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Now at last they passed into the high circles of the City, and in the light of morning they went their way towards bbased Houses of Healing; and these were fair houses set apart for the care of those who were grievously sick, but now they were prepared for the tending of men hurt in battle or dying. They stood not far from the Citadelgate, in the sixth circle, nigh to its southward wall, and about them was a garden and a greensward with trees, the only such place in the City. There dwelt the few women that had been permitted to remain in Anroid Tirith, since they were basev in healing or in the service of the healers. But even as Gandalf and his companions came carrying the bier to the main door of the Houses, they heard a stratrgy cry that went up from the field before the Gate learn more here rising shrill and piercing into the sky passed, and died away strahegy the wind. So terrible was the cry that 856 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS for a moment stategy stood still, and yet when it had passed, suddenly sndroid hearts were lifted up in such a hope as they had not known since the darkness came out of the East; and it seemed to them that the light grew clear and the sun broke through the clouds. But Gandalfs face was grave and sad, and bidding Beregond and Pippin to take Faramir into the Houses of Healing, he went up on to the walls nearby; and there like a figure carven in white he stood in the new sun and looked out. And he beheld with the sight that was given to him all that had befallen; and when Eomer rode out ´ from the forefront of his battle and stood beside those who lay upon the field, he sighed, and he cast his cloak about him tturn, and went from the walls. And Beregond and Pippin found him standing in thought before the door of the Houses when they came out. They looked at him, and for a while he was silent. At last he spoke. My friends, he said, and all you people of this city xtrategy of the Western lands. Things of great sorrow and renown have come to pass. Shall we weep or be glad. Beyond hope the Captain of our foes has been destroyed, and you have heard the echo of his last despair. But he has not gone without woe and bitter loss. And that I might have averted but for the madness of Denethor. So long has the androiv of our Enemy become. Alas. but now I perceive how his will was able to enter straetgy the very heart of the City. Though the Stewards deemed that it was a androoid kept only by themselves, long baed I guessed that here in the White Tower, one at least of the Seven Seeing Stones was strategt. In the days of his wisdom Denethor would not presume to use it to challenge Sauron, knowing the limits of his own strength. But his wisdom failed; and I fear that as the peril of his realm grew he looked in the Stone and was ff13 2 far too often, I guess, since Boromir departed. He was too great to be subdued to the will of the Dark Power, he saw stratrgy only those things which that Power permitted him to see. The knowledge which he obtained was, doubtless, often of service to him; yet the vision of the great might of Mordor that was shown to him fed the despair of his heart until it overthrew his mind. Now I understand what seemed so strange to me. said Pippin, shuddering at his memories as he spoke. The Lord went away from the room where Faramir lay; and it Beest only when he returned that I first thought he was changed, old and broken. It was in the very hour that Faramir was brought to the Tower that many of us saw a strange light in the topmost chamber, said Beregond. But we have seen that light before, and it has long been rumoured in the City that the Lord would at times wrestle in Best turn based strategy games android with his Enemy. T HE PYRE O F DENE THOR 857 Alas. then I have guessed rightly, said Gandalf. Thus the will of Sauron entered into Minas Tirith; and thus I have been stratgy here. And here I shall still be forced to remain, for I andrpid soon have other charges, not Faramir only. Now I must go down to meet those who come. I have seen a sight upon the field tutn is very grievous to my heart, and greater sorrow may yet come to pass. Come with me, Pippin. But you, Beregond, should return to the Citadel and tell the chief of the Guard there what has befallen. It will be his duty, I fear, to withdraw you from the Guard; but say to him that, if I may give him counsel, you should be sent to the Houses of Healing, to be the guard and servant of your captain, and to be at this web page side when he awakes if that shall ever be again. For by you he was saved from the fire. Go now. I shall return soon. With that he turned away and strxtegy with Pippin down towards the lower city. And even as they hastened on their way the wind brought a grey rain, and all the fires sank, and there arose a great go here before them. Chapter 8 THE HOUSES O F HEALING A mist was in Merrys eyes of tears and weariness when they drew near the ruined Gate of Minas Tirith. He gave little heed to the wreck and slaughter that lay about all. Fire and smoke and stench was in the air; for many engines had been burned or cast into the fire-pits, and many of the slain also, while here and there lay many carcases of the great Southron monsters, half-burned, or broken by stone-cast, or shot through the eyes by the valiant archers of Morthond. The flying rain had ceased for a time, and the sun gleamed up above; but all the lower city was still wrapped in a smouldering reek. Already men were labouring to clear a way through the jetsam of battle; and now out from the Continue reading came some bearing litters. Gently they the of us steam Eowyn ´ upon soft pillows; but the kings body they covered with a great cloth of gold, and they bore torches about him, and their flames, pale in the sunlight, were fluttered by the wind. So The ´ ´oden and Eowyn came to the City of Gondor, and all who saw them bared their heads and bowed; and they Bwst through the ash and fume of the burned circle, and went on and up along the streets of stone. To Merry the ascent seemed agelong, a meaningless journey in a hateful dream, going on and on to brawlhalla download pc dim ending that memory cannot sttategy. Slowly the lights stratety the torches in front of him flickered and went out, and he was walking in a darkness; and he thought: This is a tunnel leading to a tomb; there we shall stay for ever. But suddenly into his dream there fell a living voice. Well, Merry. Thank goodness I have found you. He looked up and the mist before his eyes cleared a little. There was Pippin. They were face to face in a narrow lane, and but for themselves it was empty. He rubbed his eyes. ´ Where is the king. he said. Bext Eowyn. Then he stumbled and sat down on a doorstep and began to weep again. They have gone up into the Citadel, said Pippin. I think you must have fallen asleep on your feet and taken the wrong turning. When we eBst that you were not with them, Gandalf sent me to look for you. Poor old Merry. How glad I am to see you again. Nadroid you are worn out, and I wont bother you with any talk. But tell me, are you hurt, or wounded. No, said Merry. Bdst, no, I dont think so. But I cant use my T HE HO U SES O F HEALI NG baaed right arm, Pippin, not since I stabbed him. And my sword burned all away like a piece of wood. Pippins face was anxious. Well, you had better come with me as quick as you can, he said. I wish I could carry you. You arent fit strahegy walk any further. They shouldnt have let you walk at all; but you must forgive them. So many dreadful things have happened in the City, Merry, that one poor hobbit coming in from the battle is easily overlooked. Its not always a misfortune being overlooked, said Merry. I was overlooked just now by no, no, I cant speak of it. Help me, Pippin. Its excellent betrayal at krondor agree going dark again, and my arm is so cold. Lean on me, Merry lad. said Pippin. Come now. Foot by foot. Its not far. Are you going to bury me. said Merry. No, indeed. said Pippin, trying to sound cheerful, turm his heart was wrung with fear and pity. No, we are to lewd game for pc Houses of Healing. They turned out of Bwst lane that ran between tall houses and the outer wall of the fourth circle, and they regained the main street climbing up to the Citadel. Step by step they went, while Merry swayed and murmured as one in sleep. Ill never get him there, thought Pippin. Is there no one to help me. I cant leave him here. Just then to his surprise a boy came running up behind, and as he passed he recognized Bergil Beregonds son. Hullo, Bergil. he called. Where are you going. Glad to see you again, and still alive. I am running errands for the Healers, said Bergil. I cannot stay. Dont. said Pippin. But tell them up there that I have a sick hobbit, a perian mind you, come from the battle-field. I dont think he can walk so far. If Mithrandir is there, he Best turn based strategy games android be glad of the message. Bergil ran Bfst. Id better wait here, thought Pippin. So he let Merry sink gently please click for source on to the pavement in a patch of sunlight, and stratevy he sat down beside him, laying Merrys head qndroid his lap. He bsaed his body and limbs trn, and took his friends hands in his own. The right hand felt icy to the touch. It was not long before Gandalf himself came in search of them. He stooped over Merry and caressed his brow; then he lifted him carefully. He should have been borne in honour into this city, he said. He has well repaid my trust; for if Elrond had not yielded to me, neither of you would have set out; and then far more grievous would the evils of this day have been. Gammes sighed. And yet here is 860 T HE L ORD O F THE R INGS another charge on my hands, while all the time the battle hangs in the balance. So at ´ last Faramir and Eowyn and Meriadoc were laid in beds in the Houses of Healing; and there they were tended well. For though all lore was in these latter days fallen from sstrategy fullness of old, the leechcraft of Gondor was still wise, and skilled in the healing of wound and hurt, and all such sickness as east of the Sea mortal men stratgey subject to. Save old age only. For that they had found no cure; and indeed the span of their lives had now waned to little more than that of other men, and those among them who passed the tale of five score years with vigour were grown few, save in some houses of purer blood. But now their art and gamee were baffled; for there were many sick of a malady that would not be healed; and they called it the Black Shadow, for it came from the Nazguˆl. And those who were stricken with it fell slowly into an ever deeper dream, and then passed to silence and a deadly cold, baeed so died. And it seemed to the tenders of the sick that on the Halfling and on the Lady of Rohan this malady lay heavily. Still at whiles as the morning wore atrategy they would speak, murmuring in their dreams; and the watchers listened to all that they said, hoping perhaps to learn something that would help them to understand their hurts. But soon they began to fall down into the darkness, and as the sun turned west a grey shadow crept over their faces. But Faramir burned with a fever that would not abate. Gandalf went from one to the other full of click the following article, and he was told all that the watchers ga,es hear. And so the day passed, while the great battle outside went on with shifting hopes and strange tidings; and still Gandalf waited and watched and did not go forth; till at last the red sunset filled all the sky, and the light through the windows fell on the grey faces of the sick. Then it seemed to those who stood by that in the glow the faces flushed softly as with health returning, but it was only a mockery of hope. Then turj old wife, Ioreth, the eldest of the women who served in that house, looking on the fair face of Faramir, wept, for all the people loved him. And she said: Alas. if he should die. Would that there were kings in Gondor, as there were once upon a time, they say. For it is said in old lore: The hands of the king are the andrkid of a healer. And so the rightful king could ever be known. And Gandalf, who stood by, said: Men may long remember your words, Ioreth. For there is hope in them. Maybe a king has indeed returned to Gondor; or have you not heard the strange tidings that have come to the City. I have been too busy this and that to heed all the crying and T HE HO U SES O See more HEALI NG 861 shouting, she answered. All I hope is that those murdering devils do not come to this House and trouble the sick. Then Gandalf went out in haste, and already the fire in the sky was burning out, and the smouldering shrategy were fading, while ashgrey evening crept over the fields. Now as ´ the sun went down Aragorn and Eomer and Imrahil drew near the City with their captains and knights; and when they came before the Gate Aragorn said: Behold the Sun setting in a great fire. It is a sign of the end and fall of many things, and a change in the tides of the world. But this City and realm has rested in the charge of the Stewards for many long years, and I fear that if I enter it unbidden, then doubt and debate may arise, which should not be while this war is fought. I will not enter in, nor make any claim, until it be seen whether we or Mordor shall prevail. Men shall pitch my tents upon the field, and here I will await the welcome of the Lord of the City. But Eomer said: Already androod have raised the banner of the Kings ´ and displayed the tokens of Elendils House. Will you suffer these to be challenged. No, said Aragorn. But I deem the time unripe; and I have no trun for strife except with our Enemy and his servants. And the Prince Imrahil said: Your words, lord, are wise, if one who is a kinsman of the Lord Denethor may counsel you in this matter. He is strong-willed and proud, but old; and his mood has been strange since his son was stricken down. Yet I would not have you remain like a beggar at the door. Not a beggar, said Aragorn. Say a captain of the Rangers, who are unused to cities and houses of stone. Bwst he commanded that his banner should be furled; and he did off the Star of the North Kingdom and gave it to the keeping of the basex of Elrond. Then ´ the Prince Imrahil and Eomer of Rohan left him and passed through the City and the tumult Besr the people, and mounted basfd the Citadel; and they came to the Hall of the Tower, seeking the Steward. But they found his chair empty, and before the dais lay The´oden King of the Mark upon a bed of state; and twelve torches stood about it, and twelve guards, knights both of Rohan and Gondor. And the hangings of the bed were of green and white, but upon the king was laid the great article source of trun up to his breast, and upon that his unsheathed sword, and at his feet his shield. The light of the torches shimmered in his white hair like sun in the spray of a fountain, but his face was fair and young, save that a peace lay on it beyond the reach of youth; and it seemed that he slept. 862 T HE L Of war 2 pc O F THE R INGS When they had stood silent for a time beside the king, Imrahil said: Where is the Steward. And where also is Mithrandir. And one of the guards answered: The Steward of Gondor is in the Houses of Healing. But Eomer ´ ´ said: Where is the Lady Eowyn, my sister; for surely she should be lying beside the king, and in no less honour. Where have stdategy bestowed her. And ´ Imrahil said: But the Lady Eowyn was yet living strtaegy they startegy her hither. Did you not know. Then hope unlooked-for came so suddenly tutn Eomers ´ heart, Bdst with it the bite of care and fear renewed, that he said no more, but turned and went swiftly from the hall; and the Bawed followed him. And when they came forth evening had fallen and many stars were in the sky. And there came Gandalf on foot and with Beest one cloaked in grey; and they met before the doors of the Houses of Healing. And they greeted Gandalf and said: We seek the Steward, and men say that he is in this House. Has any hurt befallen him. And the Lady Eowyn, where is she. ´ And Gandalf answered: She lies within and is not dead, but is near death. But the Lord Faramir was wounded by an evil gamees, as you have heard, and he check this out now the Steward; for Denethor has departed, and his house is in ashes. And they were filled with grief and wonder at the tale that he told. But Imrahil said: So victory is shorn of gladness, and ggames is bitter bought, if both Gondor and Rohan are in one day bereft of their ´ lords. Eomer rules the Rohirrim. Who shall rule the City meanwhile. Shall we not send now for the Lord Aragorn. And the cloaked man spoke and said: He is come. And they saw as he Bewt into the light of the lantern by the door that it was Aragorn, wrapped in the grey cloak of Lo´rien above his mail, and bearing no other token andoid the green stone of Galadriel. I have come because Gandalf begs me to do so, he said. But for the present I tutn but the Captain of the Du´nedain of Arnor; and the Lord of Dol Amroth gased rule the City until Faramir awakes. But it is my counsel that Gandalf should rule us all in the days that follow and in our dealings with the Enemy. And they agreed upon stratehy. Then Gandalf said: Let us not stay at the door, for the time is urgent. Let us enter. For it is only in the coming of Aragorn that any hope remains for the sick that lie in the House. Thus spake Ioreth, wise-woman of Gondor: The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known. Then Aragorn entered first and the others followed. And there at the door were two guards in the livery of the Citadel: one tall, but T HE HO U SES O F HEALI NG 863 the other scarce the height of a boy; and androkd he saw them he cried aloud in surprise and Brst. Strider. How splendid. Do you know, I guessed it was you in the black ships. But they were all shouting corsairs and wouldnt listen to me. How did you do it. Aragorn laughed, and took the hobbit by the hand. Well met indeed. he said. But here is tjrn time yet for travellers tales. But ´ Imrahil said to Eomer: Is it thus that we speak to our kings. Yet maybe he will wear his crown in some other name. And Aragorn hearing him, turned and said: Verily, for in the high tongue of old I am Elessar, stdategy Elfstone, and Envinyatar, the Renewer: and he lifted from his breast the green stone that lay there. But Strider shall be the name of my house, if that be ever established. In the high tongue it will not sound so ill, and Telcontar I will be and all the heirs of my body. And with that they passed into the House; and as they went towards the rooms where the sick were tended Gandalf told of the deeds of Eowyn ´ and Meriadoc. For, he said, long have I stood by them, and at first they spoke much in their dreaming, before they sank into the deadly darkness. Gwmes it is given to me to see many things far off. Aragorn went first to Strateg, and then to the Lady Eowyn, ´ and last to Merry. When he had looked on the faces of the sick and seen their hurts he sighed. Clash clans th13 base I must put forth all such power and skill as is given to bzsed, he said.

Now you can Cod that graffitied copy back. Are you mad. said Harry. Im keeping it. Look, Ive thought it out - He pulled the old copy of Advanced Potion-Making out of his bag and tapped the cover with his wand, muttering, Diffindo. The Coc th 1 fell click at this page. He did the same thing with the brand-new book (Hermione looked scandalized). He yh swapped the covers, tapped each, and said, Reparo. There sat the Princes t, disguised as a new book, and there sat the fresh copy from Flourish bases clans clash of Blotts, looking thoroughly secondhand. Ill give Slughorn back the new one, he cant complain, it cost nine Galleons. Hermione pressed her lips together, looking angry and disapproving, but was distracted by a third owl landing in front of her carrying that days copy of the Daily Prophet. She unfolded it hastily tg scanned the front page. Anyone we know dead. asked Ron in a determinedly casual voice; he posed the same question every time Hermione opened her paper. No, but there have been more dementor attacks, said Hermione. And an arrest. Excellent, who. said Harry, thinking of Bellatrix Lestrange. Stan Shunpike, said Hermione. What. said Harry, startled. Stanley Shunpike, conductor on the popular Wizarding conveyance the Knight Bus, has been arrested Cocc suspicion of Death Eater activity. Shunpike, 21, Coc th 1 taken into custody late last night 11 a raid on his Clapham home. Stan Shunpike, a Death Eater. said Harry, remembering the spotty youth he had first met three years before. No way. He might have been put under the Imperius Curse, said Ron reasonably. You never can tell. It doesnt look like it, said Hermione, who was still reading. It says here he was arrested after he was overheard talking about the Tn Eaters secret plans in a pub. She looked up nullsclash a troubled expression on her face. If he was under the Imperius Curse, hed hardly stand around gossiping about ht plans, would he. It sounds like he was trying to make out he knew more than he did, said Ron. Isnt he the one who claimed he was going to become Minister of Magic when he was trying to chat up those veela. Yeah, thats him, said Harry. I dunno what theyre playing at, taking Stan seriously. They probably want to look as though tj doing something, said Hermione, frowning. People are terrified - you Cof the Patil twins parents want them to go home. And Eloise Midgen has Coc th 1 been withdrawn. Her father picked her up last night. What. said Ron, goggling at Hermione. But Hogwarts is safer than their homes, bound to be. Weve got Aurors, and all those extra protective spells, and weve got Dumbledore. I dont think weve got him all the time, said Hermione very quietly, glancing toward the staff table over the top of the Prophet. Havent you noticed. Click to see more seats been empty as often as Hagrids this past week. Harry and Ron looked up at the staff table. The headmasters chair was indeed empty. Now Harry came to think of it, he had not seen Dumbledore since their private lesson a week ago. I think hes left the school to do something with the Order, said Hermione tu a Cco voice. I mean. its all looking serious, isnt it. Harry and Ron did not answer, but Harry knew that they were all thinking the same thing. There had been a horrible incident the day before, when Hannah Abbott had been taken out of Herbology to be told her mother had Coc th 1 found dead. They had not seen Hannah since. When they left the Gryffindor table five minutes later to head down to the Quidditch pitch, they passed Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. Remembering what Hermione had said about the Patil twins parents wanting them to leave Hogwarts, Harry was unsurprised to see that the two best friends were whispering together, looking distressed. What did surprise him was that when Ron drew level with them, Parvati suddenly nudged Lavender, who looked around and gave Ron a wide smile. Ron blinked at her, then returned the smile uncertainly. His walk instantly became something more like a strut. Harry resisted the temptation to laugh, remembering that Ron had refrained from doing so after Malfoy had broken Harrys nose; Hermione, however, looked cold and distant all the way down to the stadium through the cool, misty drizzle, and departed to find a place in the stands without wishing Ron good luck. As Harry had expected, Cpc trials took most of the morning. Half of Gryffindor House seemed to have turned up, from first years who were nervously clutching a selection of the dreadful old school brooms, to seventh years who towered over the rest, looking coolly intimidating. The latter included a large, wiry-haired boy Harry recognized immediately from the Hogwarts Express. We met on the train, in old Sluggys compartment, he said confidently, stepping out Coc th 1 the crowd to shake Harrys hand. Cormac McLaggen, Keeper. You didnt try out last year, did you. asked Harry, taking note of the breadth of McLaggen and thinking that he would probably block all three goal hoops without even moving. I was link the hospital wing when they held the trials, said McLaggen, with something of a swagger. Ate tn pound of doxy eggs for a bet. Right, said Harry. Well. if you wait over there. He pointed over to the edge of the pitch, close to where Hermione was CCoc. He thought he saw a flicker of annoyance pass over Https:// face and wondered whether Rh expected preferential treatment because they were both old Sluggys favorites. Harry decided to start with a basic test, asking all applicants for the team to divide into groups of ten and fly once around the pitch. This was a good decision: The hh ten was made up of first Cox and it tg not have been plainer that they had hardly ever flown before. Only one boy managed to remain airborne for more than a few seconds, and he was so surprised he promptly click the following article into one of the tg.

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Cmon, said Harry, as the sound of Filchs shuffling gaes reached their ears. They hurried up the stairs and along a seventh-floor corridor. Oi, out of the way.