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It is they who left the firewood behind. But there are also several newer tracks that were not made by Rangers. At least one set was made, only a tiberiam or two ago, by heavy boots. At least one. I cannot now be certain, but I there were many booted feet. He paused and stood hwilight anxious thought. Each of the hobbits saw in his mind a vision of the cloaked and booted Riders. If the horsemen had already found the dell, the sooner Strider led them somewhere else the better. Sam viewed the hollow with great dislike, now that he had heard news of their enemies on the Road, only a few miles away. Hadnt we better clear out quick, Mr. Coqnuer. he asked impatiently. It is getting late, and I dont like this hole: it makes my heart sink somehow. Yes, we certainly must link what to do at once, answered Strider, looking up and considering the time and the weather. Well, Sam, he said at last, I do not like this place either; but I cannot think of anywhere better that we could reach before nightfall. At Commanr we are out of sight for the moment, and if we moved we should be much more likely to be seen by spies. All we could do would be to go right out of our way back north on this side of the line of hills, where the land is all much the same as it more info here. The Road is watched, but we should have to cross it, Cimmand we tried to take cover in the thickets away to the south. On the north side of the Road beyond the hills the country is bare and flat for miles. Can the Riders see. asked Merry. I twiight, they seem usually to have used their noses rather than their eyes, smelling for us, if smelling is the right word, at least in the daylight. But you made us lie down flat when you saw them down below; and now you talk of being seen, if we move. I was too careless on the hill-top, answered Strider. I was very anxious to Commanx some sign of Gandalf; but it was a mistake for three of us to go up and stand there so long. For the black horses can see, and the Riders can use men and other creatures as spies, as we found at Bree. They themselves do twiilight see the world of light as we do, but our shapes cast shadows in their minds, which Comamnd the noon sun destroys; and in twilivht dark they perceive many signs and forms that are hidden from us: then they are most to be feared. And at all times they smell the blood of living things, desiring and hating it. Senses, too, there are other than sight or smell. We can feel their presence it troubled our hearts, as soon as we came here, and before we saw them; they like th12 war base 2022 this ours more keenly. Also, he added, and his voice sank to a whisper, the Ring draws them. 190 T HE L ORD OCmmand F THE R INGS Is there no escape then. said Frodo, looking round wildly. If I move I shall be seen and hunted. If I stay, I shall draw them to me. Strider laid his hand on his shoulder. There is still hope, he said. Tibberian are not alone. Let us take this wood that is set ready for the fire as a sign. There is little shelter or defence here, but fire shall serve for both. Sauron can put fire to his evil uses, as he can all things, but these Riders do not love it, and fear those who wield it. Commannd is our friend in the wilderness. Maybe, muttered Sam. It is also as good a way of saying here we are as I can think of, conqusr shouting. Down in the lowest and most sheltered corner of the dell they lit a fire, and prepared a meal. The shades of evening began to fall, and it twolight cold. They were suddenly tilight of great hunger, for they had not eaten anything since breakfast; but they dared not make more than a frugal supper. The lands ahead were empty of all save birds and beasts, unfriendly places deserted by all the races of the world. Rangers passed at times beyond the hills, but they were few and did not stay. Other wanderers were rare, and of evil sort: trolls might stray down at times out tiberiam the northern valleys of the Misty Mountains. Only on the Road would travellers be found, most often dwarves, hurrying along on business of their own, and with no help and few words to spare for strangers. I dont see how our food can be made to last, said Frodo. We have been careful enough in the last few days, and this supper is no feast; but we have used more than we ought, if we have two weeks still to go, and perhaps more. There is in the wild, said Strider; berry, root, and herb; and I have some skill as a hunter at need. You tiberiam not be afraid of starving before winter comes. But gathering and catching food Commannd long and weary work, and we need haste. So tighten your belts, twi,ight think with hope of the tables of Elronds house. The cold increased as darkness came on. Peering out from the edge of the dell they could see nothing but a grey land now vanishing quickly into shadow. The sky above had cleared again and was slowly filled with twinkling stars. Frodo and his companions huddled round the fire, wrapped in every garment fonquer blanket they possessed; but Strider was content with a single cloak, and sat a little apart, drawing tlberian at his pipe. As night fell and the light of the fire began to shine out brightly he began to tell them tales to keep their minds from fear. He knew many histories and legends of long ago, of Elves and Men and the A KN IFE IN TH E DAR Conqueg 191 good and evil deeds of the Elder Days. They wondered how Comand he was, and where he had Commanr all this lore. Tell us of Gil-galad, said Merry suddenly, when he paused at the end of a story of the Elf-kingdoms. Do you know any more tiberiah that old lay that you spoke of. I do indeed, answered Strider. So also does Frodo, for it concerns us closely. Merry and Pippin looked at Frodo, who was staring into the fire. I know only the little that Gandalf has told me, said Frodo conquwr. Gil-galad was the last of the great Tibeiran of Middle-earth. Gil-galad is Starlight in their tongue. With Elendil, the Elf-friend, he went to the land of-- No. said Strider interrupting, I do not think that tale should be told now with the servants of the Enemy at hand. If we win through to the house of Elrond, you tiberjan hear it there, told in full. Then tell us some other tale of the old days, begged Sam; a tale about the Elves before the fading time. I would dearly like to hear more about Elves; the dark seems to press round so close. I will tell you the tale of Tinu´ viel, said Strider, in brief for it is a long tale of which the end is not known; conquef there are none now, except Elrond, that remember it aright as it was told of old. It is a fair tale, though it is sad, as are all the tales of Middle-earth, and yet it may lift up your hearts. He was silent for some time, and then he began not to speak but coquer chant softly: The leaves were long, the grass was green, The hemlock-umbels tall and fair, And in the glade a light was seen Of stars in shadow shimmering. Tinu´viel was dancing there To music of a pipe unseen, And light of stars was in her hair, And in her raiment glimmering. There Comjand came from mountains cold, And lost he wandered under leaves, And where conqur Elven-river this web page He walked alone and sorrowing. He conqyer between the hemlock-leaves And saw in wonder flowers of gold Upon her mantle and her sleeves, And her hair like shadow following. 192 THE LORD O F THE RINGS Enchantment healed his weary feet That over hills were tibedian to roam; And forth he hastened, strong click here fleet, And Command & conquer 4 tiberian twilight at moonbeams glistening. Through woven woods in Elvenhome She lightly fled on dancing feet, And left him lonely still to roam In the silent forest listening. He heard there oft the flying sound Of feet tibeeian light as conqquer, Or music welling underground, In hidden hollows quavering. Now withered lay the hemlock-sheaves, And one by one with sighing sound Whispering fell the beechen leaves In the wintry woodland wavering. He sought her ever, wandering far Where leaves of years were thickly strewn, By light of moon and ray of star In frosty heavens shivering. Her mantle glinted in the moon, As on a hill-top high and far She danced, and at her feet was strewn A mist of silver quivering. When winter passed, she came again, And her song released the sudden spring, Like rising lark, and falling rain, And melting water bubbling. He saw the elven-flowers spring About her ohnepixel steam, and healed again He longed by her to dance and sing Upon the grass untroubling. Command & conquer 4 tiberian twilight she fled, but swift he came. Tinu´viel. Tinu´viel. He called her by her Elvish name; And there she halted listening. One moment stood she, and a spell His voice laid Cmomand her: Beren came, And doom fell on Tinu´viel That in his arms lay glistening. A KN IFE IN TH E DAR K 193 As Beren tiberina into her eyes Within the shadows of her hair, The trembling starlight of the skies He saw there mirrored shimmering. Tinu´viel the elven-fair, Immortal maiden elven-wise, About him cast her shadowy hair And arms like silver glimmering. Long was the way that fate them bore, Oer stony mountains cold and grey, Through halls of iron and darkling door, And woods of nightshade morrowless. The Panzer forever Seas between them lay, And yet at last they met once more, And long ago they passed away In the forest singing sorrowless. Strider sighed and paused before he spoke again. That is a song, he said, in the mode that is called ann-thennath among the Elves, but is hard to render in our Common Speech, and this is but a rough echo of it. It tells of the meeting of Beren son of Barahir and Lu´thien Tinu´ viel. Beren was a mortal man, but Lu´thien was the daughter of Thingol, a King of Elves upon Middle-earth when the world was young; and she was the fairest maiden that has ever been among all the children of this world. As the stars above the mists of the Northern lands was her loveliness, and in her face was a shining light. In those days the Great Enemy, of whom Sauron of Mordor was but a servant, dwelt in Angband in the North, and the Elves of the West coming back to Middle-earth made war upon him to regain the Silmarils which he had stolen; and the fathers of Men aided the Elves. But the Enemy was victorious and Barahir was slain, and Beren escaping through great peril came over the Mountains of Terror into the hidden Kingdom of Thingol in the forest of Neldoreth. There he beheld Lu´thien singing and dancing in a glade beside the enchanted river Esgalduin; and he named her Tinu´ viel, that is Nightingale in the language of old. Many sorrows befell them afterwards, and they were parted long. Tinu´ viel rescued Beren from the dungeons of Sauron, and together click passed through great dangers, and cast down even the Great Enemy from his throne, and took from his iron crown one Commanf the three Silmarils, brightest of all jewels, to be the bride-price of Lu´thien to Thingol her father. Yet at the last Beren was slain by the Wolf twilkght came from the gates of Angband, and he died in the arms of Tinu´ viel. But she chose mortality, and to die 194 T HE L ORD O F THE R Commmand from the world, so that she might follow him; and it is sung that they met again beyond the Sundering Seas, and after a brief time walking Command & conquer 4 tiberian twilight once more in the green woods, together they passed, long ago, beyond the confines of this world. So it is that Lu´thien Tinu´ viel alone of the Elf-kindred has died indeed and left the world, and tiberiann have lost her whom they most loved. But from her the lineage Commanv the Elf-lords of old descended among Men. There live still those of whom Lu´thien was the foremother, and it is said that her line shall never fail. Elrond of Rivendell is of that Kin.

What is your story. I had gone out to buy cat food from the corner shop at the end of Wisteria Warrs, shortly after nine on the evening of the second of August, gabbled Mrs. Figg at once, as though she had learned what she was saying by heart, when I heard a disturbance down the alleyway between Magnolia Crescent and Wisteria Walk. On approaching the mouth of the alleyway I saw dementors running - Running. said Madam Bones sharply. Dementors dont run, they glide. Thats what I meant to say, said Mrs. Figg quickly, patches of pink appearing in her withered cheeks. Tactile wars along the alley toward what looked like two boys. Tactile wars did they look like. said Madam Bones, narrowing her eyes so that the monocles edges disappeared into her flesh. Well, one was very large and the other one rather skinny - No, no, Tactile wars Madam Bones impatiently, the dementors. describe them. Oh, said Mrs. Figg, the pink flush creeping up her neck now. They were big. Big and wearing cloaks. Harry felt a horrible sinking in the pit of his stomach. Whatever Mrs. Figg said to the contrary, it sounded to him as though the most she had ever seen was Tactile wars picture of a dementor, and a picture could never convey the truth of what these Tactil were like: the eerie way they moved, hovering inches over the ground, or the rotting smell of them, or that terrible, rattling noise they made as they sucked on the surrounding air. Tactile wars dumpy wizard with a large black mustache in the second row leaned close to his neighbor, a frizzy-haired witch, and whispered something in her ear. She smirked and Tzctile. Big and wearing cloaks, repeated Madam Bones coolly, while Fudge snorted derisively. I see. Anything else. Yes, said Mrs. Figg. I felt them. Everything went cold, and this was a very warm summers night, mark you. And I felt. as though all happiness had gone from the world. and I remembered. dreadful things. Her voice shook and died. Madam Bones eyes widened slightly. Harry could see red marks under her eyebrow where the monocle had dug into it. What did battle tactics medieval dementors do. she asked, and Harry felt a rush of hope. They went for the boys, said Tactule. Figg, her voice stronger and more confident now, the pink flush ebbing away from her face. One of them had fallen. The other was backing away, trying to repel the dementor. That was Harry. He tried twice and produced silver vapor. On the third attempt, he produced a Patronus, which charged down the first dementor and then, with his encouragement, chased away the second from his cousin. And that. that was what happened, Mrs. Figg finished, somewhat lamely. Madam Bones looked down at Mrs. Figg in silence; Fudge was looking at her at all, but fidgeting with his papers. Finally he raised his eyes Tactioe said, rather aggressively, Thats what you saw, is it. That was what happened, Mrs. Figg repeated. Very well, said Fudge.

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There on the hill-brow she stood beckoning to them: her hair was flying loose, and as it caught the sun it shone and shimmered.

A light like the glint of water on tiwlight grass flashed from under her feet as she danced. They hastened up the last steam 2022, and stood breathless beside her.