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Diffindo. It cracked with a sound like a bullet in see more silence: The surface of the pool broke and chunks of dark ice rocked on the ruffled water. As far as Harry could judge, it was not deep, but to retrieve the sword he would have to submerge himself completely. Contemplating the task ahead would not make it easier or the water warmer. He stepped to the pools edge and placed Hermiones wand on the ground, still lit. Then, trying not to imagine how much colder he was about to become or Best grand strategy games reddit violently he would soon be shivering, he jumped. Every pore of his body screamed in protest: The very air in his lungs seemed to freeze solid as he was submerged to his shoulders in the frozen water. He could hardly breathe; trembling so violently read article water lapped over the edges of the pool, he felt for the blade with his numb feet. He only wanted to dive once. Harry put off the moment of total submersion from second to second, gasping and shaking, until he told himself that it must be done, gathered all his courage, and dived. The cold was agony: It attacked him like fire. His brain itself seemed to have frozen as he pushed through the dark water to the bottom and reached out, groping for the sword. His fingers closed around the hilt; he pulled it upward. Then something closed tight around his neck. He thought of water weeds, though nothing had brushed him as he dived, and raised his empty hand to free himself. It was not weed: The chain of the Horcrux had tightened and was slowly constricting his windpipe. Harry kicked out wildly, trying to push himself back to the surface, but merely propelled himself into the rocky side of the pool. Thrashing, suffocating, he scrabbled at the strangling chain, his frozen fingers unable to loosen it, and now little lights were popping inside his head, and article source was going to drown, there was nothing left, nothing he could do, and the arms that closed around his chest were surely Deaths. Choking and retching, soaking and colder than he had ever been in his life, he came to facedown in the snow. Somewhere close by, another person was panting and coughing and sorry, mw2 pc accept around. Hermione had come again, as she had come when the snake attacked. Yet it did not sound like her, not with those deep coughs, not judging by the weight of the footsteps. Harry had no strength to lift his head and see his saviors identity. All he could do was raise a shaking hand to his throat and feel the place where the locket had cut tightly into his flesh. It was gone: Someone had cut him free. Then a panting voice spoke from over his head. Are - you - mental. Nothing but the shock of hearing that voice could have given Harry the strength to get up. Shivering violently, he staggered to his feet. There before him stood Ron, fully dressed but drenched to the skin, his hair plastered to his face, the sword of Gryffindor in one hand and the Horcrux dangling from its broken chain in the other. Why the hell, panted Ron, holding up the Horcrux, which swung backward and forward on Best grand strategy games reddit shortened chain in some parody of hypnosis, didnt you take this thing off before you dived. Harry could not answer. The silver doe was nothing, nothing compared with Rons reappearance; he could not believe it. Shuddering with cold, he caught up the pile of clothes still lying at the waters edge and began to pull them on. As he dragged sweater after sweater over his head, Harry stared at Ron, half expecting him to have disappeared every time he lost sight of him, and yet he had to be real: He had just dived into the pool, he had saved Harrys life. It was y-you. Harry said at last, his teeth chattering, his voice weaker than usual due to his near-strangulation. Well, yeah, said Ron, looking slightly confused. Y-you cast that doe. What. No, of course not. I thought it was you doing it. My Patronus is a stag. Oh yeah. I thought it looked different. No antlers. Harry put Hagrids pouch back around his neck, pulled on a final sweater, stooped to pick up Hermiones wand, and faced Ron again. How come youre here. Apparently Ron had hoped that this point would come up later, if at all. Well, Ive - you know - Ive come back. If - He cleared his throat. You know. You still want me. There was a pause, in which the subject click here Rons departure seemed to rise like a wall between them. Yet he was here. He had returned. He had just saved Harrys life. Ron looked down at his hands. He seemed momentarily surprised to see the things he was holding. Oh yeah, I got it out, he said, rather unnecessarily, holding up the sword for Harrys inspection. Thats why you article source in, right. Yeah, said Harry. But I dont understand. How did you get here. How learn more here you find us. Long story, said Ron. Ive been looking for you for hours, its a big forest, isnt it. And I was just thinking Id have to kip under a tree and wait for morning when I saw that deer coming and you following. You didnt see anyone else. No, said Ron. I - But he hesitated, glancing at two trees growing close together some yards away. I did think I saw something move over there, but I was running to the pool at the time, because youd gone in and you hadnt come up, so I wasnt going to make a detour to - hey. Harry was already hurrying to the place Best grand strategy games reddit had indicated. The two oaks grew close together; there was a gap of only a few inches between the trunks at eye level, an ideal place to see but not be seen. The ground around the roots, however, was free of snow, and Harry could see no sign of footprints. He walked back to where Ron stood waiting, still holding the sword and the Horcrux. Anything there. Ron asked. No, said Harry. So how did the sword get in that pool. Click here cast the Patronus must have put it there. They both looked at the ornate silver sword, its rubied hilt glinting a little in the light from Hermiones wand. You reckon this is the real one. asked Ron. One way to find out, isnt there. said Harry. The Horcrux was still swinging from Rons hand. The locket was twitching slightly. Harry knew that the thing inside it was agitated again. It had sensed the presence of the sword and had tried to kill Harry rather than let him possess it. Now was not the time for long discussions; now was the moment to destroy the locket once and for all. Harry looked around, holding Hermiones wand high, and saw the place: a flattish rock lying in the shadow of a sycamore tree. Come here, he said, and he led the way, brushed snow from the rocks surface, and held out his hand for the Horcrux. When Ron offered the sword, however, Harry shook his head. No, you should do it. said Ron, looking shocked. Why. Because you got the sword out of the pool. I think its supposed to be you. He was not being kind or generous. As certainly as he had known that the doe was benign, he knew that Ron had to be the one to wield the sword. Dumbledore had at least taught Harry something about certain kinds of magic, of the incalculable power of certain acts. Im going to open it, said Harry, and you stab it. Straightaway, okay. Because whatevers in there will put up a fight. The bit of Riddle in the diary tried to kill me. How are you going to open it. asked Ron. He looked terrified. Im going to ask it to open, using Parseltongue, said Harry. Best grand strategy games reddit answer came so readily to his lips that perfect vng thought that he had always known it deep down: Perhaps it had taken his see more encounter with Nagini to make him realize it. He looked at the serpentine S, inlaid see more glittering green stones: It was easy to it as a minuscule snake, curled upon the cold rock. said Ron. No, dont open it. Im serious. Why not. asked Harry. Lets get rid of the damn thing, its been months - I cant, Harry, Im serious - you do it - But why. Because that things bad for me. said Ron, backing away from the locket on the rock. I cant handle it. Im not making excuses, Harry, for what I was like, but it affects me worse than it affected you and Hermione, it made me think stuff - stuff I was thinking anyway, but it made everything worse, I cant explain it, and then Id take it off and Id get my head on straight again, and then Id have to put the effing thing back on - I cant do it, Harry. He had backed away, the sword dragging at his side, shaking his head. You can do it, said Harry, you can. Youve just got the sword, I know its supposed to be you who uses it. Please, just get rid of it, Ron. The sound of his name seemed to act like a stimulant. Ron swallowed, then, still breathing hard through his long nose, moved back toward the rock. Tell me when, he croaked. On three, said Harry, looking back down at the locket and narrowing his eyes, concentrating on the letter S, imagining a serpent, while the contents of the locket rattled like a trapped cockroach. It would have been easy to pity it, except that the cut around Harrys neck still burned. One. two. three. open. The last word came as a hiss and a snarl and the golden doors of the locket swung wide with a little click. Behind both of the glass windows within blinked a living eye, dark and handsome as Tom Riddles eyes had been before he turned them scarlet and slit-pupiled. Stab, said Harry, holding the locket steady on the rock. Ron raised the sword in his shaking hands: The point dangled over the frantically swiveling eyes, and Harry gripped the locket tightly, bracing himself, already imagining blood pouring from the empty windows. Then a voice hissed from out of the Horcrux.

He works at the Ministry, Harry lied. He knew that his whole story would collapse with the smallest investigation, but on the other hand, he only had until his face regained its usual appearance before the game was up in any case. Department of Magical Accidents Xcim Catastrophes. You know what, Greyback, said Scabior. I think there is a Xcom enemy in there. Harry could barely breathe: Could luck, sheer luck, get them safely out of this. Well, well, said Greyback, and Harry could hear the tiniest note of trepidation in that callous voice, and knew that Greyback was wondering whether Xcom enemy had indeed just attacked and bound the son of eney Ministry official. Harrys heart was pounding against the ropes around his ribs; he would not have been surprised to know that Greyback could see it. If youre telling the truth, ugly, youve got nothing to fear from a trip to the Ministry. I expect your fatherll reward us just for picking you up. But, said Harry, his mouth bone dry, if you just let us - Hey. came a shout from inside the tent. Look at this, Xcom enemy. A dark here came bustling toward them, and Harry saw a glint of silver in the light of their wands. They had found Gryffindors sword. Ve-e-ry nice, ejemy Greyback appreciatively, taking it from his companion. Oh, very nice indeed. Looks goblin-made, that. Where did you get something like this. Its my fathers, Harry lied, hoping against hope that it was too dark for Greyback to see the name etched just below the hilt. We borrowed it to cut firewood - ang on a minute, Greyback. Look at this, in the Prophet. As Scabior said it, Harrys scar, which was stretched tight across his distended forehead, burned savagely. More clearly than he could make out anything around him, he saw a towering building, a grim fortress, jet-black and forbidding; Voldemorts thoughts had suddenly become razor-sharp again; he was gliding toward the gigantic building with a sense of calmly euphoric purpose. Xco, close. So close. With a huge effort of will Harry closed his mind to Voldemorts thoughts, pulling himself back to where he sat, tied to Ron, Hermione, Dean, and Griphook in the darkness, listening to Greyback and Scabior. ermione Xcom enemy, Scabior was saying, the Mudblood who is Xcomm to be traveling with arry Potter. Harrys scar burned in the silence, but he made a supreme effort to click to see more himself present, not to slip into Voldemorts mind. He heard the creak of Greybacks boots as he crouched down in front of Hermione. You know what, little girly. This picture looks a hell of a lot like you. It isnt. It isnt me. Hermiones terrified squeak was as good as a confession. known to Xcom enemy traveling with Harry Potter, repeated Greyback quietly. A stillness had settled over the scene. Harrys scar was exquisitely painful, but he struggled with all his strength against the pull of Voldemorts thoughts: It had never been so important to enemj in his own right mind. Well, this changes things, doesnt it. whispered Greyback. Enemg spoke: Harry sensed the gang of Snatchers this web page, frozen, and felt Hermiones arm trembling against his. Greyback got up and took a couple of steps to where Harry sat, crouching down again to stare closely at his misshapen features. Whats that on your forehead, Vernon. he asked softly, his breath foul in Harrys nostrils as he pressed a filthy finger to the taut scar. Dont touch it. Harry yelled; he could not stop himself; he thought he might be sick from 2 stardrive pain of it. I thought you wore glasses, Potter. breathed Greyback. I found glasses. yelped one of the Snatchers skulking in the background. There was glasses in the tent, Greyback, wait - And seconds later Harrys glasses had been rammed back onto his face. The Snatchers were closing in now, peering at him. It is. rasped Greyback. Weve caught Potter. They all took several Xcom enemy backward, stunned by what they had done. Harry, still fighting to remain present inside his own splitting head, could think of nothing to say: Fragmented visions were breaking across the surface of his mind - - He was gliding around the high walls of the black fortress - No, he was Harry, tied up and wandless, in grave danger - - looking up, up to the topmost window, the highest tower - He was Harry, and they were discussing his fate in low voices - - Time to fly. to the Ministry. To hell with the Ministry, growled Greyback. Theyll take the credit, and we wont get a look in. I say we take him straight to You-Know-Who. Will you summon im. ere. said Scabior, sounding awed, terrified. No, snarled Greyback, I ennemy got - they say hes using the Malfoys place as a base. Well take the boy there. Harry thought he knew why Greyback was not calling Voldemort. The werewolf might be allowed to wear Death Eater robes when ejemy wanted to him, but only Voldemorts inner circle were branded with the game pc download Dark Mark: Greyback had not been granted this highest honor. Harrys scar seared again - - and he rose into the night, flying straight up to the window at the very top of the tower -. completely sure its him. Cause if it aint, Greyback, were dead. Whos in charge here. roared Greyback, covering his moment of inadequacy. I say thats Potter, and him plus his wand, thats two hundred thousand Galleons right there. But enfmy youre too gutless to come along, any of you, its all for me, and with any luck, Ill get the girl thrown in. - The window was the merest slit in the black rock, not big enough for a man to enter. A skeletal figure was just visible through it, curled beneath a blanket. Dead, or sleeping. All right. said Scabior. All right, were in. And what about the rest of em, Greyback, whatll we do with em. Might as well take the lot.

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Harry had the impression that Hermione had been dying to tell them this grqnd days, but that she had restrained herself in light of everything else that had happened. How was she doing it.