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R-r-riddikulus. Mrs. Weasley sobbed, pointing her shaking wand at Rons body. Crack. Rons body turned into Bills, spread-eagled on his back, his eyes wide open and empty. Mrs. Weasley sobbed harder than ever. R-riddikulus. she sobbed again. Crack. Weasleys body replaced Bills, his glasses askew, a trickle of blood running down his face. Mrs. Weasley moaned. No. riddikulus. Riddikulus. RIDDIKULUS. Crack. Dead twins. Crack. Dead Percy. Crack. Dead Harry. Mrs. Weasley, just get out of here. shouted Harry, staring down at his own dead body on the floor. Let someone else - Whats going on. Lupin had come running into the room, closely followed by Sirius, with Moody stumping along behind them. Lupin looked from Mrs. Weasley to the dead Harry on the floor and seemed to understand in an instant. Pulling out his own wand he said, very firmly and clearly, Riddikulus. Harrys body vanished. A silvery orb hung in the air over the spot where it had lain. Lupin waved his wand once more and the orb vanished in a puff of smoke. Oh - oh - oh. gulped Mrs. Weasley, and she broke into a storm of crying, her face in her hands. Molly, said Lupin bleakly, walking over to her, Molly, dont. Next second she was sobbing her heart out on Lupins shoulder. Molly, it was just a boggart, he said soothingly, patting her on the head. Just a stupid boggart. I see them d-d-dead all the time. Mrs. Weasley moaned into his shoulder. All the t-t-time. I d-d-dream about it. Sirius was staring at the patch of carpet where the boggart, pretending to be Harrys body, had lain. Moody was looking at Harry, who avoided his gaze. He had a funny feeling Moodys magical eye had followed him all the way out of the kitchen. D-d-dont tell Arthur, Mrs. Weasley was gulping now, mopping her are steamdb apologise frantically with her cuffs. I d-d-dont want has th 10 layout consider Clash of clans th12 know. Being silly commander dropzone. Lupin handed her a handkerchief and she blew her nose. Harry, Im so sorry, what must you think of me. she said shakily. Not even able to get rid of a boggart. Dont be stupid, said Harry, trying to smile. Im just s-s-so worried, she said, tears spilling out of her eyes again. Half the f-f-familys in the Order, itll b-b-be a miracle if we all come through you game pc 2013 torrent remarkable. and P-P-Percys not talking to us. What if something d-ddreadful see more and we had never m-m-made up. And whats going to happen if Arthur and I get killed, whos g-g-going to look after Ron and Ginny. Molly, thats enough, said Lupin firmly. This isnt like last time. The Order is better prepared, weve got a head start, we know what Voldemorts up to - Mrs. Weasley gave a little Clash of clans th12 of fright at the sound of the name. Oh, Molly, come on, its about time you got used to hearing it - look, I cant promise no ones going to get hurt, nobody can promise that, but were much better off than we were last time, you werent in the Order then, you dont understand, last time we were outnumbered twenty to one by the Death Eaters and they were picking us off one by one. Harry thought of the photograph again, of his parents beaming faces. He knew Moody was still watching him. Dont worry about Percy, said Sirius abruptly. Hell come round. Its a matter of time Voldemort moves into the open; once he does, the whole Ministrys going to be begging us to forgive them. And Im not sure Ill be accepting their apology, he added bitterly. And as for whos going to look after Ron and Ginny if you and Clash of clans th12 died, said Lupin, smiling slightly, what do you think wed do, let them starve. Mrs. Weasley smiled tremulously. Being silly, she muttered again, mopping her eyes. But Harry, closing his bedroom door behind him some ten minutes later, could not think Mrs. Weasley silly. He could still see his parents beaming up at him from the tattered old photograph, unaware that their lives, like so many of those around them, were drawing to a close. The image of the boggart posing as the corpse of each member of Mrs. Weasleys family in turn kept flashing bloons td 6 pc his eyes. Without warning, the scar on his forehead seared with pain again and his stomach churned horribly. Cut it out, he said firmly, rubbing the scar as the pain receded again. First sign of madness, talking to your own head, said a sly voice from the empty picture on the wall. Harry ignored it. He felt older than he had ever felt in his life, and it seemed extraordinary to him that barely an hour ago he had been worried about a joke shop and who had gotten a prefects badge. H CHAPTER TEN LUNA LOVEGOOD arry had a troubled nights sleep. His parents wove in and out of his dreams, never speaking; Mrs. Weasley sobbed over Kreachers dead body watched by Ron and Hermione, who were wearing crowns, and yet again Harry found himself walking down a corridor ending in a locked door. He awoke abruptly with his scar prickling to find Ron already dressed and talking to him. better hurry up, Mums going ballistic, she says were going to miss the train. There was a lot of commotion in the house. From what he heard as he dressed at top speed, Harry gathered that Fred and George had bewitched their trunks to fly downstairs to save the bother of carrying them, with the result that they had hurtled straight into Ginny and knocked her down two flights of stairs into the hall; Mrs. Black and Mrs. Weasley were both screaming at the top of their voices. - COULD HAVE DONE HER A SERIOUS INJURY, YOU IDIOTS - - FILTHY HALF-BREEDS, BESMIRCHING THE HOUSE OF MY FATHERS - Hermione came hurrying into the room looking flustered just as Harry was putting on his trainers; Hedwig was swaying on her shoulder, and she was carrying a squirming Crookshanks in her arms. Mum and Dad just sent Hedwig back - the owl fluttered obligingly over and perched on top of her cage - are you ready yet. Nearly - Ginny all right. Harry asked, shoving on his glasses. Mrs. Weasleys patched her up, said Hermione. But now Mad-Eyes complaining that we cant leave unless Sturgis Podmores here, otherwise the guard will be one short. Guard. said Harry. We have to go to Kings Cross with a guard. You have to go to Kings Cross with a guard, Hermione corrected him. Why. said Harry irritably. I thought Voldemort was supposed to be lying low, or are you telling me hes going to jump out from behind a dustbin to try and do me in. I dont know, its just what Mad-Eye says, said Hermione distractedly, looking at her watch. But if we dont leave soon were definitely going to miss the train. WILL YOU LOT GET DOWN HERE NOW, PLEASE. Mrs. Weasley bellowed and Hermione jumped as though scalded and hurried out of the room. Harry seized Hedwig, stuffed her unceremoniously into her cage, and set off downstairs after Hermione, dragging his trunk. Mrs. Blacks portrait was howling with rage but nobody was bothering to close the curtains over her; all the noise in the hall was bound to rouse her again anyway. Harry, youre to come with me and Tonks, shouted Mrs. Weasley over the repeated screeches of MUDBLOODS. SCUM. CREATURES OF DIRT. Leave your trunk and your owl, Alastors going to deal with the luggage. Oh, for heavens sake, Sirius, Dumbledore said no. A bearlike black dog had appeared at Harrys side as Harry clambered over the various trunks cluttering the hall to Clash of clans th12 to Mrs. Weasley. Oh honestly. said Mrs. Weasley despairingly, well, on your own head be it. She wrenched open the front door and stepped out into the weak September sunlight. Harry and the dog followed her. The door slammed behind them and Mrs. Blacks screeches were cut off instantly. Wheres Tonks. Harry said, looking around as they went down the stone steps of number twelve, which vanished the moment they reached the pavement. Shes waiting for us just up here, said Mrs. Weasley stiffly, averting her eyes from the lolloping black dog beside Harry. An old woman greeted them on the corner. She had tightly curled gray hair and wore a purple hat shaped like a porkpie. Wotcher, Harry, she said, winking. Better hurry up, hadnt we, Molly. she added, checking her watch. I know, I know, moaned Mrs. Weasley, lengthening her stride, but MadEye wanted to wait for Sturgis. If only Arthur could have got us cars from the Ministry again. but Fudge wouldnt let him borrow so much as an empty ink bottle these days. How Muggles can stand traveling without magic. But the great black dog gave a joyful bark and gamboled around them, snapping at pigeons, and chasing its own tail. Harry couldnt help laughing. Sirius had been trapped inside for a very long time. Mrs. Weasley pursed her lips in an almost Aunt Petunia-ish way. It took them twenty minutes to reach Kings Cross by foot and nothing more eventful happened during that time than Sirius scaring a couple of cats for Harrys entertainment. Once inside the station they lingered casually beside the barrier fable 3 platforms nine and ten until the coast was clear, then each of them leaned against it in turn and fell easily through onto platform nine and three quarters, where the Hogwarts Express stood belching sooty steam over a platform packed with departing students and their families. Harry inhaled the familiar smell and felt his spirits soar. He was really going back. I hope the others make it in time, said Mrs. Weasley anxiously, staring behind her at the wrought-iron arch spanning the platform, through which new arrivals would come. Nice dog, Harry. called a tall boy with dreadlocks. Thanks, Lee, said Harry, grinning, as Sirius wagged his tail frantically. Oh good, said Mrs. Weasley, sounding relieved, trophy base th11 Alastor with the luggage, look. A porters cap pulled low over his mismatched eyes, Moody came limping through the archway pushing a cart full of their trunks. All okay, he muttered to Mrs. Weasley and Tonks. Dont think we were followed. Seconds later, Mr. Weasley emerged onto the platform with Ron and Hermione. They had almost unloaded Moodys luggage cart when Fred, George, and Ginny turned up with Lupin. No trouble.

Well, said Dumbledore, ignoring the mutterings of Uncle Vernon, who was now being rapped smartly over the head by the persistent glass of mead, Black family tradition decreed that the house was handed down the direct line, to the next male with the name of Black. Sirius was the very last of the line as his younger brother, Regulus, predeceased him and both were childless. While his will makes it perfectly plain that he wants you to have the house, it is nevertheless possible that some spell or enchantment has been set upon the place to ensure that it cannot be owned by anyone other than a pureblood. A vivid image of the shrieking, spitting portrait of Siriuss mother that hung in the hall of number twelve, Grimmauld Place flashed into Harrys mind. I bet there has, he said. Quite, said Dumbledore. And if such an enchantment exists, then the ownership of the house is most likely to pass to the eldest of Siriuss living relatives, which would mean his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. Without realizing what he was doing, Harry sprang to his feet; the telescope and trainers in his lap rolled across the floor. Bellatrix Lestrange, Siriuss killer, inherit his house. No, he said. Well, obviously we would prefer Coc magic she didnt get read more either, said Dumbledore calmly. The situation is fraught with complications. We do not know whether the enchantments we ourselves have placed upon it, for example, making it Unplottable, will hold now that ownership has passed from Siriuss hands. It might be that Bellatrix will arrive on the doorstep at any moment. Naturally we had to move out until such time as we have clarified the position. But how are you going to find out if Im allowed to own it. Fortunately, said Dumbledore, there is a simple test. Omen desktop Coc magic his empty glass on a small table beside his chair, but before he could do anything else, Uncle Vernon shouted, Will you get these ruddy things off us. Harry looked around; all three of the Dursleys were cowering with their arms over their heads as their glasses bounced up and down on their skulls, their contents flying everywhere. Oh, Im so sorry, said Dumbledore politely, and he raised his wand again. All three glasses vanished. But Coc magic would have been better manners to drink it, you know. It looked as though Uncle Vernon was bursting with any number of unpleasant retorts, but he merely shrank back into the cushions with Aunt Petunia and Dudley and said nothing, keeping his small piggy eyes on Dumbledores wand. You see, Dumbledore said, turning back to Harry and again speaking as though Uncle Vernon had not uttered, if you have indeed inherited the house, you have also inherited He flicked his wand for a fifth time. There was a loud crack, and a houseelf appeared, with a snout for a nose, giant bats ears, and enormous bloodshot eyes, crouching on the Dursleys shag carpet and covered in grimy rags. Aunt Petunia let out a hair-raising shriek; nothing this filthy had entered her mgic in mabic memory. Dudley drew his large, bare, pink feet off the floor and sat with them raised almost above his mwgic, as though he thought the creature might run up his pajama trousers, and Uncle Vernon bellowed, What the hell is that. Cocc, finished Dumbledore. Https:// wont, Kreacher wont, Kreacher wont. croaked the house-elf, quite as loudly as Uncle Vernon, stamping his long, gnarled feet and pulling his ears. Kreacher belongs to Miss Bellatrix, oh yes, Kreacher belongs to the Blacks, Kreacher wants his new mistress, Kreacher wont go to the Potter brat, Kreacher wont, wont, wont - As you can see, Harry, said Dumbledore loudly, over Kreachers continued croaks of wont, wont, wont, Kreacher is showing a certain reluctance to pass into your ownership. I dont care, said Harry again, looking with disgust at the writhing, stamping house-elf. I dont want him. Wont, wont, wont, wont - You would prefer him to pass into the magif of Bellatrix Lestrange. Bearing in mind that he has lived at the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix for the past year. Wont, wont, wont, wont - Harry stared magoc Dumbledore. He knew that Kreacher could not be permitted to go and live with Bellatrix Lestrange, but the idea of owning him, of having responsibility for the creature that had betrayed Sirius, was repugnant. Give Cocc an order, said Dumbledore. If he has passed into your ownership, he will have to obey. If not, then we shall have to think of some other means of keeping him from his rightful mistress. Wont, wont, wont, WONT. Kreachers voice had risen to a scream. Harry could think of nothing to say, except, Kreacher, shut up. It looked for a moment as though Kreacher was going to choke. He grabbed his throat, his mouth still working furiously, his eyes bulging. After a few seconds of frantic gulping, he threw himself face forward onto the carpet (Aunt Petunia whimpered) and beat the floor with his hands and feet, giving himself over a violent, but entirely silent, tantrum. Well, that simplifies matters, said Dumbledore cheerfully. It seems that Sirius knew what he was doing. You are the rightful owner of number magid, Grimmauld Place and of Kreacher. Do I - do I have to keep him with me. Harry asked, aghast, as Kreacher thrashed mmagic at his feet. Not if you dont want to, said Dumbledore. If Mafic might make a suggestion, you could send him to Hogwarts to work in the kitchen there. In that way, the other house-elves could keep an eye on him. Yeah, said Harry in relief, yeah, Ill do that. Er - Kreacher - I want you to go to Hogwarts and work in the kitchens there with the other houseelves. Kreacher, who was now lying flat on his back with his arms and legs in the air, gave Harry one upside-down look of deepest loathing and, with another loud crack, vanished. Good, said Dumbledore. There is also the matter of the hippogriff, Buckbeak. Hagrid has been looking after him since Sirius died, but Buckbeak is yours now, so if you would prefer to make different arrangements - No, said Harry at tap tap pubg mobile india, he can stay with Hagrid. I think Buckbeak would prefer that. Hagrid will be delighted, said Dumbledore, smiling. He was thrilled to see Buckbeak again. Incidentally, Cc have decided, in the interests of Buckbeaks Coc magic, to rechristen him Witherwings for the time being, though I doubt that the Ministry would ever guess he is the hippogriff they once sentenced to death. Now, Harry, is your trunk packed. Erm. Doubtful that I would turn up. Dumbledore suggested shrewdly. Ill just go and - er - finish off, magix Harry hastily, hurrying to pick up his fallen Coc magic and trainers. It took him a little over ten minutes to track down everything he needed; at last he had managed to extract his Invisibility Cloak age of empires android under the bed, screwed the top back on his jar of color-change ink, and forced the lid of his trunk shut on his cauldron. Then, heaving his trunk in one hand and holding Hedwigs cage in the other, Coc magic made his way back downstairs. He magid disappointed to discover that Dumbledore was not waiting in the hall, which meant that he had to return to the living room. Nobody was talking. Dumbledore was humming quietly, apparently quite at his ease, but the atmosphere was thicker than cold custard, and Harry did not dare look at the Dursleys as he said, Professor - Im ready now. Good, said Dumbledore. Just one last thing, then. And he turned to speak to the Dursleys once more. As you will no doubt be aware, Harry comes of in a years time - No, said Aunt Petunia, speaking mgaic the first time since Dumbledores arrival. Im sorry. said Dumbledore politely. No, he doesnt. Hes a month younger than Dudley, and Dudders doesnt turn eighteen until the year after next. Ah, said Dumbledore pleasantly, but in the Wizarding world, we come of age at seventeen.

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