters sprinting onto the field, Ron in the lead. Before he knew it, he had been engulfed by the cheering crowd. Yes. Ron yelled, yanking Harrys arm into the air. Yes. Yes. Well done, Harry. said Percy, looking delighted. Ten Galleons to me. Must find Penelope, excuse me - Good for you, Harry. roared Seamus Finnigan. Ruddy brilliant. boomed Hagrid over the heads of the milling Gryffindors. That was quite some Patronus, said a voice in Harrys ear. Harry turned around to see Professor Lupin, who looked both shaken and pleased. The dementors didnt affect me at all. Harry said excitedly. I didnt feel a thing. That would be because they - er - werent dementors, said Professor Lupin. Come and see - He led Harry out of the crowd until they were able to see the edge of the field. You gave Mr.

Drawing a deep breath they passed inside. In a few steps they were in utter and impenetrable dark. Not since the lightless passages of Moria had Frodo or Sam known such darkness, and if possible here it was deeper and denser. There, there were airs moving, and echoes, and a sense of space. Here the air was still, stagnant, heavy, and 718 T HE L ORD O F THE Global chat clash of clans INGS sound fell dead. They walked as it were in a black vapour wrought of veritable darkness itself that, as it was breathed, brought blindness not only to the click to see more but to the mind, so that even the memory of colours and of forms and of any light faded out of thought. Night always had been, and always would be, and night was all. But for a while they could still feel, and indeed the senses of their feet and fingers at first seemed sharpened almost painfully. The walls felt, to their surprise, smooth, and the floor, save for a step now and again, was straight and even, going ever up at the same stiff slope. The tunnel was high and wide, so wide that, though the hobbits walked abreast, only touching the side-walls with their outstretched hands, they were separated, cut off alone in the darkness. Gollum had gone in first and seemed to be only a few steps ahead. Global chat clash of clans they were still able to give heed to such things, they could hear his breath hissing and gasping just in front of them. But after a time their senses became duller, both touch and hearing seemed to grow numb, and they kept on, groping, walking, on and on, mainly by the force of the will with which they had entered, will to go through and desire to come at last to the high gate beyond. Before they had gone very far, perhaps, but time and distance soon passed out of his reckoning, Sam on the right, feeling the wall, was aware that there was an opening at the side: for a moment he caught a faint breath of some air less heavy, and then they passed it by. Theres more than one passage here, he whispered with an effort: it seemed hard to make his breath give any sound. Its as orc-like a place as ever there could be. After that, first he on the right, and then Frodo on the left, passed three or four such openings, some wider, some smaller; but there was as yet no doubt of the main way, for it was straight, and did not turn, and still went steadily up. But how long was it, how much more of this would they have to endure, or could they endure. The breathlessness of the air was growing as they climbed; and now they Global chat clash of clans often in the blind dark to sense some resistance thicker than the foul air. As they thrust forward they felt things brush against their heads, or against their hands, long tentacles, or hanging growths perhaps: they could not tell what they were. And still the stench grew. It grew, until almost it seemed to them that smell was the only clear sense left to them, and that was for their torment. One hour, two hours, three hours: how many had they passed in this lightless hole. Hours days, weeks rather. Sam left the tunnel-side and shrank towards Frodo, and their hands met and clasped, and so together they still went on. At length Frodo, groping along the left-hand wall, came suddenly to a void. Almost he fell sideways into the emptiness. Here was some S HE L OBS LAIR 719 opening in the check this out far wider than any they had yet passed; and out of it came a reek so foul, and a sense of lurking malice so intense, that Frodo reeled. And at that moment Sam too lurched and fell forwards. Fighting off both the sickness and the fear, Frodo gripped Sams hand. he said in a hoarse breath without voice. It all comes from here, the stench and the peril. Now for it. Quick. Calling up his remaining strength and resolution, he dragged Sam to his feet, Global chat clash of clans forced his own limbs to move. Sam stumbled beside him. One step, two steps, three steps at last six steps. Maybe they had passed the dreadful unseen opening, but whether that was so or not, suddenly it was easier to move, as if some hostile will for the moment had released them. They struggled on, still hand in hand. But almost at once they came to a new difficulty. The Global chat clash of clans forked, or so it seemed, and in the dark they could not tell which was the wider way, or which kept nearer to the straight. Which should they take, the left, or the right. They knew of nothing to guide them, yet a false choice would almost certainly be fatal. Which way has Gollum gone. panted Sam. And why didnt he wait. Sme´agol. said Frodo, trying to call. Sme´agol. But his voice croaked, and the name fell dead almost as it left his lips. There was no answer, not an echo, not phoenix point behemoth a tremor of the air. Hes really gone this time, I fancy, muttered Sam. I guess this is just exactly where he meant to bring us. Gollum. If ever I lay hands on you again, youll be sorry for it. Presently, groping and fumbling in the dark, they found that the opening on the left was blocked: either it was a blind, bayonetta 2 pc else some great stone had fallen in the passage. This cant be the way, Frodo whispered. Right or wrong, we must take the Global chat clash of clans. And quick.

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Said Harry, aiming a hex from the floor at the enormous blond Ktunker Eater who was causing most of the chaos.

The man gave a howl of pain as the spell hit him in the face: He wheeled around, staggered, and then pounded away after the brother and sister.