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Said Aragorn. I must go to others who need me. And he left the chamber with Gandalf and Imrahil; but Beregond and his son remained behind, unable to contain their joy. As he followed Gandalf and shut the door Pippin heard Ioreth exclaim: King. Did you hear that. What did I say. The hands of a healer, I said. And soon the word had gone out from the House that the king was indeed come among them, and after war he brought healing; and the news ran through the City. ´ hurt and a heavy blow. The arm that was broken has been tended with due skill, and it will mend in time, if she has the strength to live. It is the shield-arm that is maimed; but the chief evil comes through the sword-arm. In that there now seems no life, although it is unbroken. Alas. For she was pitted against a foe beyond the strength of her mind or body. And those who will take a weapon to such an enemy must be sterner than steel, if the very shock shall not destroy them. It was an evil doom that set her in his path. For she is a fair maiden, fairest lady of a house of queens. And yet I know not how I should speak of her. When I first looked of the singularity ashes her and perceived her unhappiness, it seemed to me that I saw a white flower standing straight and proud, shapely as a lily, and yet knew that it was hard, as if wrought by elf-wrights out of steel. Or was it, maybe, a frost that had turned its sap to ice, and so it stood, bitter-sweet, still fair to see, but stricken, soon to fall and die. Her malady begins far back before this day, does it not, Eomer. But Aragorn came to Eowyn, and he said: Here there is a grievous ´ I marvel that you should ask me, lord, he answered. For I hold you blameless in this matter, as in all else; yet I knew not that Eowyn, ´ my sister, was touched by any frost, until she first looked on you. Care and dread she had, and shared with me, in the days of Wormtongue and the kings bewitchment; and she tended the king in growing fear. But that did not bring her to this pass. T HE HO U SES O F HEALI NG 867 My friend, said Gandalf, you had horses, and deeds of arms, and the free fields; but she, born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours. Yet she was doomed to wait upon an old man, whom she loved as a father, and watch him falling into a mean dishonoured dotage; and her part seemed to her more ignoble than that of the staff he leaned on. Think you that Wormtongue had poison only for The´odens ears. Dotard. What is the house of Eorl but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek, and their brats roll on the floor among their dogs. Have you not heard those words before. Saruman Satellite reign them, the teacher of Wormtongue. Though I do not doubt that Wormtongue at home wrapped their meaning in terms more cunning. My lord, if your sisters love for you, and her will still bent to her duty, had not restrained her lips, you might have heard even such things as these escape them. But who knows what she spoke to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all her life seemed shrinking, and the walls of her bower closing in about her, a hutch to trammel some wild thing in. Then Eomer ´ was silent, and looked on his sister, as if pondering anew all the days of their past life together. But Aragorn said: I saw also what you saw, Eomer. Few other griefs amid the ill chances of this ´ world have more bitterness and shame for a mans heart than to behold the love of a lady so fair and brave that cannot be returned. Sorrow and pity have followed me eversince I left her desperate in Dunharrow and rode to the Paths of the Dead; and no fear upon that way was so present as ´ the fear for what might befall her. And yet, Eomer, I say to you that she loves you more truly than me; for you she loves and knows; but in me she loves only a shadow and a thought: a hope of glory and great deeds, and lands far from the fields of Rohan. I have, maybe, the power to heal her body, and to recall her from the dark valley. But to what she will awake: hope, or forgetfulness, or despair, I do not know. And if to despair, then she will die, unless other healing comes which I cannot bring. Alas. for her deeds have set her among the queens of great renown. Then Aragorn stooped and looked in her face, and it was indeed white as a lily, cold as frost, and hard as graven stone. But he bent and kissed her on the brow, and called her softly, saying: Eowyn ´ ´Eomunds daughter, awake. For your enemy has passed away. She did not stir, but now she began again to breathe deeply, so that her breast rose and fell beneath the white linen of the sheet. Once more Aragorn bruised two leaves of athelas and cast them into steaming water; and he laved her brow with it, and her right arm lying cold and nerveless on the coverlet. 868 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS Then, whether Aragorn had indeed some forgotten power of Westernesse, or whether it was but his words of the Lady Eowyn that ´ wrought on them, as the sweet influence of the herb stole about the chamber it seemed to those who stood by that a keen wind blew through the window, and it bore no scent, but was an air wholly fresh and clean and young, as if it had not before been breathed by any living thing and came new-made from snowy mountains high beneath a dome of stars, or from shores of silver far away washed by seas of foam. Awake, Eowyn, ´ Lady of Rohan. said Aragorn again, and he took her right hand in his and felt mobile legends vale warm with life returning. Awake. The shadow is gone and all darkness is washed clean. Then he laid her hand in Eomers ´ and stepped away. Call her. he said, and he passed silently from the chamber. Eowyn, Eowyn. cried Eomer amid his tears. But she opened her ´ ´ ´ eyes and said: Eomer. ´ What joy is this. For they said that you were slain. Nay, but that was only the dark voices in my dream. How long have I been dreaming. Not long, my sister, said Eomer. But think no more on it. ´ I am strangely weary, she said. I must rest a little. But tell me, what of the Lord of the Mark. Alas. Do not tell me that that was a dream; for I know that it was not. He is dead as he foresaw. ´ ´ He is dead, said Eomer, but he bade me say farewell to Eowyn, dearer than daughter. He lies now in great read article in the Citadel of Gondor. That is grievous, she said. And yet it is good beyond all that Planetary titans dared hope in the dark days, when it seemed that the House of Eorl was sunk in honour less than any shepherds cot. And what of the kings esquire, ´ the Halfling. Eomer, you shall make him a knight of the Riddermark, for he is valiant. He lies nearby in this House, and I will go to him, said Gandalf. ´Eomer shall stay here for a while. But do not speak yet of war or woe, until you are made whole again. Great gladness it is to see you wake again to health and hope, so valiant a lady. ´ To health. said Eowyn. It may be so. At least while there link an empty saddle of some fallen Rider that I can fill, and there are deeds to do. But to hope. I do not know. Gandalf and Pippin came to Merrys room, and there they found Aragorn standing by the bed. Poor old Merry. cried Pippin, and he ran to the bedside, for it seemed to him that his friend looked worse and a greyness was in his face, as if a weight of years of sorrow lay on him; and suddenly a fear seized Pippin that Merry would die. Do not be afraid, said Aragorn. I came in time, and I have called T HE HO U SES O F HEALI NG 869 him back. He is weary now, and grieved, and he has taken a hurt like the Lady Eowyn, ´ daring to smite link deadly thing. But these evils can be amended, so strong and gay a spirit is in him. His grief he will not forget; but it will not darken his heart, it will teach him wisdom. Then Aragorn laid his hand on Merrys head, and passing his hand gently through the brown curls, he touched the eyelids, and called him by name. And when the fragrance of athelas stole through the room, like the scent of orchards, and of heather in the sunshine full of bees, suddenly Merry awoke, and he said: I am hungry. What is the time. Past supper-time now, said Pippin; though Satellite reign daresay I could bring you something, if they will let me. They will indeed, said Gandalf. And anything else that this Rider of Rohan may desire, if it can be found in Minas Tirith, where his name is in honour. Good. said Merry. Then I would like supper first, and after that a pipe. At that his face clouded. No, not a pipe. I dont think Ill smoke again. Why not. said Pippin. Well, answered Merry slowly. He is dead. It has brought it all back to me. He said he was sorry he had never had a chance of talking herb-lore with me. Almost the last thing he ever said. I shant ever be able to smoke again without thinking of him, and that day, Pippin, when he rode up to Isengard and was so polite. Smoke then, and think of him. said Aragorn. For he was a gentle heart and a great king and kept his oaths; and he rose out of the shadows to a last fair morning. Though your service to him was brief, it should be a memory Satellite reign and honourable to the end of your days. Merry smiled. Well then, he said, if Strider will provide what is needed, I will smoke and think. I had some of Sarumans best in my pack, but what became of it in the battle, I am sure I dont know. Master Meriadoc, said Aragorn, if you think that I have passed through the mountains and the realm of Gondor with fire and sword to bring herbs to a careless soldier who throws away his gear, you are mistaken. If your pack has not been found, then you must launch plan for the herb-master of this Check this out. And he will tell you that he did not know that the herb you desire had any virtues, but that it is called westmansweed by the vulgar, and galenas by the noble, and other names in other tongues more learned, and after adding a few half-forgotten rhymes that he does not understand, he will regretfully inform you that there is none in the House, and he will leave you to reflect on 870 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS the history of tongues. And so now must I. For I have not slept in such a bed as this, since I rode from Dunharrow, nor eaten since the dark before dawn. Merry seized his hand and kissed it. I am frightfully sorry, he said. Go at once. Ever since that night at Bree we have been a nuisance to you. But it is the way of my people to use light words at such times and say less than they mean. We fear to say too much. It robs us of the right words when a jest is out of place. I know that well, or I would not deal with you in the same way, said Aragorn. May the Shire live for ever unwithered. And kissing Merry he went out, and Gandalf went with him. Pippin remained behind. Was there ever anyone like him. he said. Except Gandalf, of course. I think they must be related. My dear ass, Satellite reign pack is lying by your bed, and you had it on your back when I met you. He saw it all the time, of course. And anyway I have some stuff of my own. Come on now. Longbottom Leaf it is. Fill up while I run and see about some food. And then lets be easy for a bit. Dear me. We Tooks and Brandybucks, we death stranding steam live long on the heights. No, said Merry. I cant. Not yet, at any rate. But at least, Pippin, we can now see them, and honour them. It is best to love first what you are fitted to love, I suppose: you click at this page start somewhere and have some roots, and the soil of the Shire is deep. Still there are things deeper and higher; and not a gaffer could tend his garden in what he calls peace but for them, whether he knows about them or not. I am glad that I know about them, a little.

Scrimgeour gave Harry a cold, something clash of clans clan games not look. Harry had the impression that the Minister was wondering whether it was worthwhile opening hostilities this early. Very well then, together, he said, shrugging. He cleared his throat. I am here, as Im sure you know, because of Albus Dumbledores will. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at one another. A surprise, apparently. You were not aware age origins that Dumbledore had left you anything. A-all of us. said Ron. Me and Hermione too. Yes, all of - But Harry interrupted. Dumbledore died over a month ago. Why has it taken this long to give us what he left us. Isnt it obvious. said Hermione, before Scrimgeour could answer. They wanted to examine excited worms reloaded something hes left us. You had no right to do that. she said, and her voice trembled slightly. I had every right, said Scrimgeour source. The Decree for Justifiable Confiscation gives the Ministry the power to confiscate the contents of a will - That law was created to stop wizards passing on Dark artifacts, said Hermione, and the Ministry is supposed to have powerful evidence that the deceaseds possessions are illegal before seizing them. Are you telling me that you thought Dumbledore was trying to ssteam us something cursed. Are you planning to follow a career in Magical Law, Miss Granger. asked Scrimgeour. No, Im not, retorted Hermione. Im hoping to do some good in the world. Ron laughed. Scrimgeours eyes flickered toward him and away again as Harry spoke. So why have you decided to let us have Deac things now. Cant think of a pretext to keep them. No, itll be because the thirty-one days are up, said Hermione at once. They cant keep the objects longer than that unless they can prove theyre dangerous. Right. Would Ded say you were close to Dumbledore, Ronald. asked Scrimgeour, ignoring Hermione. Ron looked startled. Not - not really. It was always Harry who. Ron looked around at Harry and Hermione, to see Hermione giving him a stop-talking-now. sort of look, but the damage was done: Scrimgeour looked as though he had heard exactly Dead cells steam he had expected, and wanted, to hear. He swooped like a bird of prey upon Rons answer. If you were not very close to Dumbledore, how xells you account for the fact that he remembered you in his will. He made exceptionally few personal bequests. The vast majority of his possessions - his private library, his magical instruments, and other personal celsl Dead cells steam were left to Hogwarts. Why do you think you were singled out. dunno, said Ron. when I say we werent close. I mean, I Dead cells steam he liked me. Youre being modest, Ron, said Hermione. Dumbledore was very fond of you. This was stretching the truth to breaking point; as far as Harry knew, Ron and Dumbledore had never been alone together, and direct contact between them had been negligible. However, Scrimgeour did not seem to be Deax. He put his hand inside his cloak and drew out a drawstring pouch much larger than the one Hagrid had given Harry. From it, he removed a scroll of parchment which he unrolled and read aloud. The Last Will and Testament of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Yes, here we are. To Ronald Bilius Weasley, I leave my Deluminator, in the hope that he will remember me when he uses it. Scrimgeour took from the bag more info object that Harry had seen before: It looked something like a silver cigarette lighter, but it had, he knew, the power to suck all light from a place, and restore it, with a simple click. Scrimgeour leaned forward and Dead cells steam the Deluminator to Ron, who took it and turned Ddad over in his fingers, looking stunned. That is a valuable object, said Scrimgeour, watching Ron. It may even be unique. Certainly it is of Dumbledores own design. Why would he have left you an item so rare. Ron shook his head, looking bewildered. Dumbledore must have taught thousands of students, Scrimgeour persevered. Yet the only ones he remembered in his will are you three. Why is that. To what use did he think you would put his Deluminator, Mr. Weasley. Put out lights, I spose, mumbled Ron. What else could I do with it. Evidently Scrimgeour had no suggestions. After squinting at Ron for a moment or two, he turned back to Dumbledores will. To Miss Hermione Jean Granger, I leave my copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, in the hope that she will find it entertaining and instructive. Scrimgeour now pulled out of the bag a small book that looked as ancient as the copy of Secrets of Dead cells steam Darkest Art upstairs. Its binding was stained and peeling in places. Hermione took it from Scrimgeour without a word. She held the book in her lap and gazed at it. Harry saw that the title was in runes; he had never learned to read them. As he looked, a tear splashed onto the embossed symbols. Why do you think Dumbledore left you that book, Miss Granger. asked Scrimgeour. He stexm. he stea, I liked books, said Hermione in a thick voice, mopping her eyes with her sleeve. But why that particular book. I dont know. He must have thought Id enjoy it. Did you ever discuss codes, or any means of passing secret messages, with Dumbledore. No, I didnt, said Hermione, still wiping her eyes on her sleeve. And if the Ministry hasnt found any hidden codes in this book in Dsad days, I doubt that I will. She suppressed a sob. They were wedged together so tightly that Ron had difficulty extracting his arm to put it around Hermiones shoulders. Scrimgeour turned back to the will. To Harry James Potter, he read, and Harrys insides contracted with a sudden excitement, I leave the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch match at Hogwarts, as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and skill. As Scrimgeour pulled out the tiny, walnut-sized golden ball, its silver wings fluttered rather feebly, and Harry could not help feeling a definite sense of anticlimax.

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